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11 Delatre c. BELLAMY's APOLOGY Vol.v.

Despondeny on the Shape of Westminster Bridgeca.

Letter 25.

Printed for J.Bell British Library Strand London March 14 1786..

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To which is annexed,
Her original Letter to JOHN CALCRAFT, Efq.
advertised to be published in October 1767,

but which was then violently suppressed.

« The Web of our Life is of a mingled Yarn, Good and Ill

“ together; our Virtues would be proud, if our Faults whipe
“ them not; and our Crimes would despair, if they were not
“ cherished by our Virtues."

All's Well that Ends Well, Act 4, Scene lii.

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And fold by J. BELL, at the Britih Library, STRAND.





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