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as of men devoid of conscience towards God, and of honesty towards man.

That the reader may have some general notion beforehand of what he is to expect, the following abstract of the ensuing discourses is laid before


The Divinity of the Son and Spirit, co-eternal and co-equal with the Father, not the idol-monster of inferior divinity, is here maintained, in full opposition to the Arian and Semi-Arian; whose blasphemy, though more specious, is not less real than the more avowed and open blasphemy of the Socinian.

The maintainers of the doctrine of the rectitude of human nature, and the freedom of man's · choice to good as to evil, will find these proud · imaginations attacked, he hopes laid low to the ground, even in the dust, by the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. The strong evidences of a fallen and corrupted nature, with its dire effects, are produced and confirmed; and the inability of man in his fallen state to any thing but evil, clearly, he trusts, made manifest,

The extent, purity, and spirituality of God's law are laid open, that the conscience may discover and feel its transgressions against it. The eternal obligation of this law is shewn; its awful sanctions declared; the impossibility of obeying it as a covenant of life evinced; and consequently the conviction of our state, as a state of helpless guilt, evidenced.

The one great, glorious and all-sufficient oblation of the Son of God for the sins of the world, as a true and real sacrifice, atonement and propitiation, is pleaded for; its necessity and influence proved; and the various blessings obtained for sinners thereby, set forth.

Faith, as the only means of justification and

acceptance with God, is pleaded for, from considerations demonstrating the impossibility of righteousness before God any. other way. And

as works of any sort are not admitted as the condition of our pardon and acceptance with God, the position that we are justified by faith only, is maintained and vindicated.

The works of piety and virtue which become men professing godliness, are at large opened, and the necessity of them enforced, from the only true principle of faith which worketh by love.. The Antinomian blasphemy is rebuked and censured.

Finally, The means of grace are strongly urged, and the diligent use of them shewn to be the only method of obtaining, advancement in the divine life..

The blessedness of the religion of Jesus concludes the whole, as the natural result of the principles and practice above recommended.

These are the grand outlines of the following: Sermons; and as they are the most essential matters which relate to salvation, they deserve a se- · rious and attentive perusal.

The gospel of Christ alone is the power of God unto salvation; and though many among our-selves have arisen speaking perverse things, as if a man, whatever were his opinions, provided he was sincere in them and walked conscientiously! according to them, was in a state of safety; yet the word of God seems to speak differently, that there is salvation in no name but that of Jesus. And our Reformers were not afraid of the cen-sure of uncharitableness, when they denounced a curse upon the maintainers of so latitudinarian: an opinion.

It is earnestly to be wished, that every man who is called a lover of truth may read without prejudice, and judge with candor. As the great Searcher of hearts knows the design of these writings, they are by earnest prayer commended to his blessing; and should they prove the means of bringing but one soul to the knowledge of Jesus, and obedience to the truth, this labour of love will be amply repaid.

Remember, Reader, that awful day which is near, even at the door, when thou must answer for having seen, and I for having written these Discourses: Happy will it be, if we may then together give in our account with joy and not with sorrow.

October 20, 1762.

T. H


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