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as to preclude all possibility of his future success unless they should be overcome.

If he started for school and saw a cloud in the sky, he would run back home fearing it might thunder. More often he could not even be induced to leave the house, for, in his anxiety about the clouds and the possibility of rain, he would work himself into a hysterical condition. If he did reach school he was generally late, and often in the middle of a session he would be seized with a fear of rain or thunder and ask to go home. If the teacher tried to reason him out of his fears, hysterics was generally the result. Just the process of bidding his mother good-bye was often sufficient to break down his self-control and result in his remaining at home. On no condition was his mother to leave the house while he was at school, for he might come home and not be able to find her.

The principal suggested Special Class, and he entered it about the middle of October. Here as much attention as possible was given to his academic work, but the great stress was laid on his acquiring self-control, overcoming his fears and feeling responsibility in regard to his attendance at school. The freedom of the Special Class was very beneficial to him. He was always susceptible to the suggestions contained in stories and this was a means used in helping him overcome his timidities, even if the story had to be invented for the occasion.

He was very fond of music and could accompany nearly all the songs the children sang, play for them to march, and entertain with improvisations which he often interpreted by stories. He gained steadily through the year. One morning when it was so dark at nine o'clock that the street lamps had to be lighted, he came to school as soon as the darkness began to lift, even though the sky was completely covered with clouds. His mother was "allowed” to go from home while he was at school. The next year he was restored to grades, and was able to hold his place in his class.

In the graduating class he held the position of bell ringer throughout the year, and gave satisfaction because of his promptness and reliability. One noon he left home in a thunder shower in order to be in season to ring the bells. He has since entered high school and is doing well. He is an instance of a boy saved by Special Class.

LOUISA PRESCOTT, George Putnam School, Boston.

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Healy's “The Individual Delinquent.”.
Wallin's "Serial Tests for Measuring the Rate of Mental Growth and

Wallin's "Group Experiments on Visual After-Images."
Fernald's “Differentiating Tests for the Defective Delinquent Class."
Pyle's "Examination of School Children.”
Franz's "Handbook of Mental Examination Methods."
Titchener's Psychological Texts.
Knox's Tests used in the U. S. Immigration Bureau,
Porteus' Tests for Mental Deficiency:
Woolley & Fisher's Mental and Physical Measurements of Working Children.
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g Organized by teachers experienced and zealously interested in the work of educating nervous and backward children. g Most approved special methods of teaching are employed. g Individual instruction by graduate teachers, experienced in the training of difficult children.

Kindergarten, Elementary and Manual Training Departments


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