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Shal. It is best certain : but to stand stained with trauaile, and sweating with desire to see him, thinking of nothing els, putting all affaires elfe in obliuion, as if there were nothing els to bee done, but to see him.

Pift. Tis semper idem, for, obfque hoc nihil eft, tis in euery part.

Shal. Tis so indeede.

Pift. My knight, I will inflame thy noble liver, and make thee rage, thy Dol, and Helen of thy noble thoughts, is in base durance, and contagious prison, halde thither by most mechanical, and durtie hand : rowze vp reuenge from ebon den, with fell Alectoes snake, for Doll is in : Pistoll speakes nought but truth

Falst. I will deliver her.
Pift. There roared the sea, and trumpet clangor sounds.

Enter the king and his traine.
Falst. God saue thy grace king Hall, my royall Hall.

Pif. The heauens thee gard and keep, most royal impe of fame.

Falst. God saue thee, my sweet boy. King. My lord chiefe iustice, speake to that vaine man. luft. Haue you your wits? know you what tis you

Falt. My king, my loue, I speake to thee, my heart.

King. I know thee not old man, fall to thy praiers,
How ill white heires becomes a foole and iefter,
I haue long dreampt of such a kind of man,
So furfet-sweld, fo old, and fo prophane :
But being awakt, I do despise my dreame,
Make lesse thy body (hence) and more thy grace,
Leaue gourmandizing, know the graue doth gape
For thee, thrice wider then for other men,
Reply not to me with a foole-borne jest,


Presume not that I am the thing I was,
For God doth know, so shall the world perceive,
That I haue turnd away my former selfe,
So will I those that kept me company:
When thou dost heare I am as I haue bin,
Approch me, and thou shalt be as thou wast,
The tutor and the feeder of my riots :
Till then I banish thee, on paine of death,
As I haue done the rest of my misleaders,
Not to come neare our person by ten mile:
For competence of life, I wil allow you,
That lacke of meades enforce you not to euills,
And as we heare you do reforme your felues,
We will according to your strengths and qualitie,
Giue you aduauncement. Be it your charge, my lord,
To see performd the tenure of my word: set on.

lohn. Master Shallow I ow you a thousand pound.

Shal. Yea mary fir lohn, which I beseech you to let me haue home with me.

Iohn. That can hardly be, master Shalaw: do not you grieue at this, I shall be sent for in priuate to him, looke you, hee must seeme thus to the world : feare not your aduauncements, I will be the man yet that shal make you great.

Shal, I cannot perceive how, volesse you giue me your dublet, and stuffe me out with straw: I beseech you good sir lohn let me haue fiue hundred of my thoufand.

lohn, Sir I will be as good as my worde, this that you heard was but a collour.

Shal. A collor that I feare you will die in fir Iohn.

Iohn. Feare no colours, go with me to dinner :
Come lieftenant Piftol, come Bardolfe,
I fall be sent for foone at night.

Enter them away.

Enter iuftice and prince Iohn. Luftice. Go cary fir lohn Falftalfe to the Fleet, Take all his company along with him.

Fal. My lord, my lord. luft. I cannot now speake, I will heare you foone, take

Ext. Pift. Si fortuna me tormenta fpero contenta.

Iobn. I like this faire proceeding of the kings,
He hach intent his wonted followers
Shall all be very well prouided for,
But all are baniht till their conuersations
Appeare more wise and modest to the worlde.

Iuft. And so they are.
Iohn. The king hath cald his parlament my lord.
luft. He hath.

lohn. I wil lay ods, that ere this yeere expire,
We beare our ciuil swords and natiue fiet,
As farre as France, I heard a bird so sing,
Whose musique, to my thinking, pleasde the king:
Come, will you hence ?

E PILOG U E. First my feare then my cursie, last my speech. My feare, is your displeasure, my cursy, my duty, and my speech, to beg your pardons: if you looke for a good speech now, you vndo me, for what I haue to say is of mine owne making, and what indeed (I Mould say) wil (I doubt) proue mine owne marring: but to the purpose, and so to the venture. Be it knowne to you, as it is very well, I was lately here in the end of a displeasing play, to pray your patience for it, and to promise you a better : I meant indeed to pay you with this, which if like an il venture it come vnluckily home, I breake, and you my gentle creditors loose, here I promisde


you I would be, and here I commit my body to your mercies, bate me some, and I will pay you fome, and (as most debtors do) promise you infinitely: and so I kneele downe before you; but indeed, to pray for the queene.

If my tongue cannot intreate you to acquit me, will you commauad me to vse my legges? and yet that were but light payment, to daunce out of your debt, but a good conscience will make any possible satisfaction, and so woulde I: all the gentlewomen heere have forgiuen me, if the gentlemen will not, then the gentlemen doe not agree with the gentlewomen, which was neuer seene in such an assemblie.

One word more I beseech you, if you bee not too much cloyd with fatte meate, our humble author will continue the storie, with fir Iohn in it, and make you merry with faire Katharine of Fraunce, where (for any thing I knowe) Falstaffe shall die of a sweat, volesse already a be killd with your harde opinions; for Olde-castle died martyre, and this is not the man : my tongue is weary, when my legges are too, I wil bid you, good night.


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