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THE CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE HOME. A delightful place of transient

or permanent residence for persons visiting New York City, and a special resort for returned missionaries. It is centrally located, and firstclass in every respect. Elevator, steam heat, excellent table. Board, $1.00 per day upwards. Address


250 West 44th Street, New York.





and the regular subscrip-
tion canvass at FULL
PRICES to be inaugurated
at once. Now is your very
best opportunity to secure
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Special Introductory Club Price to be Advanced
THE completion of the remarkable Library of the World's Best Literature is ac.

complished. It is indeed the literary event of the present generation. All that remains now, in order that complete sets can be delivered to the thousands of people who have taken advantage of the introductory price offered by the Club, is the printing of the last volume.

When this volume comes from the press, as it undoubtedly will some time during the present month, the special price and easy payments, that are just now offered, will be withdrawn, and the regular subscription canvass at full prices will be inaugurated.

The Warner Library is a work of such extraordinary character that sooner or later it will find its way into every home of culture and refinement.

That such a marvelous survey of the literature of the world, with exposition and criticism of the foremost living men of letters, can be had for a sum less than the cost of the simplest collection of single volumes, makes this a library which, from the standpoint of economy alone, no lover of books can afford to be without.

A postal card sent to the Club will secure full particulars regarding the favorable terms upon which it is being offered (during publication) to Club members, and which will positively be withdrawn as soon as the last volume comes from the press.


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New Teachers' Edition of the ILLUMINATED HOLY BIBLE The Popular 12mo Size. Large Type, Divinity Circuit Binding. 600 original pictures directly illustrate the accompanying texts. Wonderful new "Helps" and Maps. Self. Pronouncing Text. Superior Concordance. Marginal References. Fine Colored Maps.

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Cash in full must accompany all orders. Bibles will be delivered free

to any post office or express office in the United States or Canada. If Bible is not precisely as represented and in every way satisfactory, the purchase price will be cheerfully refunded. These offers are subject to withdrawal or increase in rates at any time, without notice. Sample pages and full description mailed on receipt of 6 cents in stamps. Address,


14 Beacon Street, BOSTON

The American Board Almanac.


An Almanac is essential in every intelligent family. Why should not this necessary household manual be also freighted with tidings concerning the Kingdom of God on earth ?

The American Board Almanac of Missions has become a standard for reference among Christians of all denominations. Its twelfth annual issue, that for 1899, will be ready early in December, and will be more valuable than any of the preceding numbers. It will be beautifully illustrated, and will contain, aside from the usual matter, a dozen small outline maps of mission fields.

This Almanac is what the Church at Home and Abroad, the organ of the Presbyterian Church, has called it: “An authority recognized by all denominational boards of missions."

Here is what the Congregationalist says of the issue for 1898, under the heading of “An Invaluable Compendium”:-“That a missionary publication can be up to date from the typographical point of view, that missionary statistics can be presented in a form that compels attention, and that the broad field of Protestant missions can be surveyed graphically and inspiringly, is proved by another annual edition of the American Board Almanac. This handsome little pamphlet ought to have a permanent place on the center table in Christian homes. Do not bury it on the shelf beneath less valuable paper-covered literature. Interest in foreign missions would not languish if every now and then a member of the family would dip into these pages, so replete with carefully collected information, so prettily illustrated, so helpful in its practical suggestions."

The Vermont Chronicle says of it:-“This is one of the most successful publications that any missionary organization puts out."

Such commendations could be quoted by the score.

Price, postpaid, 10 cents per copy; $1.00 per dozen. To those who wish to distribute the Almanac or to canvass a parish, having it for sale, it will be sold at the rooms or delivered to any express in Boston, in packages of not less than 50, at the rate of $5.00 per hundred. If sent by mail, postage at the rate of $1.00 per hundred copies must be added. Send orders to


No. 14 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass.

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