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" ... years continued us in such a state, can and will restore us to the like state of sensibility in another world, and make us capable there to receive the retribution he has designed to men according to their doings in this life. "
The Works of Lord Bolingbroke: With a Life - Strona 174
autor: Henry St. John Bolingbroke (Viscount) - 1841
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An Essay Concerning Human Understanding: And a Treatise on the Conduct of ...

John Locke - 1800 - Liczba stron: 524
...sold, if our faculties cannot arrive at demonstrative certainty, we need not think it strange. All the great ends of morality and religion are well enough...secured, without philosophical proofs of the soul's ЛУЬсгеироп your lordship buls me consider, whether this doth not a little »fleet the whole...
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