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'HIS book comes to you as a Well-wisher, a Teacher,

and a Prophet.

It will become a Teacher if you will honestly try to secure mental reaction upon it; that is, if you will resolve to THINK - to Think with it and to Think into it.

It will be Prophet of a higher and more successful living if you will persistently and intelligently follow its requirements, for this will make yourself a completer Manual of the Perfected Will.

But remember! This book cannot think for you; THAT IS THE TASK OF YOUR MIND.

This book cannot give you greater power of Will; THAT IS FOR YOURSELF TO ACQUIRE BY THE RIGHT USE OF ITS CONTENTS

This book cannot hold you to persistence in self-culture ; THAT IS THE TEST OF YOUR WILL.

This book is not magical. It promises nothing occult or mysterious. It is simply a call to practical and scientific work.

If you will steadfastly go on through the requirements marked out, this book will develop within you highest wishes of welfare for self, it will make you a teacher of self, it will inspire you as a prophet of self brought to largest efficiency.





OWER OF WILL” has been a pioneer in its

chosen field — the only book of its kind, the only kind of its class, the only class in the world. number of writers, literary and otherwise, have since followed the pathway thus pointed out, some of them exhibiting scant regard for magnanimity, that virtue which, seemingly demanded by the much-exploited “New Thought," is without spiritual littleness and is ever fair in acknowledgments. The author bids all such, Take and confess if they are true knights of the larger age, but, an' they cannot stand so high, Take for their own that which birth forbids creating, since our world life is so great, and in its abundance every mind may claim to live, even that of the humblest parasite. “Many a frog masquerades in the costume of a bird.”'

In the present edition numerous changes from the first will appear, and considerable new matter has been inserted. The substance of the book, however, save for some minor details, remains practically untouched. It has seemed best not to recast Part I, as to have done so would have meant writing a new book; the working exercises are altogether as they were in the former edition,

that quite a little useless verbiage and space have been obviated by condensation.

The kindness with which the book has been received, its literary deficiencies being overlooked in view of its practical purpose, and the evidences given by students

that the work has helped many to a larger growth and a better self-handling, have inspired the present revision. The statement of one, just written to the author, represents the actual appreciation of a host: “Power of Will' has been a wonderful help to me in character-building, but I wish to make an exhaustive study of it, and really need it on my desk all the time.

The volumes of the Power-Book Library have sought always to be clear, plain, practical, sane and helpful, and neither chicanery nor suspicious “occultism " has to the author been conscious in mind or mood or work.

And so, good fortune attend both the book and the student.


1.- The goal of evolution is psychic person.

Person acts behind the mask of body.
The basic idea of person is self-determined unfold-

The central factor in such unfoldment is Will.
Will is a way person has of being and doing.
A certain complex of our ways of being and doing

constitutes mind.
Mind operates on two levels: one on that of aware-

ness, the other on that of the subconscious. In the subconscious realm of person the evolutionary

phases of heredity, habit, established processes,

exhibit. In the field of awareness the phase of variation, both

by reason of external stimulus and by reason of

psychic freedom, appears. But organized person is inherently restless. The

Will exhibits the law of discontent. Restless

ness of organism develops Will. Person unfolds by control and use of Will. The Will must take itself in hand for greatest per

sonal completeness. 2.- Personal life is a play between powers without and

powers within the central function of Will. Personal life ends in subjection to such external powers, or rises to mastery over them.


3:— The Will grows by directed exercise. Exercise involves the use of its own instruments

body, mind, the world. The only method which can strengthen and ennoble

Will is that which puts into action itself in con

junction with its furniture. This method, persistently followed, is certain to give

to the Will mighty power, and to enlarge and

enrich person.

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