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THE geography of the New Testament extends little beyond the countries bordering on the Mediterranean Sea, or Great Sea. The only seas which are spoken of in the New Testament are, the Sea of Galilee, called the Sea of Tiberias, which is the Lake of Gennesaret; the Red Sea, and parts of the Mediterranean. At the period of our Saviour's ministry, almost all the countries mentioned in the New Testament were included in the Roman empire, or were subject to the Romans. The journeyings of our Lord were limited to the land of Israel. This country, on the western side of Jordan, was divided into three provinces; Judea in the south, Samaria in the middle, and Galilee in the north. Beyond Jordan, on the eastern side, the country was called Perea; in which were situated Decapolis, including ten cities, John i. 28. Mark vii. 31. The missionary labours of Paul were chiefly confined to Palestine, Syria, Asia Minor, Greece, and Italy; though it is believed by many that he visited Spain, Gaul or France, and even Britain. The countries of Asia Minor, mentioned in the New Testament, were Mysia, Lydia, Caria, Troas, Bithynia, Pontus, Asia, Ga latia, Phrygia, Lycaonia, Cappadocia, Lycia, Pamphylia, and Cilicia. The Roman, Proconsular Asia, embraced the western part, comprehending Mysia, Lydia, and Caria, in whose cities, of which Ephesus was the chief, the seven churches were planted, Rev. i.

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Acha'ia, the southern part of Gr., of which Corinth was the capital.

A'dria, a name of the Gulf of Venice, Acts xxviii. 27. Alexandria, s. p. of Egypt; for a long time the most commercial city in the world, and distinguished as a place of learning. Its library of 700,000 volumes was destroyed, A. D. 638, by the Saracens.

Amphipolis, now Emboli, a city of Mac.

An'tioch, now Antachia, once the chief city of Syria, in which the christians were first so called.

An'tioch of Pisidia, now Akshehr, t. of A. M.
Antipa/tris, t. of Samaria.

Appii Fo'rum, t. of Italy, 40 miles from Rome.
Apollon'ia, t. of Mac.

Arabia, a country of Asia, east of the Red Sea. It was di vided into Arabia Felix or Happy, Arabia Petræa or Stony, and Arabia Deserta, or Desert.

Areopagus, or the Hill of Mars, where the supreme court at Athens was held.

Arimathe'a, t. of Jud.

Armaged'don, mt. of Megiddo in Samaria.

A'sia, in the New Testament, means A. M., sometimes only the western province of it, but never the continent now so called.

As'sos, s. p. of A. M.

Ath ́ens, the capital of Attica, and the most famous city of Gr., 25 miles from Corinth.

Attali'a, a city of Pamphylia.

Azo'tus or Ash'dod, now Ezdoud, t. of Pal.

Babylon, capital of Babylonia or Chaldea, situated on the Euphrates.

Bere'a, now Veria, of Mac., the birth-place of Alexander the Great.

Bethaba'ra, t. of Jud., east of Jordan.

Beth'any, t. of Jud., 2 miles from J.

Bethlehem, t. of Jud, the birth-place of our Saviour.

Beth'phage, v. of Jud., 2 miles from J.

Bethsa'ida, t. of Galilee, on the Lake of G.

Bithyn'ia, a country of A. M.

Cal'vary, a hill or place on the north side of J.

Ca'na, t. in Galilee.

Capernaum, t. in Gal., on the Lake of G.

Cappado'cia, country of A. M.

Ce'dron, or Kid'ron, rivulet near J

Cen'chrea, s. p. of Gr., near Corinth.
Cesare'a, city and s. p. of Pal.

Cesare'a-Philip'pi, now Paneas, t. of Pal.
Char'ran or Haʼran, t. of Mesopotamia.

Chi'os, now Scio, Gr. island in the Ægean Sea.

Choraʼzin, t. in Galilee.

Cili'cia, country of A. M.

Clau'da, a small Gr. island.
Cni'dus, now Crio, t. of A. M.

Colos'se, t. of A. M. in Phrygia.

Coos or Cos, now Stanchio, an island in the Med.

Corinth, a celebrated city in Gr.

Crete, now Candia, the largest island of Gr.

Cyprus, an island in the Med.

Cyre'ne, now Curen, a city in Africa, and s. p. on the Med., west of Egypt.

Dalmanu'tha, t. on the Lake of G.

Dalma'tia, pr. of Illyricum on the Gulf of Venice.

Damas'cus, a famous city of Syria, 50 miles from the Med. Dead Sea, Sea of Sodom, or Lake Asphaltites, salt lake in Pal., 70 miles long and 10 or 15 broad, occupying the spot on which Sodom, Gomorrah, Adma, and Zeboim, stood. Decap'olis, a district of ten cities of Pal.

Der be, t. of A. M. in Lycaonia.

Egypt, a celebrated country in the north-east of Africa.
Elam, an ancient name of Persia.

Emma'us, t. seven miles from J.

E'non, t. of Jud., near to Jordan.

Eph'esus, city of A. M., celebrated for its temple dedicated to


E'phraim, t. of Pal. of the tribe of Ephraim.

Epirus, country of Gr.

Ethio'pia, country of Africa, south of Egypt.

Fair-Ha'vens, s. p. of Crete.

Gada'ra, t. of Pal. on the Lake of G.

Gala'tia, a country of A. M.

Gal'ilee, the northern division of Pal.

Ga'za, t. of Pal. of the Philistines.

Genne ́saret, Lake of, or Sea of Galilee, or Sea of Tiberias, a

lake of Pal., 17 miles long and 6 miles broad.

Gergesenes', people of Gergesa, t. on the Lake of G.

Golgotha, a part of Calvary.

Gomor'rha, one of the four cities on the plain of Sodom destroyed by fire.

Greece, a country on the south-east part of Europe, celebrated

for learning, &c.

Hierapolis, t. of A. M. in Phrygia.

Ico'nium, city of A. M., capital of Lycaonia.

Idume'a, country north of Arabia, south of Jud.
Illyricum, country on the east of Adria.

It'aly, country of Europe, whose capital is Rome.
Jericho, city of Jud.

Jerusalem, capital of Jud. It was built on four hills, Zion,
Moriah, Acra, and Bezeta. The modern city is built on

Jew'ry, another name for Judea.

Jude'a, the south of Pal., a name often applied to the whole country.

Laodice'a, now Eski-hissar, t. of A. M.

Ly'bia, a country of Africa, west of Egypt.

Lycao nia, a country of A. M.

Ly'cia, a country of A. M. on the Med.
Lyd'da or Lod, t. of Jud.

Lys'tra, t. of A. M.

Macedo'nia, a country in the north of Gr.
Mag'dala, t. of Pal., on the Lake of G.

Me'dia, a country near Persia.

Mel'ita, now Malta, an island in the Med.

Mesopotamia, a country between the rivers Euphrates and the Tigris, in Asia.

Mile'tus, a city and s. p. of A. M.

Mile'tum, a t. in Crete.

My'ra, a city of A. M., capital of Lycia.

My'sia, a country of A. M.

Nain, a t. of Galilee.

Naʼzareth, a t. of Galilee.

Neap'olis, now Cavala, a t. of Mac.

Ne'pthali or Nepthalin, Land of, a district in the north of


Nicop'olis, now Prevesa, a city of Epirus in Gr.

Nineveh, an ancient city and capital of Assyria.
Olives, Mount of, or Olivet, mt. of Jud,

Pamphy'lia, a country of A. M.

Paphlago'nia, a country of A. M.

Pa'phos, a t. of Cyprus.

Par'thia, a country near to Persia

Pat'ara, s. p. of A. M. in Lycia.

Pat'mos, now Patno or Palmosa, a small rocky island near Miletus.

Per'ga, a city of A. M., capital of Pamphylia.

Pergamus, now Pergamo, a city of A. M.

Per ́sia, a great empire in Asia.

Pheni'ce or Phenicia, country of the Philistines, in Pal. Philadelphia, now Allah Shehr, a city of A. M., in Lydia. Philip'pi, now Datos, a city of Mac.

Phrygia, a country of A. M.

Pisid'ia, a country of A. M.
Pon'tus, a country of A. M.

Ptolemai's, now Acre, s.

P. of Pal.

Pute'oli, now Pozzuolo, a t. of Italy.

Ra'ma, a t. of Jud.

Red Sea, or Arabian Gulf, about 1400 miles long, dividing

Arabia from Africa.

Rhe'gium, now Reggio, a s. p. of Italy.

Rhodes, an island near A. M.

Rome, a city of Italy; it was built on seven hills, and was the capital of the Roman empire.

Sal'amis, a city of Cyprus.

Saʼlim, a t. of Samaria.

Samaʼria, the middle division of Pal.

Samaʼria, now Sebaste, the capital city of Samaria.

Sa'mos, an island in the Med.

Samothra'cia, now Samotraki, a small island of Gr.

Sar'dis, now Sart, a city of A. M.

Sarep'ta, or Sarephath, a city of Phenicia.

Saʼron, or Sha'ron, a t. of Samaria.

Seleu'cia, a s. p. of Syria..

She'ba, a country of Arabia.

Si'don, or Zi'don, now Saida, a s. p. of Phenicia.

Siloam, a fountain and tower near J.

Sinai, a mt. in Arabia, near Mount Horeb.

Si'on, or Zion; see Jerusalem.

Smyrna, a city and s. p. of A. M.

Sodom, one of the three cities destroyed by fire; see Dead Sea.

Spain, a large country of Europe.

Syracuse, a city on the island of Sicily.

Sy'char, or Shechem, a city of Samaria,

Syria, a large country of Asia.

Syro-Phenicia, Phenicia, bordering on Syria.

Taʼbor, a mt. of Pal., the scene of the transfiguration.

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