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BOOKS Written by the Reverend Dr. Bennet, Vicar of

St. Giles's Cripplegate, and Sold by W. Innys at the Prince's Arms in St. Paul's Church-Yard.

N Abridgment of the London Cafes. The Fifth Edition.


Devotions: viz. Confessions, Petitions, Intercessions and Thanksgivings, for every Day in the Week : and also Before, At, and After the Sacrament; with Occasional Prayers for all Persons whatsoever.

A Discourse of Schism. The Fourth Edition. A Defence of the Discourse of Schism. The Fourth Edition. An Answer to Mr. Shepherd's Considerations on the Defence of the Discourse of Schism. The Fourth Edition.

A Confutation of Quakerism. The Second Edition.

A Discourse of the Necessity of being Baptiz'd with Water, and receiving the Lord's Supper ; taken out of the Confutation of Quakerism. Price 3 d. or 20 s. a ico.

A brief History of the joint Use of precomposed fet Forms of Prayer. The Second Edition.

A Discourse of joint Prayer. The Second Edition.

A Paraphrase with Annotations upon the Book of Common Prayer, wherein the Text is explain'd, Objections are answer'd, and Advice is humbly offer'd both to the Clergy and the Layety, for promoting true Devotion in the Use of it. The Second Edition.

Charity Schools recommended in a Sermon preach'd at St. James's Church in Colchester, on Sunday March 26. 1710. Published at the Request of the Trustees. The Second Edition. Pr. 1 d.

A Letter to Mr. B. Robinson, occasion'd by his Review of the Case of Liturgies and their Impofition.

A second Letter to Mr. B. Robinson on the fame Subject.
The Rights of the Clergy of the Christian Church.

Directions for studying, I. A general System or Body of Di. vinity. II. The Thirty-nine Articles of Religion. To which is added, St. Jerom's Epistle to Nepotianus. The Second Edition.

An Essay on the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion.

The Nonjurors Separation from the Public Affemblys of the Church of England examin'd, and prov'd to be Schifmatical upon their own Principles. The Second Edition.

The Case of the Reform'd Episcopal Churches in Great Poland and Polish Pruffin consider'd, in a Sermon preach'd on Sunday Nov. 18. 1716. at St. Laurence Jewry, London, in the Morning, and St. Olave's Southwark, in the Afrernoon. The Second Edition.

A Spittal Sermon preach'd before the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, dr. of London, in St. Bridge's Church, on April 24. 1717.






С НА Р. І.

The Occasion and Design of this Discourse.

To the Reverend



HEN I receiv'd those Copies of the several Pieces you have publifh'd concerning the Trinity,

which you were pleas'd to send me; as I could not but efteem them fresh Instances of your good Affections towards me of which I have had much happy Experience in a Course of many Years Acquaintance ) so I am persuaded,





You were far from expecting my Approbation of them. On the contrary, as it became a Person that loves you sincerely, I fignified to you, by Letter and otherwise, my dislike of your Notions; and you condescended to bear my usual Plainess with that Patience, Çandor, and Sweetness of Temper, which you constantly discover in your whole Conduct.

You have well (a) observ'd, that the Doctrin of the Trinity is of the greatest importance in Religion ; a matter not to be treated of lightly and carelessly, as it were by Accident only, after the manner of superficial Controverjies about Words, or of particular Occasional Questions con, cerning the meaning of single ambiguous Texts; but which bugbr,

when discoursed upon at all, to be examin'd thoroughly on all sides, by a serious ftudy of the whole Scripture, and by taking care that the Explication be consistent with it self in every part. You (b) profess that you have, according to the Weight and Dignity of the Subje&t, considered it throughout, as carefully and distinętly as you were able ; and desire only, that ibe Reader, when he begins the Book, would peruse it all, and consider seriously every Part, and compare the whole of what is here said, with other whole Schemes, before he passes bis Judgment upon it. For my own part, I solemnly make the fame Profeffion with your self; and what you desire of the Reader, I have conscientiously perform’d : and yet I must assure you, that after all the Pains I have bestow'd in considering this nice Subject (both at former Times, and since your several Books have been publishd) I am-as throughly convinc'd, that you are in the Wrong, as you your self can be that you are in the Right.

(1) Preface to your seripture Doctrine of the Trinity. o Ibid. Tot 36


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