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Explanation of fome Latin and other Words used in this Book.

AVE, Agnus Dei, All hail, thou Lamb of God. Ave, Latus faucium, Hail, thou wounded Side. on, Age or Period. Berthith, the Book of Genefis. Di&tum, facium, No fooner said than done. Eflavit animum, He gave up the Ghoft. Ens entium, Numen gentium, Caufa caufarum, Being of Beings, God of the Nations, Caufe of Caufes. Gloria Pleurae, Glory to the Holy Side: Gratia falvete plenæ, Hail ye that are endow'd with Grace. In naturâ,, Not a Similitude, but the Thing itself. In præfepio, In the Manger. Kyrie eleefon, Lord have Mercy. Non erat ubi non eras, There never was a Time when thou didst not exist. Pactum, Covenant. Privade (in Spanish) a Minifter who has intimate Admiffion to his Master. Ruach Elebab, Spirit of God. Shem-kamphorah, unutterable Name. Zoa, living Beings.


THE laft Page of the Preface, at the Bottom, dele HYMNS. The Word that next follows is PART I. &c. unless the Binder here infert the Indexes. Part I. P. 65, the German Line over Pf. xxvii. relates only to the Tune. Page 321. c. 2. 1. ult. read Thy Hufband made for Light. Part II. page 15. c. 2. 1. 22. add after-thy Wish. (Sec Rom. vi. 17, 18. Phil. iv. 13. being the opposite of Rom. vii. 15.) Page 274. Hymn 361. may very well be fung to Tune 1, but if to Tune 52, then premife as the first Verse, 'Tis done! (the Soul will cry) my Eyes difcover the Palmbranch Company, Probation's over : Faith, in his, &c. and thus join two Verses always together. Page 293. in Hymn 383. Ver. 7, 8, 9. if the Lines be tranfpcfed as mention'd in the Table of Tunes, then read, O tend and aid us, &c.. Page 368. c. 1. 1. 15. In Witness Hearts.--Page 373. c. 1. 1. 40. My new Blifs-1.41. Thy Wounds--When Hymns have, through Overfight, been placed out of their due Clafs and Age, it has ufually been remark'd; whereto add Part I. N° 660. (which ought to have follow'd next after 392.) and perhaps N° 216. Table of Anthems, first Page, in the Note, read They can be chanted to-and in the alphabetical Index, before the Hymn, Come Holy Ghaft, celeftial Dove, put 13i.

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By the Brethren have been publish'd, from Time to Time, and fold by J. Beecroft, Bookfeller in Lombard-street, the following Books.

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Manual of Doctrine, in the Form of Queftion and Answer. 24°.

II. Sixteen Difcourfes on Jefus Christ our Lord, or on the Second Article of the Creed; preach'd by the Ordinary of the Brethren's Churches, at Berlin. 2d Edition. 12°.

III. Nine, on important Subjects in Religion; at Fetter-lane Chapel, London. 12°.

IV. Maxims concifely extracted from (several Volumes in German, of) the Difcourfes of the prefent Ordinary aforesaid. 8°.

V. An Account of the Doctrine, Manners, Liturgy, and Idiom, of the Unitas Fratrum. 8°.

VI. Difcourfes or Differtations upon the Augsburg-Confeffion, which is the Brethren's Confeffion of Faith.


VII. The Ordinary of the Brethren his fhort and peremptory Remarks on the Manner wherein he has hitherto been treated in Controverfies. Tranflated from the German Drefden Edition. 8°.

VIII. A modeft Plea for the Church of the Brethren. 8°.

IX. The Cafe of the Reprefentatives of the Unitas Fratrum, with regard to their Conduct in this Country under Mifreprefentation. 8°.

Alfo the Cafe of their United Brethren.

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