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Sect. 21. The Church of England teaches the true Doctrine of Grace.

Page 112 22. On the Means of obtaining the Evidence of Christ.

ianity, afforded by the Holy Spirit. 117 23. Temperance neceffary to the Reception and Con.

tinuance of the Holy Spirit in the Heart, and consequently to the Evidence of Christianity

afforded by Divine Illumination. 24. On improving ArfliCTIONS duly as a Means of

Grace and Belief in the Gospel.--Humility re

quisite to the Reception of divine Influence. 124 25. On Devotion-a Means, as well as an Effect, of

Grace-no sincere Religion can subsist without it.

126 26. On Divine Attraction.

130 27. On the Difficulties of Scripture.

133 28. The OMNIPRESENCE of God a Doctrine univer

sally allowed; but how is God every where present but by his Spirit, which is the Holy Ghost?

137 29. The Want of Faith could not be criminal, if it de

pended only on the Understanding ; but Faith is a Virtue, because it originates from virtuous

Difpofitions favoured by the Holy Spirit. 141 30. Of the scriptural word “ Unction;" its high mysterious Meaning.

144 31. On what is called by devout Persons EXPERIENCE in Religion.

.146 32. On the Seasons of Grace.

151 33. Of mistaking the Effects of Imagination for the Seasons of Grace,

153 34. Of Seasons of Desertion, or supposed Absence of the Spirit.

156 35. Of the Doctrine that the Operations of the Holy

Spirit are never distinguishable from the Operations of our own Minds.

158 36. Of devotional Feelings or SENTIMENTS. 162 37. Of Enthufiasm.

166 38. Cautions concerning Enthusiasm.

171 39. Of being RIGHTEOUS overmuch.


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40. All


40. All extravagant and selfish Pretensions to the Spirit

to be anxiously avoided, as they proceed from

and cherish Pride, and are frequently accompa-

nied with Immorality.

Page 181

41. Affected Sanctity, Demureness, Canting, Sourness,

Censoriousness, ignorant and illiterate Preaching,

no Marks of a State of Grace, but contribute

to bring the whole Doctrine of Divine Energy

into Contempt, and to diffuse Infidelity. 184

42. Bishop Lavington's Opinion respecting the Extra-

vagancies and Follies of fanatical Preachers, and

Pretenders to the Spirit -Calmness of Temper

recommended to religious Perfons.—Sobriety,

Moderation, and the serene Composure of a

"well regulated Mind.


43. Pride the great Obstacle to the general Reception

of the Gospel of Grace.


44. The universal Prevalence of the Holy Spirit,the

genuine Grace of the Gospel-highly conducive

to the Happiness of civil Society, as well as

of Individuals.


45. Of Holiness its true Meaning, and absolute Ne-


46. Of a good Heart.


47. On the superior Morality of the Christian Philofo-



48. The true Genius and Spirit of Christianity produc-

tive of a certain Tenderness of Conscience, or

Feeling of Rectitude, more favourable to right

Conduct, 'than any Deductions of unaffitted

Reason, or heathen Morality.

49. The great Advantage of Christian Philofophy being

taught by a commanding Authority.


50. Morality, or Obedience to the Commandments of

God'in social Intercourse and Personal Conduct,

remarkably infifted upon in the Gospel.

51. Unbelievers not to be addressed merely with subtle

Reasoning, which they always oppose in its

own way, not to be ridiculed, not to be treated

with severity, but to be, tenderly and affec-



tionately exhorted to prepare their Hearts for the reception of the INWARD WITNESS, and to relume the LIGHT OF LIFE, which they have extinguished, or rendered faint, through Pride, Vice, or total Neglect.

Page 223 52. Of the inadequate Idea entertained by many respect

able Persons concerning Christianity, with a Suggestion on the Expediency of their confidering the true Nature of Christian Philofo. phy.

228 53. On Indifference and Insensibility to Religion,

arising from Hardness of Heart. No Progress can be made in CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY in such a State, as it is a State incompatible with the divine Influence.-The Doctrine of an actual CHANGE, supernaturally produced, in the Heart,

vindicated from the Charge of Enthusiasm. 231 54. A Self-Examination recommended respecting religious Insensibility.

236 55. The Sum and Substance of Christian Philosophy

the Renewal of the Heart by Divine Grace; or the softening it and rendering it susceptible of virtuous and benevolent impressions, by cultivating the two grand Principles-Piety to God, and Charity to Man.

240 56. On spiritual Slumber, as described in the Scrip

tures, and the Necessity of being awakened. 243 57. On the PEACE of God, that calm and composed

State which is produced by the CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY, and is unknown to the Epicurean, Stoic, and all other Philosophy, antient and modern.

259 58. General Reflections on HAPPINESS.- Errors in

Pursuit of it.—No sublunary Happiness perfect.-Christ's Invitation to the wretched. CHRISTIAN Philosophy affords the highest earthly Satisfaction.– Its SUMMUM Bonum is a State of Grace, or the Enjoyment of Divine Favour.

272 59. Apo

59. Apologetical Conclusion ; with a Recapitulation

and Addition of a few Particulars respecting the preceding Subjects.

2 $2


No. I. Cursory Remarks on one or two Objections in

Mr. Paine's last Pamphlet, againit the Authenticity of the Gospel.

333 No. II.

357 No. III.

368 No. IV.

370 No. V.











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