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Sermons on the Trinity Unconscious of any Doubt on the Sub-

ject — The Fellowship of Christ — Discoveries made by the Rev.
Mr. Cole - A theological Spy — Follows the Preacher to the
Vestry - First Accusation of Heresy – The Orthodox Doctrine of
the Church — Irving's Manner of Meeting the Attack — The
Cloud like a Man's Hand — Apology for the Church of Scotland

- Irving carries his Message to his own Country - Plan of his
Journey – Annan Market — His Labours among his own People
— Arrival in Great King Street — St. Andrew's Church besieged
by the Crowd — Excitement in Edinburgh - Dissatisfaction of
Chalmers - The Statesman and the Visionary - Uses of the
Impracticable — Religious Thought in Scotland – Campbell of
Row --A new Friend — Irving's Faculty of Learning — Rosneath
- Row - A. J. Scott Accident at Kirkcaldy Cruel Re-
proaches - Irving visits Perth — Returns to London - Imme-
diate Return to his usual Labours — Happiness in returning -
The Last Days — Irving's Anxieties — Opposition to his Doctrine

of the Second Advent Improvement in his Wife's Health -
His Anxiety for her Return — Pause in the Saturday Occupation

-Consultations about Prophecy — Publishing Negotiations — A
Bible Society Meeting - Anticipates “ Casting out of the Syna-
gogue” — His Birthday — Instructions and Prayers — The Lost
Tribes — Resignation to God's Will — Arrangement about his
Trinity Sermons The Bishop of Chester — Contract with
Publishers Tale of the Martyrs — Excess of Health - Harro-
gate A true Apostolical Church - The Year's Work Pasto-
ral Duties - The Threshold of a new Future — High Anticipa-
tions Vaughan of Leicester - Second Albury Conference -
Dr. Martin's Account of its Results — Mutterings of the coming
Storm — Trust of his People

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A new Light — Influence of Scott – Mary Campbell — Campbell
A .

of Row - Religious Fermentation in Clydesdale — Tract on our
Lord's Human Nature - The Man of Sorrows - Beginning of
the Conflict Gift from Friends in Edinburgh — The Christian
Instructor – Irving's Letter to Mr. Dods — Statement of his own
Belief Invitation to brotherly Conference Heart-sickness -
Letter to Dr. Chalmers — Irving's Confidence in his Judgment -

Chalmers' timid Silence - Prosecution of Mr. Maclean — Unfair
Inquisition - Proceedings in Mr. Scott's Case - Deliverance of the
Presbytery — Advice in the Dreghorn Case — Necessity for Cau-
tion and Patience — Presbytery of London – “God send better

Days" — Fernicarry - Mary Campbell — The Gift of Tongues —
The first Prophetess — The Macdonalds — The Gift of Healing

- The Manifestations believed by many — Eagerly hailed by
Irving - Dr. Chalmers in London – Irving, Chalmers, and Cole-

ridge — Fears for the Church of Scotland - Irving's renewed
Appeal to his “ Master" — Farewell of Irving and Chalmers —
Little Samuel's Illness — Irving's new Surroundings — His mira-
culous Heart — Albury — A faithful Wife — The chief Physician



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- Serving God for Nought - Resignation - Irving's Visit to
Ireland — Powerscourt- Dublin Little Maggie's Song -

of the Mouth of Babes and Sucklings” — Congratulations
— Note on Samuel Martin's Bible - Seamen's Asylum Move-
ment in the Presbytery of London Dutifulness to the Church

- A contumacious Brother — Irving separates from the Presby-

tery - Gives up his proposed Visit to Scotland - Fright and

Agreement of the Presbytery — His Isolation Statement by his

Kirk-Session ---Petition to the King-Lord Melbourne Page 102

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Church Conflicts — Reference to the Mother Church — The Usury

of Tears - Irving's Repetition of his Belief — Christ's Holiness in

Flesh - Prayer for the General Assembly —"In Labours abun-

dant" - His Attitude and Aspect On the Threshold of Fate-

Meeting of the General Assembly - Position assumed by Mr.

Scott — The Assembly's Decisions — Irving's Determination to

defend his Rights - Peculiarity of the two cases of Heresy -

Not heretical Opinion but realizing Faith Condemnation of

Irving's Doctrine — Prayers for the Outpouring of the Spirit -

Inspiration of the Last Days — First Appearance of the Tongues

- His Prepossession — The Prayer of Faith – The Answer of


God — The Fulfilment of Promise — Trying the Spirits — His


unjudicial Mind — The Baptism of the Holy Ghost — Inevitable

Separation-- Utterances permitted at Morning Meetings — Pro-

bation - Excitement in the Congregation — Crisis — The Matter

taken out of his Hands — First Utterance in the Sunday Worship

- Commotion at the Evening Service The Tumults of the

People — Comments of the Press. · Increase to the Church

Order of the Morning Service — Character of the Tongues

Supposed to be existing Languages - Described by Irving — The

Utterances in English — Their Influence — Virtuous Indignation

His Determination at all Hazards - Withdraws the last Re-

straint — Impossibility of drawing Back — Remonstrances of his

Friends — First Meeting of the Trustees —"If I perish, I perish”

- Affectionate Conspiracy - Future Order of Worship - Full

Statement of his Intentions - Publications of the Year - Original

Standards of the Church — The Westminster Confession Recalls

the Church of Scotland to herself - Papers in the Morning Watch

- Irving and the Record — The Trustees - The Kirk-Session

His Remonstrance
Importunities of his Friends

. 167

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“ Bedlam” and “ Chaos" - Robert Baxter — Further Development

of the Power - The Two Witnesses — Authoritative Interpreta-
tion of Prophecy Baxter's Narrative- Inner World Revealed
by it — Attitude of Irving — Retains his Influence as Pastor –
Mystic Atmosphere - Evangelists — Inevitable Progress — The
Trustees take Counsel's Opinion – Irving's Public Intimation of

the Danger — His Advice to his People — Answer to the Trustees
- Sir Edward Sugden's Advice — The foregone Conclusion of
the Presbytery — Their Authority finally appealed to — The Life
of the Accused “Reproach hath broken my Heart” - The
Angel of the Church — “Unwearied and Unceasing" — Funda-
mental Question involved Last Remonstrance Warning
Not the Shadow of a Doubt — Banishing the Voice of Jesus
Impassioned Appeal — The Trustees' Complaint — Meeting of the
Presbytery — Recantation of Baxter — Beginning of the Trial -
Examination of Witnesses : The Elder - Appeal to the Scrip-
tures – Examination continued: The Prophet — “Did you hear
any Conversation anywhere?" — Calling Names – Examination
continued: The Deacon Sudden blandness of the Examiners

Conclusion of the Evidence - Unanimity of the Witnesses.
The Disenchanted Prophet – Unmoved by Discouragement -

Order of Irving's Defence – The Head of every Man An undi-
vided Allegiance-Records of Ecclesiastical Antiquity - The
Conscience of the Presbytery.

Character of the Evidence-
Speech of the Accuser — Irving's Reply — Whether the Work be
of the Holy Ghost - The Prophetic Character “Dishonesty "

- Tempted to withdraw from the Contest — Prefers his Duty as a
Pastor to his Feelings — Standeth or falleth to his own Master -
A Lamb of the Flock – Decision of the Presbytery — Their Reck-
lessness — Scraps of the Confession — The Character of Presbyte-
rian Worship — What could they do? Sentence Irving “un-
fit” to remain a Minister — Triumph of the Press — Times and
Record — The Fast-day – Closing of the Church — Gray's Inn
Road — Out-door Preaching -

The Lost Child. - Affectionate
Recollections - The Scotch Psalms - Islington Green — Princely
Hospitality - How to overcome Disease by Faith — Sufferings - —
Resolved to Fall at his Post Victory over the Body — State of
the Public Mind — Reported “falling off” in Irving's Mind

The Morning Watch the Organ of the Church — The Sick Child -
Invitation to the Kirkcaldy Relations — Prospered by the Lord —
The Despised in Israel — Development — A new Order of Things

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