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THE Author laments, that his occupations would not allow him to bestow as much time on the style and arrangement of the following sheets, as might serve to render them less unworthy of publication.-He hopes however, that this attempt to undeceive his Countrymen comes recommended by truth, and that deficiencies in style will be supplied by strict adherence to Historical documents of indisputable authority.-His object is, as soon as possible, and without scrupulous regard to refinements of language, or elegance of style, to expose the fallacy of doctrines, which have been propagated in recent publications; and either to arrest their progress, or to challenge a discussion which, by separating the grain from the chaff, may substitute consciousness of truth, for the wavering influence of erroneous or uncertain opinions.-An anxious wish that a subject, so interesting to the Irish People, should be submitted to their consideration on S. Patrick's day, has occasioned some errors, as Murphy for Murray, at page 12, and 503 for 498, at page 51, for which he begs the indulgence of his readers.-He also wishes it to be understood, that he is not personally acquainted with any of those Candidates or Coadjutors, to whom he occasionally alludes; and that, as far as he can learn, they are, in private life, persons of exemplary conduct, and unexceptionable characters, though their ideas of Ecclesiastical dominion may be imcompatible with the rational liberties of their Countrymen.



YOUR Letter of the Second instant is so

interesting, the facts you mention are so important, and the state of our Clergy, and the dispositions of the Lower orders of the people, described by you with such an air of truth, appeared to me so pregnant with future mischief, that I felt myself bound to submit the whole of your important statement to the consideration of those, whose judgment and discretion would be likely to assist me in forming my opinion on matters which are very near to my heart.

that those violent rivalships and intrigues, which disgrace the Candidates for the Vacant See of Tuam, were perfectly known in this Country; and that each and every fact you mention had been stated to some of the Leading Men here, with the most direct and minute information. It is generally known, that Dr. Kelly has been nominated to Tuam, by the Secret Consistory of Maynooth, in defiance of all the Suffragan Bishops of Connaught, each of whom seems to have been active in opposition to the Man, who is thus unexpectedly elevated above them; and that much rancour has prevailed on this subject, not only amongst the leading Men of the second order of our Clergy, but amongst the Bishops themselves!

What the Views of any Statesman may be, with regard to these subjects; what plans he may meditate; how far he will avail himself of information thus minutely acquired, for the purpose of proposing a more rational system of Ecclesiastical Government than now obtains amongst us, it is impossible for me to ascertain.

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