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... 4451

The creation of the world and our first parents..

The birth of Cain, Adam's eldest son.....

The birth of Abel

.. 5310
Cain kills his brother Abel

... 5210
The birth of Seth, son of Adam and Eve

The birth of Epos, son of Seth

The birth of Cainan, son of Enos

The birth of Mahalaleel, son of Cainan..

The birth of Jared, son of Mahalaleel.
The birth of Enoch, son of Jared ...

***.... 4289
The birth of Methuselah, son of Enoch..

........ 4124
The birth of Lamech, son of Methuselah

.......... 3937
The death of Adam, aged 930 years ................. ...................... 4481
The translation of Enoch, aged 365 years.

........... 3914
The death of Seth, aged 912 years

........ 4269
The birth of Noah, son of Lamech...........

.... 3755
The death of Enos, aged 905 years

.... 4071
The death of Cainan, aged 910 years

.... 3877
The death of Mahalaleel, aged 895 years.

........ 372 1
The death of Jared, aged 962 years

........ 3489
Noah warned by God of the future deluge

........ 3275
The death of Lamech, aged 777 years

......... 3184
The death of Methuselah, the longest liver of all men

The same year Noah, being 600 years old, by God's command enters the ark.
Noah, with his family and three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, leave the ark.

..... 3154
The birth of Arphaxad, son of Shem

Noah plants a vineyard, &c. .....

The birth of Salah, son of Arphaxad.

The birth of Heber, son of Salah

The birth of Peleg, son of Heber

The building of the Tower of Babel, the confusion of languages, and dispersion of na- 2614

..... 2554
The beginning of the Babylonian or Assyrian monarchy, -and of the Egyptian

.... 2554
The birth of Reu, son of Peleg

........ 2624
The birth of Serug, son of Reu

......... 2492
The birth of Nahor, son of Serug

........ 2362
The birth of Terah, son of Nahor

........ 2283
The death of Nimrod, succeeded by Belus.

........ 2456
The birth of Haran, son of Terah

........ 2213
The death of Belus, succeeded by Ninus

..... 3442
The death of Noah, aged 950 years, and the beginning of postdiluvian idolatry...... 2805
The birth of Abraham, son of Terah .

The death of Ninus, succeeded by his wife Semiramis .....

The birth of Sarai, Abram's wife

The death of Semiramis, succeeded by her son Ninyas....

The call of Abram, from Ur to Haran in Mesopotamia, where his father died, aged 205 2093


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......... 1993




Abraham's second call, &c. .....
Returns from Egypt to Canaan, &c.
His victory over the five kings, &c.
Has a son named Ishmael, &c.
Intercedes for Sodom, &c. their destruction
Removes to Mamre. Isaac born
Offers up Isaac in sacrifice, &c. Sarab dies
Sends his servant to procure a wife for Isaac

......................... 2013
Isaac marries Rebecca......

....................... 2013
Abraham dies ....

...................... 1973
Jacob and Esau born ...
Isaac blesses Jacob, who departs to Haran, marries first Leah, and then Rachel, &C... 1916
Jacob makes Joseph his favourite ; his dreams, &c. he is sold into Egypt ....
Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams, &c.

................... 1899
Jacob goes down to Egypt, &c. ....
Revolution in Egypt; the sufferings of the Israelites; Moses born, &c. ............ 1123
Moses flies to Midian; marries Jethro's daughter; the vision of the bush, &c.
Moses, commissioned by God, goes to Pharaoh ; the plagues of Egypt; the deliverance 1643

of the Israelites, &c.
The Israelites rendezvous at Rameses; cross the Red Sea, &c.
The law delivered from Sinai, &c. ...
The Israelites approach Canaan; the priesthood established, &c.

The Israelites enter Canaan and possess it

Joshua succeeds Moses as the leader of Israel
The Israelites conquer Capaay), &c.
The war of the Benjamites
The judges, Deborah, Ehud, &c.
Gideon the Israelitish general,
Jephthali's exploits and vow
Samson's miraculous acts
The birth of Samuel...

Saul elected king of Israel
David succeeds to Saul
His restoration after Absalom's rebellion. Solomon proclaimed king ....
The dedication of the temple ....
The death of Solomon, succession of Rehoboam, and revolt of the ten tribes

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**........ 1099

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KINGS OF Jodau for 388 years.

KINGS OF ISRAEL for 264 years

Rehoboam, intending to make war with 990 Jeroboam, the son of Nebat, abolishes

the tribes, is diverted from it by a pro the worship of the Lord, and sets up

the worship of golden calves.
He gives bimself up to impiety..... 987
Dies; and is succeeded by his son Abijah 973
Abijah's victory over Jeroboam 972 Jeroboam is overcome by Abijah with the $7?
He dies; and is succeeded by his son Asa, 970 loss of 500,000 of his men.
who suppresses the idolatry that had

The death of Jeroboam, and succession of his
been introduced into the kingdom of his son Nadab.

The death of Nadab, and succession of the
He engages' Benhadad, king of Syria, 940

Baasha, who builds Ramah, to hinder
to invade the territories of Baasha, the Israelites from going to Jerusa-
king of Israel, in order to make him

quit his undertaking at Ramah.

The death of Baasha, and succession of 943

his son Elah.
Zimri kills Elah, and usurps the king- 949

dom of Israel; but Omri soon be-
sieges him, and forces him to burn

himself in his own palace.
Omri, when seated in the throne, builds 998

Samaria, and makes it the seat of his

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B. C.


His death; and the succession of his son 931
The death of Asa, and succession of his 929

son Jehoshaphat, who expels all sorts Elijah, the prophet of the Lord, causes 908
of superstitious worship out of his do-

the false prophets of Baal to be slain,

and appoints Elisha to be his successor

in the prophetic office.
Ahab defeats Ben-hadad, king of Syria, 897

who laid siege to Samaria, and after-

wards in a pitched battle,

He makes war against Ramoth-Gilead, 909
Jehoshaphat accompanies Ahab in his 897 and there being slain in disguise, is

expedition against Ramoth-Gilead, and succeeded by his son Ahaziah.

is in danger of being slain.
He equips a feet for Ophir, but miscar- 896 Ahaziah, by a fall, is dangerously wound- 907
ries in the voyage.

ed. He dies, and is succeeded by his
Elijah is this year translated in a fiery brother Jehoram.

The death of Jehoshaphat; and his son 904 Elisha foretels the victory of the army of 891
Jehoram's succession to the crown.

the Israelites, and procures plenty of
Jehoram introduces idolatry into Judah; 896 water for them.

is smitten with an incurable disease ;
dies; and his succeeded by his son

Homer about this time flourished...... 896 The siege of Samaria by Ben-hadad, 885

wherein he and his army are seized
with a panic fear, and break up in con-

fusion at night.
Ahaziah accompanies Jehoram, king of 895 Jehoram is wounded at Ramoth-Gilead, 895
Israel, to the siege of Ramoth-Gilead,

and after that slain by Jehu, who
and being afterwards put to death, by

usurps the crown.
the order of Jehu, his kingdom is
usurped by his mother Athaliah, who
destroys all the royal family, except

young Joash.
Athaliah is put to death, and Joash, be- 889

ing seated on the throne, repairs the The death of Jehu, and succession of his 867
ruins of the temple.

son Jehoahaz.
Joash orders the high priest Zechariah 849 The death of Jehoahaz, and succession of 850
to be slain in the temple ; wages war

his son Joash.
with Hazael, king of Syria; is forced Elisha dies about this time.
to give him large sums of money ; is The death of Hazael, king of Syria, and 832
murdered by his servants, and is suc-

succession of his son Ben-badad, who
ceeded by his son Amaziah.

wars against Joash.
Amaziah declares war against Joash, 820 Joash obtains a great victory over Ama- 835

king of Israel, and is defeated; he ziah king of Judah.
dies; (interregnum here of 11 years ;) He dies; and is succeeded by his son 834
and is succeeded by his son Uzziah, 809 Jeroboam II, in whose reign the pro-
otherwise called Azariah, in whose phets Jonah, Hosea, and Amos pro-
reign the prophets Isaiah and Amos

phesied in Israel
arise in the kingdom of Judah,

The Olympic games were instituted this

The death of Jeroboam II. and long in- 793

terregnum of 22 years.
Zechariah, the son of Jeroboam, at 771

length obtains the kingdom, but, after
a reign of six months, is killed by
Shallum, who, after a reign of one
month, is killed by Menahem, who 770
dies, and is succeeded by his son Pe- 760

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B. C.
The death of Uzziah, and succession of 757 Pekahiah is assassinated by Pekah, who 733

his son Jotham, in whose reign Isaiah succeeds him.
and Hosea prophesied.

The city of Rome began to be built.... 751
Arbaces, governor of Media, (who in 154

Scripture is called Tiglath-Pileser) and
Belesis (otherwise called Nabonissar)
conspire against Sardanapalus, king of

Assyria, and having besieged him in
The death of Jotham, and succession of 741 Nineveh for three years, compels hins
his son Ahaz, who is invaded by Re.

at last to burn himself and all his
zin, king of Syria, and Pekah, king of riches in his own palace; whereupan
Israel; and at length invites to his as Tiglath-Pileser is acknowledged king
sistance Tiglath-Pileser, king of Assy of Assyria, and Nabonassar lays the
ria, submitting to pay him tribute.

foundation of the Babylonish empire.
Tiglath-Pileser overcomes Rezin, king of 718

Syria, and puts him to death; then
enters the land of Israel; takes many
cities, and carries away a great num-

ber of captives.
Hosea, the son of Elah, puts Pekal, 13

king of Israel, to death, and usurpa lie


Tiglath-Pileser dies; and is succeeded 724
Ahaz dies; and is succeeded by his son 725 by Salmaneser, who invades the king.

Hezekjah, who restores the true wor dom of Israel, and makes Hoshea tri-
ship of God (which Ahaz had almost

butary to him.
subverted) in Judah and Jerusalem. Hoshea, king of Israel, thinking to shake 119

off the yoke of Salmaneser, makes aa
alliance with So, or Sabacon, king of
Egypt; whereupon Salmaneser he
sieges Samaria, and, after three years,
takes it, and carries away the people
captive, and so extinguishes the king
dom of Israel, after it had suleisted
from the separation 264 years.

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Salmaneser dies; and is succeeded by Sennacherib, who invades the kingdom of Judah, 715

and takes several of its cities.
Hezekiah's sickness and recovery. He gives money to Sennacherib, who still contindes

the war against him, but, at length, loses all his army by the stroke of an angeli
whereupon the Medes revolt from his dominion, and at his return to Nineveb, he is

put to death by two of his sons, and succeeded by a third, named Esarhaddon.
Hezekiah dies; and is succeeded by his son Manasseh
Esarhaddon makes himself master of Babylon, and reunites the Assyrian and Babylonisa

He takes Manasseh prisoner, and carries him in chains to Babylon ..........
Holofernes invades Judea, and is slain by Judith
Manasseh, after his return from Babylon, dies; and is succeeded by his son Amon.... 6!!
Amon is murdered by his servants; and succeeded by his son Josiah .... ..........
Josiah endeavours tó reform several abuses that had been introduced, and restores the body

true worship of God.
At this time Jeremiah begins to prophesy
Josiah is slain battle against Necho, king of Egypt, and is succeeded first by Jehozhur

, 6
and after him by Jehoiakim.
Nebuchadnezzar takes Jerusalem, and carries Daniel and his companions, captives, into sit

Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the great statue
Jehoiakim's revolt against Nebuchadnezzar.....
The birth of Cyrus, and the death of Jehoiakim, whose body is thrown into the highway, 57

without any burial; and the suecession of Jeconiali, who (after a short reign) is taken
and carried to Babylon, while bis uncle Zedekiah is left at Jerusalem in his place.

Ezekiel begins to prophesy in Chaldea, and foretels the destruction of Jerusalem...

Zedekiah confederates with the king of Egypt, and revolts against Nebuchadnezzar.... 588
Nebuchadnezzar besieges Jerusalem; defeats the Egyptian army; takes the city, and 586

utterly destroys it, with the temple ; puts out Zedekiah's eyes; carries him to Baby-
lon ; and sends the Jews, that were left in the country, captive beyond the Eu-
phrates. And thus ended the kingdom of Judea, after it had subsisted, from the time

of the separation, 388 years.
Gedaliah is made governor of the people left in Judea, and is murdered by Ishmael.... 586
Darius the Mede, or Cyaxares

Cyrus the Persian...

Takes Babylon the first year of his reign. The same year the Jews return under Zoro-

babel. The first high priest Joshua, same year.
The second temple begun

... 535
Cambyses reigns

...... 529
Darius Hystaspes

Temple finished..

.... 516

High priest Jehoiakim ·

Artaxerxes Longimanus

Stops the rebuilding of Jerusalem

Artaxerxes marries Esther

Sends Ezra to Judea....

High priest Eliashib

Nehemiah governor .........
Darius Nothus

Nehemiah's reform. End of the Old Testament canon


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