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land, Custom-house, the New Club-room Dr Grant

£.]5 0 St Andrew-square, the Lord Provost's

Dr Inglis

26 5 house, Charlotte-square, &c. &c.; but ow. Dr Baird

31 10 ing to the unfavourable state of the weather Dr Dickson

15 15 their brilliancy was much obscured. А

Dr Brown

15 15 variety of transparencies appeared in differ- Mr Grant

10 0 ent parts of the city, which in general were

Mr Fleming

26 5 well executed, and had a fine effect. The Dr Macknight

26 5 bands of the 1st Norfolk, Northampton, Mr Oliver

10 10 and Antrim militia, and 1st regiment of Mr Dick

10 10 Royal Edinburgh volunteers, met in the Dr Ritchie

21 0 assembly rooms, George's-street. They Dr Anderson

10 10 went off in different directions, playing fa- Mr Ritchie

26 5 yourite tunes the whole time.

Mr Brunton

10 10 Dr Ireland, 50 bolls barley,

crop 1814 On Tuesday the 9th Nov, about seven Mr Garnock

10 10 o'clock, George Hastie, son of John Hastie, MI John Thomson 10 10 labourer, residing at Bellmount, on the Mr Dickson, jun.

20 0 Glasgow road, about two miles west of Mr Andrew Thompson

10 10 Edinburgh, when going from his father's

Mir Simpson

10 10 house there, and before he had got to the high road, was attacked by a man, who

Inverness, Nor. 5. presented a pistol, and demanded his money, Andrew Cullen, late serjeant-armourer in which being refused, a strugglc ensued, in the 21st regiment, was executed here an the course of which the pistol went off, Friday last, pursuant to his sentense, for whereby George Hastie was so severely the purder of his wife. He was conducted wounded in the thigh, that although he got from the prison to the place of exection by back to his father's house, unfortunately, the Magistrates, constables, and a party of from the loss of blood, he died there that the 93d foot, followed by an immerise conta night, or early next morning. It is to be course of spectators. Prayers having been regretted that, from the confusion those offered up by the Rev. A. Fraser, and the concerned were in, no notice of this unfor. Rev. D. Martin, in which he most ferrently tunate affair was given, either to the Police joined, he was launched into eternity about office, or to those ucting under the Sheriff,

a quarter past two. During his confine until yesterday forenoon; since which ment he manifested deep contrition for his period, every exertion has been made to past offences, and acknowledged the justice discover the perpetrator, though hitherto of his sentence. Cullen was a man of a very without effect.

strong mind, and his ingenuity as a me. On the 27th of October the freedom of chanic might have rendered him a valuable the city of Edinburgh was conferred on member of society, had not his predilection Vice Admira Otway. He struck his flag for drinking, which brought him to an unon the 10th of November, and was succeed. timely end, proyed an insurmountable ob ed in the command at Leith by Rear Ad- stacle to the regular prosecution of many miral William Johnstone Hope.

excellent designs which he had partially

carried into effect. The Presbytery of Edinburgh, after ap- Ales. Watson, shopkeeper in Merkinet, proving very highly of Dr Nicol's overture, the reputed father of the child for whose have subscribed as follows, towards carry- murder Isabel Johnston was tried and xx. ing its purpose into effect:

quitted at the last Circuit Court, was found

drowned in the mouth of the river, on WedDr Johnstone

£.50 0

nesday last. He had manifested sympDr Thomson

10 10 toms of mental derangment for some tine Dr Davidson

50 0 past, and particularly since the execution of Dr Simpson

21 0 Cullen. Sir H. Moncreiff

26 5

The Senatus Academicus of the Marischal Mr Dickson, senr.

21 0 College of Aberdeen, hare conferred the Mr Bonar

10 10 degree of Doctor in Divinity on the Rever Dr Fleming

10 10 end Hugh Laird, minister of Portmoak, and Dr Buchanan

21 0 also on the Rev. Hugh Jamieson, minista Dr Duncan

10 10 of the Associate Congregation, and master Dr Campbell

10 10 of the academy at Linton, in the county of De Robertson

10 10 Haddington.


At a general meeting of proprietors of Alexander Henderson, Esq. Baron the London and Leith Old Shipping Com Bailie of Cannongate. pany, held in the Exchange Coffeehouse, Andrew Dickson, Esq. Baron Bailie of Edinburgh, on Monday 25th inst. the fol Easter and Wester Portsburgh. lowing gentlemen were elected 'office-bear. William Ramsay, Esq. Captain of the

Orange Colours.
J. Crawford, Esq. J. Anderson, Esq.
P. Hodge, Esq. W. Christie, Esq.

R. Hall, Esq.

J. Dudgeon, Esq. G. Carstairs, Esq. J. Ainslie, Esq.

(From the London Gazette. ) T. Thomson, Esq. W.T. Craigie, Esq. A, Anderson, Esq. * D. Gourlay, Esq.

Whitchall, Sept. 15. The Prince Regent Those marked thus

appointed Sir Rupert George, Bart. James are new Directors.

Bowen, Esq. the Honourable John Doug.
John Crawford, Esq. Chairman.
Patrick Hodge, Esq. Deputy,

las, John Harness, Doctor in Physic, the John Black, Manager, Leith : Hugh Forbes, Esq. to be his Majesty's Commis

Honourable Courtenay Boyle, and John Veitch, Secretary ; John Tait, Cashier; Andrew Lawrie & Co. Managers, Leith and

sioners for conducting the Transport SerBerwick Wharf, London ; Thomas Hay, Seamen, and for the care and custody of

vice, for the care of Sick and Wounded Agent, Edinburgh; and R. & J. Grieve,

Prisoners of War. Agents, Glasgow.

Charleton House, Oct. 5. This day the

Right Reverend William Lord Bishop of MAGISTRATES OE EDINBURGH.

London, was sworn a Member of the Most Right Hon. Johx MARJORIBANKS, Esq. Honourable Privy Council.

Younger of Lees, M. P. Lord Provost. Whitchall, Nov. 2. The Prince Regent William Trotter, Esq.

granted to Lieut.-Gen, Sir Thomas Picton, Robert Cockburn, Esq.

K. B. &c. permission to accept and wear

Bailies. Will. Gallaway, Esq.

the insignia of an Honorary Knight ComJohn Mill, Esq.

mander of the Royal Portuguese Military John Walker, Esq. Dean of Guild.

Order of the Tower and Sword, with which Archibald Mackinlay, Esq. Treasurer.

his Royal Highness the Prince Regent of William Creech, Esq. Old Provost. Portugal has been pleased to honour him. Niel Ryrie, Esq.

Nov. 6. The Prince Regent granted the Robert Johnston, Esq.

dignity of a Baronet of the united kingdom

Old Bailies. Alex. Henderson, Esq.

of Great Britain and Ireland, to the Right Andrew Dickson, Esq.

Hon. Sir Archibald Macdonald, Knt. late Kincaid Mackenzie, Esq. Old Dean of Lord Chief Baron in England, and to his Guild.

heirs inale.
George White, Esq. Old Treasurer and
College Treasurer.

William Ramsay, Esq.
Will. Arbuthnot, Esq.


Aug. 17. At Nassau, New Providence, William Waddel, Esq.

S Councillors.

the Lady of the Honourable Alexander MurMess. Will. Fraser, junior, Trades Coun. ray, a son. John Murray,

cillors. Sept. 26. At Dunvegan, Mrs Trotter, a James Law, Convener, William Armstrong,

28. At Harland, in Caithness, Mrs SinAndrew Wilson, OrdinaryCoun. clair Wemyss, younger of Southdun, a son John Aird,

cil Deacons. and heir. Thomas Thomson,

29. Mrs Stein, Corstorphine Hill, a James Denholm,

daughter. William Marshal,

At Clova, the Lady of Harry Niven Alexander Ritchie,

Lumsden, Esq. of Auchindoir, a daughter. William Kennedy,


Oct. 2. In Dundas Street, the Lady of John Ballantyne,

Colonel Robertson, of Hallcraig, a son.

Council DeaJohn Inglis,

The Lady of Rear-Admiral Scott, a Alexander Gray, John Stenhouse,

Mrs Gordon, of Milrig, a son. Alexander Lawrie,

At Cluny, Mrs Captain Robertson, a Robert Johnston, Esq. Admiral of Leith.

6. At St Boniface, in the isle of Wight,






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the Duchess of Bedford, a son, which lived 4 At Dunchattan, John Horrocks, Esą, only a few hours.

of Penwortham Lodge, Lancashire, to Mary 7. At Wanstead House, Mrs Long Wel- Scott, daughter of Charles Mackintosh, Esq. lesley, a son and heir.

At Arbroath, Mr John Broadfoot, 9. At Linlithgow, Mrs Liston, a daugh. merchant, 'Leith, to Miss Jean Airth, ter.

daughter of the late John Airth, Esq. mere At Ealder Bank West, the Lady of chant, Arbroath. William Brown, Esq. late of the iland of At Falkirk, James Walker, Esq. Nevis, a son and heir.

London, to Janet, eldest daughter of Mr 10. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Sir John Robert Cook, merchant, Falkirk. Heron Maxwell, of Springkell, Bart, a son. 5. At Forres, Henry Bridgewater, Esq.

Mrs Gordon, of Manar, a daughter. Grenada, to Miss Isabella Shaw, daughter 17. At High Wycombe, the Lady of Sir of the late James Shaw, of Muirtown. Howard Douglas, Bart. a son.

- At Glenevis, James Murray Grant, 18. At Craufurdland Castle, the Lady of Esq. of Glenmoriston, to Henrietta Camerca, William Howison Craufurd, Esq. a daugh. third daughter of the late Ewen Cameron, ter.

Esq. of Glenevis. 19. At North Merchiston, the Lady of At Edinburgh, Henry J. Stephen, Charles Cunningham, Esq. a daughter. Esq. Temple, London, to Miss M. N. At Erskine House, Lady Blantyre, a Morison, daughter of William Maxvell

Morison, Esq. At Maxpofile, Mrs Scott, younger of - At Edinburgh, James Hunt, Esq. a Raeburn, a son.

Pittencrieff, to Margaret, daughter of the 21. At Balnamoon, thc Lady of James late John Grieve, Esq. Ramsay Garden. Carnegy, Esq. of Balnamoon, a daughter. 7. At Kirkcaldy, Mr David Goodsir, at

22. At London, the Right Honourable countant, Bank of Scotland's Office, Stirling, Lady Harriet Drummond, a daughter. to Miss Mary Margaret Meldruri, eldest

23. At Redbourn Hall, Lincolnshire, the daughter of the deceased James Meldrum, Lady of the Right Honourable Lord Wil. of Pitteuchar, Esq. liam Beauclerk, a son.

11. William Dickson, Esq. Duntar, tə At Langley Farm, Kent, the Hon. Miss Deans, daughter of the late James Mrs Wedderburn, a son.

Deans, Esq. Prestonpans. 25. At Hilton, Fifeshire, the Lady of At Arbroath, John Stevenson, Ese Colonel Deas, a son.

M. D. to Ann, eldest daughter of the Rer. At Bonjedward house, Mrs Jordon, a John Cruiksbank, episcopal ciagyman in daughter.

Arbroath. 29. At Glasgow, Mrs Lawrence Hill, a At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Dickie, daughter.

merchant, Dumfries, to Miss Mary Welah, Nov. 3. At George's Square, Mrs Fol. daughter of George Welsh, Esq. St Patrick's bott Baugh, a daughter.

Square. Lately, At London, Mrs Davidson, (late 12. At Newtonlees, Captain Thomas Miss Duncan) of Drury Lane Theatre, a Haig's late of Calcutta, to Miss Wilson,

daughter of MrGrive Wilson, at Newtonlees

At Hilsborough, Captain Hartwell, MARRIAGES.

of the 6th dragoon guards, to Miss Harriet

Dickson, youngest daughter of the Arche July 1. At Buenos Ayres, Mr John deacon of Hilsborough. M.Niele, merchant, to Donna Pasqualla de 14. At Barnstoun Church, John Steenlas Talegas, with a fortune of 400,000 dol- son, Esq. 6th dragoon guards, to Catharine lars.

Isabella, only daughter of David Hay, Esq. Sept. 20. At Leith, Captain Patterson, of of the samo regiment. the Royal Artillery, to Miss Sophia Curry, 16. In Prince's Street, John Taylor, Esc. daughter of the late Roger Curry, Esq. to Miss Harriet Bunbury, second daughter Royal Navy, of Little Mampton, Sussex. of the late Abraham Bunbury, Esq. Captain

24. At Currie House, Robert Sayers, of the 62d foot. merchant, Edinburgh, to Margaret, second 18. At Edinburgh, H. Palmer, Esq. daughter of Walter Brown, Esq.

Lieutenant 75th regiment, to Miss Jane Oct. 2. At Stoke Newington, James Campbell, daughter of the late James Graham, Esq. advocate, to Miss Matilda Campbell

, Esq. of Foottie Green in the Robley of Stoke Newington.

county of Stirling. 4. At Hutchisontown, Robert Douglas, At Aberdeen, John Miller, Esq. Trie Esq. Honduras, to Margaret, daughter of nidad, to Miss Henderson, only daughter the late Mr Wilian Watson, at Abbotsinch. of the late Captain Henderson of Newton.

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19. At Glasgow, Mr John Bonnard, to 25. At Edinburgh, Mrs Marianne LiMargaret, fifth daughter of the deceased vingston, relict of James Cheape, Esq. late Alexander Murray, Esq. late of Ingleston. of Sauchie,

26. At Edinburgh, Gideon Henderson, At Dundee, the Rev. James Macewen, Esq. of Zetland, to Miss Margaret Gray, minister of the gospel there, in the 630 daughter of the late Captain Gray.

year of his age, and 34th of his ministry. 28. James Wedderburn, Esq. advocate, At Kilkerran, Sir Adam Fergusson to Isabella, daughter of the late James of Kilkerran, Bart. This venerable and reClerk, Esq.

spectable Baronet, whose death we formerly Nov. 2. Mr Andrew Allan, merchant, announced, was interred on Monday the Leith, to Ann, daughter of Mr Thomas 4th inst. in the family vault in Dally churchDrysdale, Howlaws, Berwickshire.

yard. He was in the 81st year of his age. Lately, At Chippin, Camden, the Hon. In public and private life, Sir Adam Fer. Thomas Eden, to Miss Ann Horsman, only gusson was distinguished by the qualities daughter and heiress of John Horsman, which constitute the character of a great Esq. late banker of Chipping Camden, and good man. In 1775, he commenced Gloucestershire.

his career of public duty as a pleader at the At Mugstot, of Skye, Alexander Scottish Bar, and made a conspicuous figure Macleod, Esq. of Borlin, to the amiable in the grand cause, the event of which seMiss Elizabeth Macdonald, only daughter cured the titles and estate of Sutherland to of Major Alexander Macdonald of Kishnirn. the illustrious Lady who at present inherits

At Bath, Martin Magnus Kelly, son these dignities. He repeatedly represented of the late Vice-Admiral Kelly, to Ann Ayrshire, his native county, in Parliament; Lindsay de Cardonnel, daughter of Adam and, as a scholar and a senator, maintained de Cardonnel Lawson, Esq. of Charton an eminent rank among the members of House.

that august assembly. When, in the de

cline of life, he withdrew from the bustle of DEATH8.

political warfare, and devoted his attention to

the improving and beautifying of his extenWhile superintending the repairing of the sive domains, he carried with him the ad. fortifications at Moscow, Major Anthony miration and esteem of all ranks. His con. Young, engineer, formerly a millwright at duct was uniformly marked by a scrupulous Newcastle, aged 54.

adherence to the performance of religious May 8. At the advanced age of 80, on duties; his piety was equally remote froin his estate of Gross Point, near Detroit, in blind enthusiasm and hollow ostentation. North America, the Honourable Alexander and he met his death, whose gradual apGrant, a member of his Majesty's Execu- proaches prepared him for the struggle, tive and Legislative Council of Upper Cana- with the fortitude of a man, and the comda, and for nearly half a century Commo. posed resignation of a Christian. He is dore of the fleet on Lake Erie. This excel. succeeded in his title and estate by his nelent man was of the Glenmoriston family in phew, now Sir James Pergusson. Invernesshire, and came to America in At Cheltenham, the Reverend Robert 1754, as Lieutenant in one of the Highland Young, D. D. minister of the Scots Church regiments.

at Londen Wall, in the 39th year of his Aug. 25. At sea, Lieutenant-Colonel age, much regretted by his friends and by Mackenzie, of the 41st regiment.

his congregation. Sept. 4. At sea, on a voyage to Madeire, 9. At Kirkbrachead, in the 980 year of Mr Alexander Shirref, youngest son of the her age, Mrs Alison Stuart, daughter of the Reverend Dr Shirref, one of the ministers late James Spittal, of Leuchat, and relict of of Aberdeen.

James Stuart, Esq. of Binend, formerly 5. At Cultoquhey, Mrs Christian Max. Lord Provost of Edinburgh. tone, wife of Dr Patrick Lindsay, and 10. At Edinburgh, Miss Ann Campbell, daughter of the deceased James Maxtone of of Lochdochart. Cultoqubtey, Esq.

At Dublin Street, Mrs Mary Dickson, 19. At Killochoan, Captain John Mac. relict of James Dunn, sometime of Alderdonald, of Glenmadale, a man whose up- ston. right character in public and private life At Edinburgh, Mrs Jane Wilson, always commanded respect and esteem, aged 34, wife of Mr Andrew Masson, draw. and whose death is most sincerely regretted ing-master. by all his friends and acquaintances.

At Drumshough, near Edinburgh, 22. At Arbroath, Lieutenant William William Stark, Esq. architect, whose many Geikie, of the Royal Navy.

virtues and amiable disposition endeared 24. At Aberdeen, Charles Bannerman, him to his family and friends, and whose Esq. advocate, aged 03.

profesional talents were acknowledged to

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his age.

be of the highest order. The noble build- the Royal Navy, eldest son of Thomas Rus-
ings with which he has adorned Glasgow, sel, Esq. of Rathen.
and other parts of the kingdoin, will bear 18. in Newcastle, aged 55, Mt 1sxx
lasting testimony to the originality of his Garner, printer, author of many poetical
genius, the solidity of his judgment, and pieces of considerable merit, which have ap-

the purity of his taste. His reputation, de peared in different newspapers ; among • servedly high in Scotland, was spreading so which are“ The Hind, or a Voyage ta

rapidly in England, that his death may just the West Indies.”—“The Splendid Guinca"
ly be considered a severe loss to the archi- -“ Sonnet to Rainbow."
tecture of Britain.

At Port Glasgow, John Cunningham,
11. At Pittkerro, Mrs Ann Ker, relict of Esq. merchant there, in the 76th year of
the late John Dick, Esq. of Pittkerro, in
the 85th year of her age.

At Catharine Street, John Mackenzie,
At Epsom, in the 928 year of his age, Esq. late of Jamaica, aged 67.
James Hamilton, Esq. deputy-keeper of his At Kelscot, near Southampton, Lieut.
Majesty's palace of Holyrood-house. Gen. Sir Harry Burrard.

At Edinburgh, Robert Kerr, Esq. 19. At Rhinie, in Ross-shire, Mrs Helen
member of the Royal College of surgeons, R. Cockburne, the Lady of William B
and Fellow of the Royal and Antiquarian Rose, Esq.
Societies of Edinburgh.

At Gartincaber, Miss Archibald Boyd 13. In consequence of a fall from his Robertson, of Lawers, daughter of the dehorse, near Gasstown, Mr Robert Dickson, ceased William Boyd Robertson, Esq. ef in Mouswald town-foot. He was return- Trochraig, and niece of the late General Roing from the Dumfries market, and it is bertson, of Lawers. supposed the horse fell, from which unfor- At Morcot, in Rutland, in the 85th tunate accident he lost his life.

year of her age, the Right Honourable La. At Peebles, Anne Willet Miller, dy Elizabeth Chaplin, sister to Brownlow, youngest daughter of John Anderson, of ninth Earl of Exeter, great aunt to the pre. Winterfield, Esq. aged 12 years.

sent Marquis of Exeter, and mother of 14. At Leith, Mr John Marshall, solicitor Charles Chaplin, Esq. M. P. at law, justly regretted.

22. At 51, George Street, Miss Blaw. At Restalrig, Mrs Mary Duncan, wife 25. At Dunblane, in the 68th year of her of Captain James Haldane Tait, Royal Navy. age, Mrs Elizabeth Colquhoun, vidov o

At Hartree, Andrew Douglas, Esq. the Reverend John Allan, late minister of

At Lochanbreck, John M.Michan, Row. Esq. of Balmae.

At Brompton, Lieutenant-Colonel 15. At Searbank, William Wallace, jun. Brook Harry Young, the second son of Sir Esq. writer in Dumfries.

William Young, Bart. aged 32. 16. At Aberdeen Captain John Russel, of

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12. prem.

Prices of Stocks.

Prices of Grain per quarter Cora Exchange


3 per cent.
1813. Stock. Omnium. Consols. 1813. Wheat. Barley. | Oats. Peaze.
Nov. 1. 2194 64 prem. 58

583 Nov. 1. 35 87 | 25 52 14 35 41 64
15. 219
64 prem.

8. 32 86 1 18 50 | 14 34 | 41 64
9% prem.

15. 40 88 18 18 34 50 63
29. 228


38 85 21 46 | 16 32 | 48 61

29. 40 84 | 22 44 17 30 48 62
Prices of Oat, Pcase, and Barley Meal, in
Edinburgh Market, per peck.

Prices of Grain at Haddiglos.
Pease and

Barley Meal.
1813. | Wheat. Barley. Oats.

| Pesse.
Bolls. | Price. Bolls. | Price.
Nov. 2. 518 20 19 60 17 60 | Oct. 9. 38 51 32 38 24 28 23 31

9. 560 18 17 70 17 16 Nov. 5. | 37 44 | 28 40 | 20 25 | 21 30
16. 428 19 18


12. 33 44 | 29 37 21 25 21 So 23. 520 19 18 70 16

19. 33 42 30 38 21 26 22 30. 560 18 17 88 16

26. 32 37 30 37 19 24 21 27 Errata,--in p. 127, col. 2. line 13, for 401. read 40s. P. 776. Sonnet to Handcl, line 7. for bounding saints, read bending saints.

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