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In this edition it has been considered advisable to include some notice of those rites of the English Church which are not comprised in the “Book of Common Prayer,” &c. The addition of these rites will, it is conceived, be useful, in developing more fully the Church's intentions and inherent powers ; and interesting, as preserving the remembrance and tracing the origin of several ancient and venerable customs. The rites and ceremonies which are now added, are the Inthronization of Bishops; the Installation of Deans; the forms of holding Synods and Convocations; the forms of Visitation and Diocesan Synod ; the Benediction and Coronation of Kings and Queens; the Installation of Knights of the Garter; the Benediction of Military Banners ; the Ceremonies on Holy Thursday; Perambulations on Rogation Days; the Consecration of Churches and Cemeteries ; Public and Private Confession, Penance, Absolution, Excommunica


tion; the Reconciliation of Heretics, Schismatics, and Apostates ; Institution to Benefices, Suspension, Deprivation, Degradation from Orders.

It has been also thought advisable to enter at some length on the origin and history of the canonical hours of Prayer, and of the Roman and other offices for those hours.

The other additions scarcely merit a particular notice; and the same remark applies to the few alterations which have been introduced. It may be, however, well to state, that some expressions in vol. ii. p. 76, 77, have been modified, with a view to obviate any impression that it was intended to suggest or recommend the introduction of rites not prescribed by the English Ritual, on the authority of individuals.

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