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AFGHANISTAN, IN THE HEART OF, 81- National Independence,' reviewed,

the object of the Afghan Frontier 148.
Commission, 82—the natural features •Burma,' Phayre's · History of,' quoted,
of the country, 83—the Helmund, 84 230, 239 et seq.
-the basin of the Farah Rud, 85--the BURMA REFORMED, 711—recent guerilla
Chahar Aimak tribe, 87—the Panjdeh warfare in Upper Burma, 712 et seq.-
incident, 88 — Russian intrigue and Burmese military tactics, 713-recent
the frontier question, 90.

mtlitary operations, 714—total strength
Alison's, Sir Archibald, History of of the forces in Burma, 715-jungle
Europe,' 745.

warfare, 716 et seq.-the pacification
American Literature, Humorous Master-

of Burma, 717.
pieces from,' reviewed, 296.

Burton, John Hill, as a historian, 749.
• Amphion, the New,' reviewed, 147. •Caldecott, Randolph, his early art
• André Cornélis,' par Paul Bourget, re- career,' by Henry Blackburn, reviewed,
viewed, 703

Arab horses, the general quality of, 267. Carlyle's, Thomas, historical works, 747.
Armaments, Russian, 393.

AUSTRALIA, LABOUR AND CAPITAL IN, 229—the relations of the Burmese and

Chinese, ib.-division of the Shans into
Balfour, Mr A. J., the new Irish Secre- small states, 230—China and its
tary, 601.

peoples, 231-Kublai Khan, the
Bell, the Song of the, translated by Sir famous Chinese Emperor, 233—Bur-
Theodore Martin, 579.

mese collisions on the frontier, 236—
• Biography, the Dictionary of National,' the fall of the Pugan monarchy, 238

by Leslie Stephen, reviewed, 310. misunderstandings between Burma and
BISON-STALKING, 795-natural history of China, 239—the development of British
the bison, ib.-a shooting expedition trade with South-Western China, 243.
in Southern India, 796—interview with Childers, Mr, on Conservative boycot.
a Mysore prince, 799—tracking big

ting, 729.
game, 801—bagging a bison, 804. Churchill's, Lord Randolph, resignation,
• Books and Bookmen,' by Andrew Lang, 316—his exposure of Sir George Tre-
reviewed, 298.

velyan, 869.
Brabourne's, Lord, Irish Articles, note Cobden, Richard, bombastic predictions
on, 468.

of, 495 et seq.
Bread stuffs, duties on, prior to 1849, COLLINS, THE Rev. W. LUCAS, 734.

Colquhoun, Mr, on British trade with
Bridal customs of the Transylvanian

China, 243:
Saxons, 195.

Competition in flax-spinning, 507
Bright's, Mr, opposition to Home Rule, CORALIE, TO, 381.

Corn Laws and commercial prosperity, the
British Legation in Japan, attack on the, alleged connection between the repeal

of the, 496.
British trade, development of, with Cornwallis, Lord, and the Government of
South-Western China, 243.

Ireland, 165.
Brontë, Charlotte, as a writer of fiction, Court and Private Life in the time of

Queen Charlotte,' reviewed, 441
Browning's, Mrs E. Barrett, poetry, 745. DARKNESS, THE LAND OF, 1.
Browning's, Robert, poetry, 743.

Darwin's, Charles, works, 752 et seq.
Buckle, H. T., as a historian, 750.

Death Customs of the Transylvanian
• Bulgarians, the Struggle of the, for Saxons, 210.

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Debates in the House of Commons, un- FREE TRADE AND DEPRESSED TRADE,
due lengthening of, 720.

491–Our fiscal policy, ib.—duties on
• Democracy, and other Addresses,' by bread stuffs prior to 1849, 492—prices

James Russell Lowell, reviewed, 291. of farm produce in 1850 and 1885, ib
DIANE DE BRETEUILLE: I.-III., 173- -import of manufactured goods, 493–
IV. V.,
352— VI-VII.,

conclusion, imports of farm produce, 494-good

harvests and trade depression, 495—
Dickens, Charles, as a writer of fiction, the alleged connection between the

repeal of the Corn Laws and commercial
DOCTOR, THE: AN OLD VIRGINIA Fox- prosperity, 496--increased output of
HUNTER, 213.

pig-iron, 497—the German tariff, 498
• Douglas Book, the,' by William Fraser, ---result of our open ports, 500—United
C. B., LL.D., reviewed, 338.

States tariffs, 502—the Royal Com-
DOUGLASES, THE, 335—the tradition of mission and Free Trade, 502 et seq.-

their origin, ib. -the annals of the the dicta of the Cobden school, 504
Douglases, 336—Mr Fraser's series of --free labour and free trade, 505–
family histories, 337—his • Douglas competition in fax-spinning, 507–
Book,' ib.—the Douglas pedigree, 338- danger of depending for food-supplies
et seq.—the Earls of Douglas, 341 – on foreign countries, 510.
the Dukes of Touraine, 344—the prob- FRENCH CONTEMPORARY NOVELISTS,
lem of Rothsay's murder and the 683
Douglases, 345—the first Marquis of French invasion of Ireland, 163, 167 et
Douglas, 347,-the first Duke of Doug-

las, 348— Peggy Douglas of Mains, Froude's, J. A., historical works, 749.

349—the “Douglas Cause,” ib. et seq. Gaskell, Mrs, as a writer of fiction, 758.
EDUCATION, SECONDARY, IN SCOTLAND, German tariff, the, 498.

Gipsies' religion, 637 et seq.
* Eighty-five years of Irish History, 1880- Gipsy love of music, 643.

1885,' by W. J. O'Neill Daunt, re. Gladstone's, Mr, attacks on the Liberal
viewed, 441.

Unionists, 320—his views on the Plan
Eliot, George, as a writer of fiction, 756. of Campaign, 459_his responsibility
Emigration of farmers to Australia, 679 for the “regular Opposition,” 720—his

Irish opponents in 1881, 722_his
• England and Russia face to face in present sympathy with the obstruc-
Asia : Travels with the Afghan Boun- tionists, 723—his efforts

to protect
dary Commission,' reviewed, 81.

life and property in Ireland, 724–
• England's case against Home Rule,' by his appeal to the masses, 725—his
A. V. Dicey, reviewed, 151.

arraignment of Parliament before the
• Evil Eye, the,' 372.

mobocracy, 726_his attempt to over.
Examinations, University Entrance, 829. awe the Liberal Unionists, 727—his
Fanaticism of Gladstone-worship, the,

attack on Lord Hartington at the

Eighty Club,” 733—his appeal to
Fiscal policy, our, 491.

the Nonconformists, 860-his Parlia.
FLORENCE, THE RESTORERS OF, 762— mentary tactics, 863.

great demand for architects' and Gladstonian-Parnellite Confederacy, the,
builders in Italy, 763—the material im- 730.
provements in Florence, 764—the work Godfathers and godmothers in Transyl.
of the restorers, 766—the house of vania, 208.
Dante, 767—the removal of the Ghetto, GOLDEN CHERSONESE, CATHAY AND
768—the committee of taste, 769.

THE, 229.
Folk-lore of the Transylvanian Saxons, Goschen, Mr, joins the Cabinet as

et seq.



Liberal Unionist, 317.
Food-supplies from foreign countries, Grattan Parliament, the, 157.

Green, J. R., as a historian, 749.
Forces in Burma, strength of the, 715. Grote, George, as a historian, 750.
FORTNIGHTLY REVIEWER, THE, AND Hamilton, 'Port, unwise surrender of,

Fox-hunter, an Old Virginia, 213.

Harcourt, Sir William, and the Parnel.
Fraser, Mr William, has series of family lites, 462.
histories, 337

Hartington, Lord, and his followers, the
• Fraser, James, Second Bishop of Man- duty of, 318—on the Fenian leaders,

chester,' by Thomas Hughes, reviewed, 731.

Harvests, good, and trade depression,
Freeman, Mr, as a historian, 749.



HAYWARD, MR, AND HIS LETTERS, 37– the question of Catholic Emancipation,

his literary career, 38 et seq.-his poli- 158—the negotiations for Union, 159
tical position, 39-his devotion to Mr et seq.-the parliamentary franchise
Gladstone, 41.

and the Catholic claims, 160—the in-
HER MAJESTY'S OPPOSITION IN 1887, 719 vasion of Ireland by the French, 163

- Mr Gladstone's responsibility for the -the United Irishmen of 1798, 165
"regular Opposition,”

720 - undue

-Lord Cornwallis and the Govern-
lengthening of debates, ib.-develop- ment of Ireland, ib.-another French
ment of obstructive tactics, 721-- Mr invasion, 167– Pitt on the safety of
Gladstone and his Irish opponents in the Empire, 170—the motives of Pitt
1881, 722_his present sympathy with and Cornwallis, 172-results of the
obstruction, 723—his former efforts to Union, ib.
protect life and property, 724—his ap- IRENE, 512.
peal to the masses, 725-his arraign- Irish Land League, the agitation of, 319.
ment of Parliament before the moboc- “ Irish Loyal and Patriotic Union”
racy, 726—the attempt to overawe the Lord Brabourne's articles on Irish his-
Liberal Unionists, 727—Lord Spencer

tory, 468.
and the National League, 728—theatti- IRONCLADS DOOMED ?

ARE, 519-our
tude of Sir George Trevelyan, 729—Mr national wants, 520-—defects of our
Childers on Conservative boycotting, naval policy, 522—the Navy estimates,
ib.-the frantic efforts of the Glad- 523-modern torpedo development, ib.
stonian-Parnellite confederates, 730 -navies of England and other coun-
Lord Hartington on the Fenian leaders, tries, 527-need of torpedo vessels and
731—the majority for the second read- torpedo boats, 530—the waste of money
ing of the Crimes Bill, 732—Mr Glad. in building expensive ironclads, 531-
stone's attack on' Lord Hartington at the days of ironclads numbered, 532.
the “ Eighty Club,” 733.

JACK AND MINORY: a Tale of Christ-
• High Life ; or, Towers of Silence,' re- mas-tide, 58.
viewed, 567.

Jamieson, Mr Auldjo, on Income Tax
Horse-breeding in India, 269—the feed-

returns, 509.
ing of horses, 278.

Japan, attack on the British legation in,

land of mounted warriors, ib. — the JAPAN, THE PICTORIAL ART OF, 281–
horses of the army, 266—the general Mr Anderson's treatise on the subject,
quality of Arab horses, 267—the Tur- ib.-its Chinese origin, 282—the pro-
coman horse, 268_horse-breeding in duction of Hokusai and his school, 283
India, 269—the importation of horses - Josetsu's reputed pupils, 284—the
from Australia into India, 270—the popular school ” 286--Okio and the
native cavalry, 272—the Waler troop Shijo school, 287 et seq-the Ganku
horse, 273-he remount department school, 288—leading characteristics of
of India, 274—the work of the grass- Japanese art, ib. et seq.
cutters, 277—the feeding of horses, Japanese schools of Painting, 286, 288 et

House of Commons, the deterioration of Journal of the Reign of Queen Victoria,

from 1852 to 1860, by the late Charles
• Hurrish : a Study,' by the Hon. Emily C. F. Greville, reviewed, 432.
Lawless, reviewed, 569.

Journalism, development of, 761.

Joyce, I.-IV., 603-V.-VIII., 770.
India, History of, under Queen Victoria, JUBILEE LYRIC, A, LOVE THAT LASTS
by L. J. Trotter, reviewed, 313.

the, 593.


FOR EVER, 325.
Indian Army, the horses of the, 266. KAISER, WILHELM, RECOLLECTIONS OF,
• Industrial Ireland,' by Robert Dennis, 672.
reviewed, 570.

Khorasan, fertile valleys of, 574.
Institute, the Imperial, 451.

Kinglake's, Mr, epic of a great campaign,
Invasion of Ireland, French, 163, 167 749.

Knox and the wrecking of ecclesiastical
Irawadi, Chinese immigration to the edifices in Scotland at the Reformation,
valley of the, 245.

110, III et seq.
IRELAND, THE CAUSES OF THE UNION Kublai Khan, 233 et seq.

WITH, 154—the Union controversy, “La Bête,' par Victor Cherbuliez, re-
155—the state of Ireland during the viewed, 689.
last quarter of the eighteenth century, LABOUR AND CAPITAL IN AUSTRALIA, 677
ib.—the Irish demand for Free Trade, -action of trades-unions in New South
156—the Grattan Parliament, 157— Wales, 678—the Colonial Government

et seq.


and the employers of labour, 679-emi-
gration of farmers and small capitalists,

ib, et seq.-Colonial squatters, 682.
• L'Affaire Froideville : Mæurs d'em.

ployés, par André Theuriet, reviewed,

“ LEAD, KINDLY LIGHT,” Latine Reddi.

tum, 8o.


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• Le Cavalier Miserey, 21 Chasseurs,' par

Abel Hermant, reviewed, 707.
Liszt's picture of a Hungarian gipsy,

• Literature, a Look Round,' by Robert

Buchanan, reviewed, 436.
THE, 738.
Locksley Hall, Sixty years after,' by

Lord Tennyson, reviewed, 129.

LYRIC, 325.
Lytton, Lord, the late, as a writer of

fiction, 760.
Macaulay's, Lord, historical works, 746.
• Madonna of the Tubs,' the, by Elizabeth

Stuart Phelps, reviewed, 297.
• Maitland of Lethington; and the Scot-

land of Mary Stuart,' by John Skelton,

reviewed, 308.
Maitland of Lethington's mission

England, 117–his strategy in politics
and religion, 122—effect of his irony

on Knox, 124.
Manufactured goods, import of, 493.
• Mark of Cain, the,' by Andrew Lang,

reviewed, 300.

ginia Reminiscence, 807.
Martin, Sir Theodore, on Spanish com.

petition, 508.
• Merry Men, the,' by Robert Louis Stev-

enson, reviewed, 564.
Mill's, John Stuart, philosophical works,

Mobilisation of the Russian army, 393.

The attack on the British Legation in
Japan in 1861, 45.
Napier, Sir William, as a historian, 745.
“ Navies of England and other countries,”

• Noir et Rose, par Georges Ohnet, re-

viewed, 686.
Northcote, Sir Stafford, the death of,


Obstructive tactics in the House of Com-

mons, development of, 721.

Jan. : Maga's picture-gallery, 126
Tennyson's Locksley Hall, 129—Pro-

300—She :

fessor Dowden's Life of Shelley, 131–
The Life and Work of the Seventh
Earl of Shaftesbury, 137-Remin-
iscences and Opinions, by Sir F. H.
Doyle, 141-Sketches from my Life,
by Hobart Pasha, ib.-Sententiæ Artis,
by Harry Quilter, 145—The New
Amphion, 147— The Struggle of the
Bulgarians for National Independence,
148-England's Case against Home
Rule, by A. V. Dicey, M.A., 151.

Feb. : Democracy and other Aa-
dresses, by J. R. Lowell, 291Humor-
ous Masterpieces from American Liter.
ature, 296—The Madonna of the Tubs,
by E. S. Phelps, 297Books and Book.
men, by Andrew Lang, 298—The End
of Phæacia, 299—The Mark of Cain,

A History of Adventure,
by H. Rider Haggard, 302History of
the University of Oxford, by Maxwell
Lyte, 305—Maitland of Lethington ;
and the Scotland of Queen Mary, by
Johu Skelton, 308– The Dictionary of
National Biography, edited by Leslie
Stephen, 310_History of India under
Queen Victoria, by L. J. Trotter, 313.
March :

Parleyings with Certain
People, &c., by Robert Browning, 417

-The Service of Man, by J. Cotter
Morison, 423—Some Verdicts of His.
tory Reviewed, by William Stebbing,
428-A Journal of the Reign of Queen
Victoria, from 1852 to 1860, by Charles
C. F. Greville, 432—A Look Round
Literature, by Robert Buchanan, 436
-The Life of Agnes Strickland, by
her sister, 438 Court and Private Life
in the Time of Queen Charlotte, 441–
Eighty-five Years of Irish History,
1800-1885, 441.

April : James Fraser, Second Bishop
of Manchester, by Thomas Hughes, Q.C.,
552-Randolph Caldecott : his Early
Career, by Henry Blackburn, 560
The Merry Men, by Robert Louis
Stevenson, 564-High Life ; or, The
Towers of Silence, 567Hurrish : a
Study, by the Hon. Emily Lawless, 569
-Industrial Ireland, by John Dennis,

ELISTS, 683—Noir et Rose, par Georges
Ohnet, 686— La Bate, par Victor Cher.
buliez, 689—Zyte, par Hector Malot,

L'Affaire Froideville Mæurs
d'employés, par André Theuriet, 699
-André Cornélis, par Paul Bourget,
703—Le Cavalier Miserey, 21° Chas-
seurs, par Abel Hermant, 707.

FIFTY YEARS, 738. POETRY, 740: Lord
Tennyson, 16.—Robert Browning, 743
-A. C. Swinburne, 744–Mrs Brown-

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ing, 745. History, ib.: Sir William RECOLLECTIONS OF KAISER WILHELM,
Napier, ib.—Sir A. Alison, ib.-Lord 672.
Macaulay, 746—Thomas Carlyle, 747– Recruiting in Russia, 383 et seq.
John Hill Burton, 749. PHILOSOPHY, Relics, sacred, 377.
751: John Stuart Mill, ib.--Herbert •Reminiscences and Opinions,' by Sir F.
Spencer, 752—Charles Darwin, ib.- H. Doyle, reviewed, 141.
Huxley and Tyndall, 754. FICTION, ib.: Remount department of the Indian army,
Dickens, ib.—Thackeray, 756—George 274.
Eliot, ib.-Charlotte Brontë, 757-Mrs RESTORERS OF FLORENCE, THE, 76.
Gaskell, 758–Anthony Trollope, ib.- Rosebery's, Lord, flippant speech on the
Charles Reade, 759-Lord Lytton, 760. Crimes Bill, 856—his ridicule of the
CRITICISM, ib. : John Ruskin, ib. DE- Liberal Unionists, 857.
VELOPMENT OF JOURNALISM, 760. “ Round Table" Conferences, the,


Royal Commission and free trade, 502.
• Oxford, History of the University of,' Ruskin, John, his work as an art critic,
by Maxwell Lyte, reviewed, 305.

Pagan rites and customs in Transyl. RÚSSIA, THE FORTNIGHTLY REVIEWER
vania, survival of, 203.

AND, 573—the possibilities of a Russian
Panjdeh incident, the, 88.

invasion of India, ib.-Russian designs
• Parleyings with Certain People of Im- on Persia, 574-mistakes to the

portance in their day,' &c., by Robert strength of the Russian army, 577
Browning, reviewed, 417.

probable war between England and
“ Parnellism and Crime" debate, the, 865. Russia, ib.
PATMOS, REVELATIONS FROM, 368—the Russian armaments, 393.

Monastery of St. John, ib.—the credulity Russian army, strength of the, 382 et seq.
of the Patmiotes, 371–the evil eye,

-mistakes as to, 577.
372_St. John's cave, 374-sacred RUSSIAN SOLDIERS AND RUSSIAN ARMA-
relics, 377;

MENTS, 382—strength of the Russian
Persia, Russian designs on, 574.

army, ib.-how it is recruited, 383—
• Phæacia, the End of,' by Andrew Lang, the diet of Russian and British soldiers,
reviewed, 299.

386—Skoboleff on the army, 389—the
PICTORIAL ART OF JAPAN, THE, 281. irregular troops, 390—the territorial
Pitt, on the safety of the empire, 170. disposition of the army, 391—mobili-
• Plan of Campaign, the,' the repression sation, 393

Salisbury's, Lord, Cabinet, the legislation
Porter, Mr, on Free Trade and Protection,

Sarracinesca, XXV.-XXVI., 92_XXVII.-
POSITION, THE, 316—the representatives XXVIII., 247—XXIX.-XXXI., 394-

of the different schools of Conservatism, XXXII.-XXXIV., 469.
ib.--the death of Sir Stafford North- “ Saxon Bride, farewell song of the," 200.
cote, ib.–Lord Randolph Churchill's Scotch University system, the, and its
resignation, ib.-Mr Goschen joins the alleged defects, 827.
Cabinet as a Liberal Unionist, 317-his SCOTLAND OF MARY STUART, THE:-
reasonable Liberalism, 318—the duty V. THE REVOLUTION, 109—the ca-
of Lord Hartington and his followers, thedrals, churches, and monasteries in
ib.--the state of Ireland and the British the country, ib.—wrecking of churches
Parliament, ib.—the agitation of the by the Reformers, 110—the iconoclasts
Irish Land League, 319–Mr Glad- aided by Knox, 111—who was respon.
stone's attacks on the Liberal Union- sible for the “rascal multitude"? 112
ists, 320—the difference between the -communications between the insur-
Unionists and Separatists, 321_the gent Lords and the English Court, 114
repression of • The Plan of Campaign,' —the siege of Leith and the Treaty of
322—the duty of Liberal and Tory Edinburgh, 116–Maitland's mission to
Unionists, 323.

England, 117—the negotiations with
Privilege degate, the, 855.

France, 121--opening of Parliament
Produce, prices of farm, in 1850 and 1885, by Maitland, 122—friction between
492—imports of farm, 494.

Knox and Maitland, 124.
Prolongation of debates, the unnecessary, 824—the provision for elementary edu-

cation, ib.—the decline of secondary
PYRRHA, TO, 380.

schools, ib.—the teaching of “specific
Railway system, rapid development of, subjects” in board schools, 825—the

grading of schools, 826—the Scotch
Reade, Charles, as a writer of fiction, 758. University system and its alleged de-

of, 322

of, 595.

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