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Men of Law,

in no wyse

11 Ye men of lawe,

delaie The cause of the poore, but helpe what ye maie.

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Poor Men,

17 Ye that are poore,

with your state be contente, Not hauinge wherwith to lyue competente. 1090

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20 Let eche here so liue in his vocacion,

1100 The Duty of As maie his soule saue, and profet his nacion.

all Men.

21 This graunting god,

that sitteth on hie, we shall here well lyue and after well die.

1102 God grant us all

to live and die well!

Famam birtutis mors
Abolire nequit quod. F. S.

Imprinted at London in Paules
Churchycarde. By william


Whate-eber thow sey, abyse thee welle!

[MS. O. 9. 38. Trinity College, Cambridge.]

A man must mind what he says:

Almyzty godde, conserue vs fram care !
Where ys thys worle A-wey y-wente?

A man that schold speke, had nede to be ware, 4 ffor lytyl thyng he may be schente;

Tonggys beth y-turne to lyther entente;
Hertys, they beth bothe fykel and felle;

Man, be ware leste thow repente !
8 Whate euer thow sey, A-vyse the welle !

hearts are fickle and fell.

Take care what you say. .

A false friend may hear it,

A-vyse the, man, yn whate place and whare
A woord of conseyl thow doyst seyne ;

Sum man may ley ther-to hys ere;
12 Thow wenyst he be thy frend; he ys thy foo

Peraventor aftyr A zere or tweyne-
Thow trowyst as tru as eny stele,--

Thys woord yn wreth thow schalt hyre A-gayne ! 16 Whate euer thow sey, A-vyse.the welle !

and after a year
or two will repeat

Hasty speech hurts hearer and speaker.

Meny man spekyth yn hastenys :
hyt hyndryth hym and eke hys frende ;

hym were welle beter his tonge to sese
20 Than they both ther-for be schende.

Suche wordys beth not to be had yn meynde, hyt makyzt comforte with care to kele :

Man, yn the begynnyng thenk on þe eynde ! 24 Whate euer thow sey, A-vyse the welle !

In the beginning, think on the end.

You tell a man a secret, and he'll betray it for a drink of wine.

To sum man thow mayste tel a pryuy tale :
Whan he fro the ys wente A-way,

ffor a drawzt of wyne other ale 28 he wolle the wrey, by my fay,

And make hyt worse (hyt ys noo nay)
Than euer hyt was, A thowsend dele.

Thys ys my songe both nyzt & day,
32 Whate euer thow sey, A-vyse the welle !

Mind what you say.

Avoid backbiting and flattering;

Be ware of baghytynge, y the rede;
ley flaterynge yndyr thy foote, loke ;
Deme the beste of


36 Tylle trowth haue serchyd truly Þe roote;

Rrefrayne malyce cruelle & hoote;
Dyscretly and wysly speende thy spelle;

Boost ne brage ys worth A Ioote ;
40 Whate euer thow sey, A-vyse the welle !

refrain from malice,

and bragging.

A venomous
tongue causes
When words are
said, regret is too


Dysese, wharre, sorowe and debate,
ys caused ofte by venemys tonge ;
haddywyst cometh euer to late
Whan lewyd woordis beth owte y-spronge.
The kocke seyth wysly on his songe
"hyre and see, and hold the stylle,'
And euer kepe thys lesson A-monge,
Whate euer thow sey, A-vyse the welle !

Mind what you



Had Nien thought of this, many things done in England would never have been begun.

y dere welle swery by the sonne,
yf euery man had thys woord yn thowzt

Meny thynggis had neuer be by-gunne 52 That ofte yn Ingelond hath be y-wrozt.

The wyse man hath hys sone y-tawztte
yn ryches, poorte, woo, and welle ;

Thys worthy reson for-zete thow nozt,
56 Whate euer thow sey, A-vyse the welle !

See The Wise
Man, p. 48.

To speak aright observe six things :

1. what; 2 of
whom; 3. where;
4. to whom ;
6. why: 6. when.

yf that thow wolte speke A-ryzt,
Ssyx thynggys thow moste obserue then :

What thow spekyst, & of what wyzt,
60 Whare, to wham, whye, and whenne.
Thow noost how soone thow schalt


henne; As lome be meke, as serpent felle ; yn euery place, A-monge alle men,

, 64

Whate euer thow sey, A-vyse the welle !

In every place mind what you say.

Almighty God,

grant me grace to serve Thee !

“ Almyzty god yn personys thre,
With herte mylde mekly y praye,

Graunte me grace thy seruant to be
68 Yn woorde and dede euer and aye!

Mary, moder, blessyd maye,
Quene of hevyn, Imperes of helle,

Sende me grace both nyzt and daye !"
72 Whate euer thow sey, A-vyse the welle !

Mary, mother,

send me grace pight and day!

Explicit &c.

A Dogg Lardyner, of a Sowe Gardyner


[MS. 0. 9. 38. Trinity College, Cambridge.]

Printed in Reliquiæ Antiquiæ, v. i. p. 233, from MS. Lansdowne

No. 762, fol. 16 vo.

A dog in a larder, a sow in a garden, a fool with wise men, are in matcht.

hoo so makyzt at crystysmas A dogge lardyner, And

yn march A sowe gardyner, And yn may A foole of every wysmanys counsaylle, he schalle neuer haue goode larder, ne fayre gardyn, nother counsaylle welle ykeptt.

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