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WAS the hour of prayer, and the farmer stood,

With a thankful heart and a lowly mind, And prayed to the Author of every good,

That the Father of all would be very kind
And bless His creatures with raiment and food.
That His blessing each day might be renewed,
That every want might find relief,
And plenty for hunger, joy for grief,
Be measured out by the merciful One,
To all who suffered beneath the sun.

The prayer concluded, the godly man

Went forth in peace to inspect his farm ;
And by his side, delighted ran,

Blooming with every healthful charm,
A little son, a sprightly boy,
Whose home was love and whose life was joy.
And they rambled over the golden fields,
And the father said “The harvest yields
A plentiful crop, my son, this year,
My barns are too small for the grain, I fear.”

And they wandered on through row upon row,

Of plumy sheaves, till at lenght the child, With earnest look and a brighter glow On his shining face, looked up and smiled, And said, “My father, do you not pray For the poor and needy every day, That the good God would give the hungry food ?” “I do, my son.” "Well, I think as you plead," His eye waxed bright, for his soul shone through it, “That God, if He had your wheat, would do it."



I DREAMED a strange dream last night, mother,

And it made me laugh and cry; 'Twas a very wonderful dream, mother,

Of a city in the sky.

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My heart stood still in my fear, mother ;

I shivered, and shrank, and wept, Till a soft hand gently lifted me up,

And a sweet voice said I slept.

So I dreamed it was a dream, mother,

And turned to look in the face
Of him whɔ had broken the fearful spell,

While a glory filled the place ;

And O, that face was so sweet, mother,

With eyes full of peace and love,
That I knelt at the angel's feet, mother,

For I knew he dwelt abɔve.

Then he took me in his arms, mother,

I laid my head on his breast,
And I felt so safe from all harm, mɔther,

As if I could always rest.

And I saw a golden road, mothe:,!

Leading up from earth to sky,
And over that beautiful way we went,

This loving angel and I.

Ere long, for we seemed to fly, mɔther,

We entered a land so fair
That it filled my heart with the sweetest joy

To look on the beauty there.
I saw many children, too, mother,

And they gathered round my guide,
Kissing the hem of his shining robe,

And pressing close to his side.

His grand face shone like the sun, mɔther,

But yet with a softer light,
For I gazed upon it with awe and love,

And it did not blind my sight.

He spoke; and the sound was sweeter far

Than any i ever heard,
And a glow of the purest ecstasy

Came after every word.

The language was not like ours, mother,

But still I could understand ; And I knew he welcomed the child of earth

Among that heavenly band.

I took my place before him, mother,

And stood among all the rest, And the beautiful angel gave to me

The white rose from his breast.

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