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The Subject introduced by a Visit to Einsedelin. II. p. 6.

Religion in all Ages essential to Chivalry - The Christian

Chivalry sincere and faithful in its Devotion.--III, p. 15.

The Defence of Religion became the Office of Nobility-The

Crusaders. The Accusations against the Templars considered

-How the Crusades may be justified. IV. p. 45. To defend

the Catholic Faith a perpetual Obligation-Early Divisions

gave Occasion to this Law of Chivalry-Examples of its

Observance-Compatible with a Spirit of Toleration-V.

p. 61. Knights were to be Examples of Religion, and to exalt

its Glory-Nobility related to the Priesthoodm-Laws of Chi-

valry were directed to make Men religiousThe Abandon-

ment of Truth leads to the Ruin of Nobility-Examples of

devout Knights-- The Bounty of the Great in religious Foun-

dations. VI. p. 82. Examples from History and Romance

of the religious Spirit which distinguished Chivalry.-VII.

p. 116. Chivalry bound its Sons to venerate the Clergy, to

shew a reasonable Respect, and to favour good Priests-Ex-

amples.-VIII. p. 125. The general Character of the Secular

Clergy-The Spirit of the Church respecting their duties,

IX. p. 154. Of Hermits and the Monastic Orders Of

Princes and Knights who retired from the World. The

Poetic Interest attached to them. The Confidence and Love

which they inspired. The Customs and Discipline of a Mo-

nastery- The Learning of the Monks--Their Sanctity-Ger

neral Remarks on the Clergy-X. p. 217. The Charity and

Benevolence of Ancient Manners--Exercised also towards

the Dead Examples.--XI. p. 240. The Forgiveness of In-

juries' required by the Spirit of Chivalry-Examples-The

Duty of Knighthood to appease Enmities-Examples.-XII,

p. 249. Chivalry reposed a humble Hope in Divine Aid.

XIII. p. 252. Religion requiring a hardy Life, much Absti-

nence, and Simplicity, harmonized with the views of Chi-

valry-Examples.-XIV. p. 255. The profound and solemn

Spirit of Knights The Pilgrim-Dark Views entertained of

· War-The wonderful Penance of the King Don Rodrigo---The

Custom of holding Vigils in a Church Further Examples
of solemn Devotion, in the Avoidance of Oaths, in the 06-
servance of the Festivals.XV. p. 278. The Religious Graces
which became the Ornament of Women-Examples. ---XVI,
p. 296. General Remarks on the Religion of these Ages--On

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