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FARMERS' CLUBS— Halesworth, 208

Hexham, 238

Kennington Agricultural and Chemical College,
London (the Central), 74, 174, Lectures at the, 213
199, 321, 399, 475

Kirby, the late Mr. Thomas, of York, Memoir of,

Norton, 355


Oxford, 343

Wenlock, 108


Winfrith, 96, 236, 466 Labour and Wages, 415
Farmers, Old and New School of, 286

Labourer, the present Position of the, 24

Farms, modes of entering and quitting, with sug- Labourers' Cottages, Description of Plate, 81

gestions for their improvement. By Mr. Robert Labourers' Registration-offices v. Statute Fairs, 240

Baker, of Writtle, 18

Labouring Classes, their Education a National

Farquharson, Esq , J. J., Biography of, 459

Question, 27

Fiars Prices, 287

Lambs, the Rearing and Diseases of, 500
Fish Manures, Composition of, 284

Land, Aëration of, 393

Flour, Adulteration of, 259

Land Drainage, its Action and Effect, 223

Food, the Importations of, in the last twenty Leases, the Advantage of, 96

years, 394

Leather Market, 458, 549

Fowler's Steam Plough, Report of the Judges on, Lime, and its Chemical Changes, 285

Lime and Mar), the Agricultural Value and Uses of,

France, Agriculture of, 279


Furze as Food for Horses, 420

Lincoln Rams in Leicester, 449

Linseed and Oil-cake Trades, Annual Report of


the, 146

Game Laws, Injurious Effects of the undue Preser- * Lois-Weedon" without the Spade, 346, 386

vation, 280
Garrett v. Woolnough, Breach of Contract, 356

Gas-lime, its Use, 242

Manure, a new one, 496
Grain for Food, Preservation of, 491

Manure, Artificial, 249
Grass Lands, the Management of, 313

Manure within the reach of the Farmers, 101
Green Crops for Manure, 441
Green Crops, Manures for, 308

Manures, and their Application, 434

Grinding Feed, 285

Manures, Artificial and Farm-yard, Dr. Voelcker

Guano, Siinple test of, 356

Guano Trade, a Monopoly, 295

Manures, Auxiliary, 511

Manures, Experiments with different, 155

Manures, Prices of, 88, 180, 457, 549


Manuring on the Surface, 352

Halkett’s Guideway in Steam Agriculture, 140 · Matchless," a Lincoln Cart Stallion, description

Harvests, how the good and bad come in succes- of, 273

sion, 337

Meat Trade of Paris, 290

Hay Markets, 366, 456, 549

Merino, or Spanish Breed of Sheep, 288

Hereford Heifer, Description of a Prize, 89 Metropolitan Cattle Market, the Great Christmas,

Hereford Ox, Description of a Prize, 460


Hide and Skin Markets, 457, 549

Milk, 163

Hobbie Noble, Pedigree and Description of, 181

Holly, the, 310


Hop Duty, Meeting for the Abolition of the, 292 Names of Animals on a Farm, Uniformity in the,

Hop Market, 180, 272, 366, 446, 549


Horns of Animals, the Trade in, 17

Nesbit Testimonial, Proceedings at the Presenta-

Hornsby, Mr. Richard, Biographical Sketch of, 1 tion of the, 6

Horse, how to make the most of a, 385

Nitrates contained in the Soil, Inquiry respecting,

Horse-power, novel Application of, 278


Horse-tamer, Mr. Rarey, the American, 266

Horse-taming, 340


Horse, the uses of a dead one, 302

House, on Choosing a Site for one, 197

Mr. Stephen Mills,

Hull, Annual Report of the Trade of, 152

Oil, Price of, 458


Paring and Burning in Dauphiné (France), 447

Phosphate of Lime on Vegetation, Action of No-

dules on some Descriptions of Soils, 304

Piggeries, on, 300

Plants, Something of, and how they live, 507

Plants, the Class st likely to enrich the Soil,


Pleuro-Pneumonia, 319

Steam Engine and other Machinery, Suggestions
Pleuro-Pneumonia, simple Remedy for, 266

for the Trial of, at the Chester Meeting, 28
Plough, the, or its Substitute, 159

Steam Engir:e Trial, Letters on the, 58
Ploughing, a State of Transition in, 261

Steam Plough, 184
Ploughing by Steam, 248

Steam Plough at Salisbury, the Trial of the, 404

Stear Plough, Who invented it ? 23
Agricultural Ode, 354

Stock, different Breeds of, 289
God save the Plough, 421

Stock purchased by the Emperor of the French,
Poppy, Mr., of Witnesham, proposed Subscription 260
for, 211, 306

Surveyors of Highways, and their Responsibility,
Potato, its Regeneration by Cuttings, 106

Potato Markets, 88, 180, 272, 366, 446, 5-15 Swing v. Wheel Ploughs, 265
Potato, on the Method of Extracting the Starch

from the, 102
Potato, the Qualities constituting a good one, 474

Tenant Right, Necessity for, 37

Thrashing Machines, gradual Improvement in, 219
Quicks, 350

Thrashing Machines, Trial of, 498

Timber, Price of, 458, 549

Tithe Commutation Tables, 104, 264
Rainfall, Advantages of a Daily Register of the, Toll on Steam Engines for farming Purposes
throughout the Kingdom, 170, 231

illegal, 174
Rat-trap, a funny, 225

Town Sewage, Patents taken out for the Applica-

tion of, 344
Road Legislation and Management, 440

Town Sewage, the practical Value and Application
The evil Results of over-feeding Cattle, 395 of, 537
Rinderpest, or Cattle Plague, Report on the. By Trial, an important one, in reference to the War-
James B. Simonds, Esq., V.S., 113

ranty of Cattle, 412
Romaine's Canadian Steain Cultivator, 78

Trunk Drainage, 252
Rook-flights, 443

Turnip Crop, Dressing for. By C. W. Johnson,
Root Crops, Advantage of Autumn Cultivation for, Esq., 460

Turnip, on storing the, 175
Royal Agricultural College, 174

Turnip-plant, the. By C. W. Johnson, Esq., 90
Royal Agricultural Society of England, Proceedings
of the, 66, 262, 277, 432, 495, 514


Veterinary College in relation to Agriculture, 500
Scotch Cottages, 529

Veterinary Science, the present State of, 172
Seaweed, 423

Victoria," a Shorthorned Cow-Pedigree, &c.,
Seeds, Price of, 87, 180, 272, 366, 456, 549

Seeds, the Incrustation of Cereal and other, 221
Sheep, Foot-rot ir., 444
Sheep, the Culture of. By Robt. Smith, of Em- Wandle Valley, the. By C. W. Johnson, Esq.,
mett's Grange, 296

Shorthorns, Origin of the Durham, 406

Weeds. By C. W. Johnson, Esq., 182
Shorthorns, Sale of Mr. Cartwright's, 504

Weeds and Weeding, 371, 526
Smithfield Club, Mr. Gibbs’s History of the, 56 Weights and Measures, English, Irish, and Fo-
Smithfield Club Cattle Show, a Visit to the, 80 reign, 259
Smithfield Club Fat Cattle Show, 38, 165

Wheat, Prices for the last four Years, 175
Smithfield Show, Notes on the Implements and Wheat, Warehousing of, 441
Machinery shown at the, 93

Wheat, What should we do with our sprouted ?
Smithfield Show Week, 51

Snow, the Uses of, 251

Winter Food for Cattle, 333
Soapsuds, 353

Winter Garden, 449
Soil, the, 502

Wireworm, to destroy the, 538
Southdown Rams, Description of, 181

Wool and Woollens, 396
Spring Prospects, 398

Wool Markets, 88, 180, 272, 456, 549
Stallions for the Season, 360

Wool, the Growth and Management of, 311
Statistics Bill, Fate of the, 484

Wool Trade of Liverpool, Annual Report of the,
Steam Cultivators, Memorial from the Exhibitors 149
of, 497

Wool Trade of the Year 1857, 173


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