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Sauce for

wyn, poudre of gynger, & salte / that set it vpon a chaufyng-dysshe of coles to warme & serue it.

How to carve & 'Quail,

wynge that quayle. Take a quayle, and reyse his legges and his wynges as an henne, and no sauce but salte.

Sauce: salt.


Sauce: ginger, mustard, vinegar, and salt.

(Fol. Bi. b.) Heron.

Dysplaye that crane. Take a crane, and vnfolde his legges, and cut of his wynges by the Ioyntes : than take vp hys wynges and his legges, and sauce hym with poudres of gynger, mustarde, vynegre, and salte.

Dysmembre that heron. Take an heron, and reyse his legges and his wynges as a crane, and sauce hym with vynegre, mustarde, poudre of gynger, and salte.

Vnioint that bytture. Take a bytture, and reyse his legges & his wynges as an heron, & no sauce but salte.

Breke that egryt. Take an egryt, and reyse his legges and his wynges as an heron, and no sauce but salte.

Sauce as before.


Salt, the sauce.


Salt, the sauce.


Vntache that curlewe. Take a curlewe, and reyse his legges and his wynges as an henne, and no sauce but salte.

Salt, as sauce.


Salt, as sauce.

Cony or Rabbit.

| Vntache that brewe. Take a brewe, and reyse his legges and his wynges in the same maner, and no sauce but onely salte, & serue your souerayne.

Vnlace that cony. Take a cony, and laye hym on the backe, & cut awaye the ventes / than

and the sydes, and laye bulke, chyne, and the sydes togyder; sauce, vynegre and poudre of gynger.


Sauce: vinegar
and ginger.

Sarcel or Teal.



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Second Course.

Breke that sarcell.
Take a sarcell or a teele, and


his wynges & his legges, and no sauce but salte onely.

Mynce that plouer.
Take a plouer, and reyse his legges and his
wynges as an henne, and no sauce but onely salt.
A snyte.

Take a snyte, and reyse his wynges, his legges,
and his sholdres, as a plouer; and no sauce but salte.
Thye that woodcocke.

(Fol. B ij.] Take a woodcocke, & reyse his legges and his wynges as an henne; this done, dyght the brayne. And here begynneth the feest from Pentecost vnto mydsomer.

the seconde course for the metes before sayd ye Sauces for the shall take for your sauces, wyne, ale, vynegre, and poudres, after the mete be; & gynger & canell from Pentecost to the feest of saynt Iohn baptyst. The First Course : fyrst course shall be befe, motton soden with capons, or rosted / & yf the capons be soden, araye hym in the maner aforesayd. And whan he is rosted, thou How to sauce and must caste on salte, with wyne or with ale / than take

Capon: the capon by the legges, & caste on the

sauce, & breke hym out, & laye hym in a dysshe as he sholde lay him out as !!

ready to fly. flee. Fyrst ye shall cut the ryght legge and the ryght sholdre, & bytwene the foure membres laye the brawne of the capon, with the croupe in the ende bytwene the legges, as it were possyble for to be Ioyned agayne togyder/ & other bake metes after: And in the Second Course :

Potage: Charlets, seconde course, potage shall be, Iussell, charlet, or young Geese,

Payne Putle, &c. mortrus, with yonge geese, vele, porke, pygyons or chekyns rosted, with payne puffe / fruyters, and other bake metes after the ordynaunce of the coke. Also the How to carve a goose ought to be cut membre to membre, begynnynge at the ryght legge, and so forth vnder the ryght wynge,

Beef and Capons.

carve a Roast


Goose must be eaten with green

& not vpon the Ioynte aboue / & it ought for to be garlic or verjuice. eten with grene garlyke, or with sorell, or tender vynes,

or vergyus in somer season, after the pleasure of your souerayne. Also ye shall vnderstande that all maner of fowle that hath hole fete sholde be reysed vnder the wynge, and not aboue.


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Second Course:

Dinner Courses | Here endeth the feest from Pentecost to mydfrom the Nativity of St John

And here begynneth from the feest of saynt the Baptist, (June 24.) o Michaelmus. Iohn the baptist vnto Myghelmasse. First Course : N the fyrst course, potage, wortes, gruell, & foursoups, vegetables, legs of Pork, &c. menty, with venyson, and mortrus and pestelles of

porke with grene sauce. Rosted capon, swanne with

chawdron. In the seconde course, potage after the roast Mutton,

ordynaunce of the cokes, with rosted motton, vele, glazed Pigeons, porke, chekyns or endoured pygyons, heron-sewes, Fritters, &c. fruyters or other bake metes / & take hede to the Serre a Pheasant fesande: he shall be arayed in the maner of a capon / ginger:

but it shall be done drye, without ony moysture, and he shall be eten with salte and pouder of gynger.

And a leronsewe with the heronsewe shall be arayed in the same maner withsalt and powder (blanche)

out ony moysture, & he shulde be eten with salte and poudre. Also


shall ynderstande that all maner of Treat open

fowles hauynge open clawes as a capon, shall be tyred and arayed as a capon and suche other.

dry, with salt and

clawed birds like capons.

Dinner Courace from Michaeimas to Christmas,

q From the feest of saynt Myghell vnto the feest of Chrystynmasse.

First Course : legs of Pork, &c.

In the fyrst course, potage, befe, motton, bacon, or

Second Course:


pestelles of porke, or with goose, capon, mallarde, swanne, or fesande, as it is before sayd, with tartes, or bake metes, or chynes of porke.

In the second course, potage, mortrus, or conyes, or sewe / than roste fiesshe, motton, porke, vele, pullettes, chekyns, pygyons, teeles,

• The feast of St Jolin's Beheading is on Aug. 29.

Chewets, Beef,

(1 Fol. b iii.)

boiled meats.

[? for they) Ladies; they soon

Swan like other

wegyons, mallardes, partryche, woodcoke, plouer, byt- Widgeon,
ture, curlewe, heronsewe / venyson roost, grete byrdes,
snytes, feldefayres, thrusshes, fruyters, chewettes, befe Fielfares,
with sauce gelopere, roost with sauce pegyll, & other with sauces

Gelopere and ba'ke metes as is aforesayde. And yf ye kerue afore Pegyll. your lorde or your lady ony soden flesshe, kerue awaye Cut the skin off the skynne aboue / than kerue resonably of ý flesshe Carve carefully for to your lorde or lady, and specyally for ladyes, for y? wyll soone be angry, for theyr thoughtes ben soone get angry. changed / and some lordes wyll be sone pleased, & some wyll not / as they be of compleccyon. The goos & Carve Goose and swanne may be cut as ye do other fowles yt haue hole birds. fete, or elles as your lorde or your lady wyll aske it. Also a swanne with chawdron, capon, or fesande, ought for to be arayed as it is aforesayd / but the skynne must be had awaye / & whan they ben kerued before your lorde or your lady | for generally the skynne of all maner cloven foted fowles is vnholsome / & the skynne The skin of clovenof all maner hole foted fowles ben holsome for to be unwholesome; eten. Also wete ye well that all maner hole foted of whole-footed fowles that haue theyr lyuyng vpon the water, theyr skynnes ben holsome & clene, for by Ý clenes of the wholesome, water / & fysshe, is theyr lyuynge. And yf that they ete ony stynkynge thynge, it is made so clene with y because the water water that all the corrupcyon is clene gone away frome' tion out of 'em. it. And the skynne of capon, henne, or chekyn, ben not Chickens' skin is so clene, for the[y] ete foule thynges in the strete / & therfore the skynnes ben not so holsome / for it is not because their theyr kynde to entre in to ý ryuer to make theyr mete enter into the voyde of ý fylth. Mallarde, goose, or swanne, they

the londe foule mete / but a-non, after theyr River birds kynde, they go to the ryuer, & theyr they clense them stink in the river. of theyr foule stynke. A fesande as it is aforesayd / but ý skynne is not holsome / than take û heddes of all Take off the heads felde byrdes and wood byrdes, as fesande, pecocke, partryche, woodcocke, and curlewe, for they cte in for they eat

footed birds is


washes all corrup

not so pure,

nature is not to


ete vpon

cleanse their foul

of all field birds,

the like,


worms, tonds, and theyr degrees foule thynges, as wormes, todes, and other


| Here endeth the feestes and the keruynge of Sewynge of flesshe, And here begynneth the sewynge of fysshe.

T The fyrst course. Musculade,

go to sewynge of fysshe : musculade, menewes in

sewe of porpas or of samon, bacon herynge with suger, grene fysshe, pyke, lampraye, salens, porpas rosted, bake gurnade, and lampraye bake.

First Course :


Salens, &c., baked Gurnet.

Second Course :

Mullet, Chub,
Seal, &c.

The seconde course. Jelly, dates, &c.

Gelly whyte and rede, dates in confetes, congre, For a standard, samon, dorrey, brytte, turbot, halybut / for standarde,

base, troute, molette, cheuene, sele, eles & lamprayes
roost, tenche in gelly.

The thyrde course.
Fresshe sturgyon, breme, perche in gelly, a Loll

of samon, sturgyon, and welkes ; apples & peres rosted [1 Orig. raysyns) with suger candy. Fygges of malyke, & raysyns,' dates minced ginger, &c. capte with mynced gynger / wafers and ypocras, they

ben agreable / this feest is done, voyde ye the table.

Third Course :

Bream, Perch, Whelks; and pears in sugar candy. Figs,

All over! Clear the table.

(Fol. B iii. b.) Carving and

And here

Here endeth sewynge of fysshe. Dressing of Fish. foloweth keruynge of fysshe.

Put tails and livers in the pea broth and furmity. How to carve

\He keruer of fysshe must se to pessene & fourmen-

tye the tayle and ý lyuer: ye must loke yf there Seal Turrentyne, be a salte purpos, or sele turrentyne, & do after ý baked Herring, fourme of venyson / baken herynge, laye it hole vpon

your soueraynes trenchour / whyte herynge in a disshe, open it by ý backe, pyke out the bones & the rowe, & se there be mustarde. Of salte fysshe, grene fysshe, salt samon & congre, pare away ý skyn / salte fysshe, stocke fysshe, marlynge, makrell, and hake, with butter : take awaye the bones & the skynnes. A pyke, laye y

white Herring,

Green Fish,

Merling, Hake,


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