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In the earlier pages of this volume I spoke of my failure in gaining recognition from the publishers, and in consequence the query will arise as to how I finally got into print.

If the volume were a better production of the book-maker's art, that query would remain unanswered by me. But as it is, I feel that I owe not only an explanation, but an apology to the reader, as well, for the imperfections apparent to the critical eye.

Lacking the necessary means, and being persistently denied the opportunity to earn means sufficient to get my work published, I finally resolved to turn printer myself; and securing a small $18. press and three fonts of type, I began without any instruction, or previous knowledge of the printer's trade.

Though by continued effort I in time acquired a degree of skill at the case and the press, yet owing to my inexperience and my vision being a little impaired by too close application, I find on review that some faults exist -- that besides imperfect press work, there are errors typographical, and perhaps grammatical and orthographical, as well as errors of taste and judgment in arranging matter; and for all these I most humbly and sincerely apologize.

But for the sentiments expressed, I have no apology to offer. They have been carefully weighed and considered, and are the result of years of observation, study, and investigation, founded on an unmistakable Christian conversion, and I am willing to be judged by them.

Though the signs of the times, and the history of past efforts in the cause of Truth tell me that I shall hardly hear the grateful Well done'' in this world for the effort I have made, and though I have no great and buoyant hope of hearing it in the world to come, yet I shall live hoping, and die hoping

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that when the greater works of men are being reviewed, and Heaven's arches ring with the glad praises of those who have been more liberally endowed and favorably circumstanced, then He in whom I have believed, and whose cause of Truth I have tried to serve, will offer this apology for me:—He hath done what he could.”


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