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Ed Beaumont x propriis

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Please to accept this Ritical

(quamois desit, ut in cis, Com-
-mendatio anime) from

Mr St. Yours ad meliora
I. Y.
The other book is from the
Famiable Mr Stonor.


De profundis c:adte X: D:q: 0; m B Fiant an; hint: in vor: depre: i. Si iniq: obs: D. J: quis sustinebit quia ap:t: prop: ĕ. &p: legit: si ti Do Pust: cam: inv: cjus. Speria:m: ind tenst: mat: u:ad hope: To: in One A Quia ap Dad mis: & cop apc: red, at ipsered Is ex oil inq: ejus.

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