Ten Lectures on the Interface Between Analytic Number Theory and Harmonic Analysis, Wydanie 84

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American Mathematical Soc. - 220
This book contains lectures presented by Hugh L. Montgomery at the NSF-CBMS Regional Conference held at Kansas State University in May 1990. The book focuses on important topics in analytic number theory that involve ideas from harmonic analysis. One valuable aspect of the book is that it collects material that was either unpublished or that had appeared only in the research literature. This book would be an excellent resource for harmonic analysts interested in moving into research in analytic number theory. In addition, it is suitable as a textbook in an advanced graduate topics course in number theory.

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Chapter 1 Uniform Distribution
Chapter 2 van der Corput Sets
The Methods of Weyl and van der Corput
Vinogradovs Method
Chapter 5 An Introduction to Turáns Method
Chapter 6 Irregularities of Distribution
Chapter 7 Mean and Large Values of Dirichlet Polynomials
Chapter 8 Distribution of Reduced Residue Classes in Short Intervals
Chapter 9 Zeros of LFunctions
Chapter 10 Small Polynomials with Integral Coefficients
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