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It seems almost inevitable that succeeding editions of the Outlines of Psychiatry should gradually increase in size, although I have constantly made the effort to keep it within those limitations that I feel make it of maximum value to the student. Certain matters have inevitably had to be added in this present edition to keep it abreast of the progress of psychiatry, and certain other matters I have added for what may be less obvious, but seem to me more important reasons. They are in the main: First, additions to the discussion of the treatment of paresis, in which I have described the recently elaborated method of inoculation with the malarial parasite. I feel it highly desirable to discuss such a method and to indicate how the problem of the therapeutics of paresis may be approached, because it seems to me very unfortunate to have the student leave such a subject with a fixed state of mind as to its hopelessness. I should like to feel that this little book might help the student to keep his mind fresh and open towards the problems of psychiatry. Secondly, I have discussed at considerable length the pathology of dementia precox, because this discussion involves the student's whole mental attitude towards the subject of the pathology of the psychoses. I considered it such an important matter that the student should have a cencept of the unity of the organism, which is involved in this discussion of the pathology of precox, that I wrote my little book “The Foundations of Psychiatry" to set forth my views on this subject more in detail. Thirdly, I have indicated in the chapter on the Presenile, Senile and Arteriosclerotic Psychoses, the more important results of the efforts being made to break up this heterogeneous group into more definite clinical pictures. I have felt here that there was an opportunity to give the student a fairly clear idea of the direction of progress in this territory and the

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