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" ... around, And what is seen is all on fairy ground ; Again they sicken, and on every view Cast their own dull and melancholy hue ; Or, if absorb'd by their peculiar cares, The vacant eye on viewless matter glares, Our feelings still upon our views attend,... "
Poetical Works - Strona 22
autor: George Crabbe - 1837
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The Works of the British Poets: Selected and Chronologically Arranged ..., Tom 3

John Aikin, John Frost - 1866
...lend ; Sorrow and joy ore in their influence sure, Long as the passion reigns th' efiects endure ; Bui love in minds his various changes makes, And clothes...feels, bestows. Fair was the morning, and the month was Jane When rose a lover ; love awakens coon; Brief his repose, yet much he dreamt the while Of that...
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