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The death and St. MARK, 15. burial of Christ.

23 And they gave him to drink spunge full of vinegar, and put wine mingled with myrrh : but it on a reed, and gave him to he received it not.

drink, saying, Let alone; let 24 And when they had cruci- us see whether -li'-as' will fied him, they parted his gar- come to take him down. ments, casting lots upon them, 37 And Jē'-sús cried with a what every man should take. loud voice, and gave up the

25 And it was the third hour, ghost. and they crucified him.

38 And the veil of the temple 26 And the superscription of was rent in twain from the his accusation was written over, top to the bottom. THE KING OF THE JEWS. 39 T And when the centurion,

27 And with him they crucify which stood over against him, two thieves; the one on his saw that he so cried out, and right hand, and the other on gave up the ghost, he said, his left.

Truly this man was the Son 28 And the scripture was ful- of God. filled, which saith, And he was 40 There were also women numbered with the transgres- looking on afar off: among sors.

whom was Mâr'-ý Măg'-dă29 And they that passed by lēne, and Mâr'-ý the mother railed on him, wagging their of Jāmes the less and of Jõ’heads, and saying, Ah, thou sěs, and Să-lo'-mē; that destroyest the temple, and 41 (Who also, when he was buildest it in three days, in Găl'-1-léè, followed him, and

30 Save thyself, and come ministered unto him;) and many down from the cross.

other women which came up 31 Likewise also the chief with him unto Jě-rû'-să-lēm. priests mocking said among

42 | And now when the even themselves with the scribes, was come, because it was the He saved others; himself he preparation, that is, the day cannot save.

before the sabbath, 32 Let Chrīst the King of 43 J6-seph of Ir-In-8-theo-a, İs'-rā-ěl descend now from the an honourable counsellor, which cross, that we may see and be- also waited for the kingdom of Hove. And they that were cru- God, came, and went in boldly cified with him reviled him. unto Pi'-låte, and craved the

33 And when the sixth hour body of Jē'-sús. was come, there was darkness 44 And Pi'-låte marvelled if over the whole land until the he were already, dead : and ninth hour.

calling unto him the centurion, 34 And at the ninth hour Jē'- he asked him whether he had sús cried with a loud voice, say- been any while dead. ing, E'-lo-1, Ē'-10-1, lä'-mä să- 45 And when he knew it of băch'-thă-ní? which is, being the centurion, he gave the body interpreted, My God, my God, to Jõ’-sèph. why hast thou forsaken me? 46° And he bought fine linen,

35 And some of them that and took him down, and wrapstood by, when they heard it, ped him in the linen, and laid said, Behold, he calleth E-li-ás. him in a sepulchre which was 36 And one ran and filled a hewn out of a rock, and rolled

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in Christ's resurrection St. MARK, 16.

and ascension. nu a stone unto the door of the week, he appeared first to Mâr-ý sepulchre.

Măg'-dă-lēne, out of whom he. 47 And Mâr'-ý Măg'-dă-lēne had cast seven devils. I and Mâr'-ý the mother of Jo'- 10 And she went and told sės beheld where he was laid. them that had been with him,

as they mourned and wept. CHAPTER 16.

11 And they, when they had

heard that he was alive, and (ND when the sabbath was had been seen of her, believed A past, Mâr'-ý Măg'-dă-lēne, not. and Mâr'-y the mother of 12 | After that he appeared in 1. Jāmes, and Să-lo'-mē, had another form unto two of them,

bought sweet spices, that they as they walked, and went into ni might come and anoint him.

the country. 2 And very early in the morn- 13 And they went and told it ing the first day of the week, unto the residue: neither bethey came unto the sepulchre lieved they them. at the rising of the sun.

14 | Afterward he appeared 3 And they said among them- unto the eleven as they sat at selves, Who shall roll us away meat, and upbraided them with the stone from the door of the their unbelief and hardness of sepulchre ?

heart, because they believed 4 And when they looked, they not them which had seen him saw that the stone was rolled after he was risen. away: for it was very great. 15 And he said unto them, Go

5 And entering into the se- ye into all the world, and preach pulchre, they saw a young inan the gospel to every creature. sitting on the right side, clothed 16 He that believeth and is in a long white garment; and baptized shall be saved ; but they were affrighted.

he that believeth not shall be 6 And he saith unto them, Be damned. not affrighted: Ye seek Jē'-sús 17 And these signs shall follow of Năz-ă-rěth, which was cruci- them that believe; In my name fied : he is risen; he is not shall they cast out devils; they here : behold the place where shall speak with new tongues ; they laid him.

18 They shall take up ser7 But go your way, tell his pents; and if they drink any disciples and Pē'-těr that he deadly thing, it shall not hurt goeth before you into Găl-1-lée : them; they shall lay hands on there shall ye see him, as he the sick, and they shall recover,

19 T So then after the Lord 8 And they went out quickly, had spoken unto them, he was and fled from the sepulchre ; received up into heaven, and for they trembled and were sat on the right hand of God. amazed : neither said they any 20 And they went forth, and thing to any man; for they were preached every where, the Lord afraid.

working with them, and con9 1 Now when JēP-sús was firming the word with signs folrisen early the first day of the lowing. Ä'-měn.

said unto you.



10 And the whole multitude CHAPTER 1.

of the people were praying

without at the time of incense. TORASMUCH as many have 11 And there appeared unto in order a declaration of those ing on the right side of the things which are most surely altar of incense. believed among us,

12 And when Zắch-à-ri -às saw 2 Even as they delivered them him, he was troubled, and fear unto us, which from the begin- fell upon him. ning were eyewitnesses, and 13 But the angel said unto ministers of the word ;

him, Fear not, Zăch-ă-ri'-as : 3 It seemed good to me also, for thy prayer is heard ; and having had perfect understand- thy wife E-lise-běth shall bear ing of all things from the very thee a son, and thou shalt call first, to write unto_thee in his name John. order, most excellent Thē-oph'- 14. And thou shalt have joy 1-lūs,

and gladness; and many shall 4 That thou mightest know rejoice at his birth. the certainty of those things, 15 For he shall be great in wherein thou hast been in the sight of the Lord, and shall structed.

drink neither wine nor strong 59

WHERE was in the days drink; and he shall be filled of Jû-dæ'-ă, a certain priest his mother's womb. named Zăch-à-ri'-ás, of the 16 And many of the children course of Ă-bi-ă : and his wife of Ís’-rā-ěl shåll he turn to the was of the daughters of Aâ'ron, Lord their God. and her name was E-liséă-běīh. 17 And he shall go before him

6 And they were both right- in the spirit and power of eous before God, walking in all E-li’-as, to turn the hearts of the commandments and ordi- the fathers to the children, and nances of the Lord blameless. the disobedient to the wisdom

7 And they had no child, of the just; to make ready a because that E-lis'-=-běth was people prepared for the Lord. barren, and they both were 18 And Zăch-à-ri'-as said unto now well stricken in years. the angel, Whereby shall I know

8 And it came to pass, that this ? for I am an old man, and while he executed the priest's my wife well stricken in years. office before God in the order 19 And the angel answering of his course,

said unto him, I am Gā'-bri-ěl, 9 According to the custom of that stand in the presence of the priest's office, his lot was God; and am sent to speak to burn incense when he went unto thee, and to shew thee into the temple of the Lord. these glad tidings.


The salutation ST. LUKE, 1.

of Mary. 20 And, behold, thou shalt be bring forth a son, and shalt dumb, and not able to speak, call his name JĒ”-ŠUS. until the day that these things 32 He shall be great, and shall shall be performed, because be called the Son of the Highthou believest not my words, est: and the Lord God shall which shall be fulfilled in their give unto him the throne of his

father Dā'-vựd : 21 And the people waited for 33 And he shall reign over the Zách -ă - rī'-ăs, and marvelled house of Jā'-cob for ever; and that he tarried so long in the of his kingdom there shall be temple.

no end. 22 And when he came out, he 34 Then said Mâr'-y unto the could not speak unto them : angel, How shall this be, seeing and they perceived that he had I know not a man? seen a vision in the temple : 35 And the angel answered for he beckoned unto them, and said unto her, The Holy and remained speechless. Ghost shall come upon thee,

23 And it came to pass, that, and the power of the Highest as soon as the days of his mi- shall overshadow thee: therenistration were accomplished, fore also that holy thing which he departed to his own house. shall be born of thee shall be

24 And after those days his called the Son of God. wife E-liš'-=-běth conceived, 36. And, behold, thy cousin and hid herself five months, Ē-lis”-ě-běth, she hath also consaying,

ceived a son in her old age : and 25 Thus hath the Lord dealt this is the sixth month with with me in the days wherein her, who was called barren. he looked on me, to take away 37 For with God nothing shall my reproach among men. be impossible.

26 And in the sixth month 38 And Mâr'-ý said, Behold the angel Gā'-brì-ěl was sent the handmaid of the Lord ; be from God unto a city of Găl- it unto me according to thy 1-léè, named Năz'-:-rěth, word. And the angel departed

27 To a virgin espoused to a from her. man whose name was Jõ'-seph, 39 And Mâr'-y arose in those of the house of Dā'-vỉd ; and days, and went into the hill the virgin's name was Mâr'-ý. country with haste, into a city

28 And the angel came in un- of Jû'-dă; to her, and said,

Hail, thou that - 40 And entered into the house art highly favoured, the Lord of Zăch-=-ri'-ěs, and saluted is with thee: blessed art thou Ē-lis'-=-běth. among women.

41 And it came to pass, that, 29 And when she saw him, when E-lis'-=-běth heard the she was troubled at his saying, salutation of Mâr'-ý, the babe and cast in her mind what man- leaped in her womb; and Ē-lisner of salutation this should be. ă-běth was filled with the Holy

30 And the angel said unto Ghost: her, Fear not, Mâr'-ý: for thou 42 And she spake out with hast found favour with God. a loud voice, and said, Blessed

31 And, behold, thou shalt art thou among women, and conceive in thy womb, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. The song of Mary. ST. LUKE, 1. The prophecy

43 And whence is this to me, had shewed great mercy upon that the mother of my Lord her; and they rejoiced with should come to me?

her. 44 For, lo, as soon as the voice 59 And it came to pass, that of thy salutation sounded in on the eighth day they came mine ears, the babe leaped in to circumcise the child ; and my womb for joy.

they called him Zăch-a-ri-ăs, 45 And blessed is she that after the name of his father. believed: for there shall be a 60 And his mother answered performance of those things and said, Not so; but he shall which were told her from the be called Jõhn. Lord.

61 And they said unto her, 46 And Mâr'-ý said, My soul There is none of thy kindred doth magnify the Lord, that is called by this name.

47 And my spirit hath re- 62 And they made signs to his joiced in God my Saviour. father, how he would have him

48 For he hath regarded the called. low estate of his handmaiden: 63 And he asked for a writing for, behold, from henceforth table, and wrote, saying, His all generations shall call me name is John. And they marblessed.

velled all. 49 For he that is mighty hath 64 And his mouth was opened done to me great things; and immediately, and his tongue holy is his name.

loosed, and he spake, and prais50 And his mercy is on them ed God. that fear him from generation 65 And fear came on all that to generation.

dwelt round about them : and 51 He hath shewed strength all these sayings were noised with his arm; he hath scattered abroad throughout all the hill the proud in the imagination of country of Jû-dže'-ă. their hearts.

66 And all they that heard 52 He hath put down the them laid them up in their mighty from their seats, and hearts, saying, What manner exalted them of low degree. of child shall this be! And

53 He hath filled the hungry the hand of the Lord was with with good things; and the rich him. he hath sent empty away.

67 And his father Zăch-à-ri'-as 54 He hath holpen his ser- was filled with the Holy Ghost, vant İs'-rā-ěl, in remembrance and prophesied, saying, of his mercy ;

68 Blessed be the Lord God 55_As he spake to our fathers, of İs'-rā-ěl; for he hath visited to Āf-bră-hăm, and to his seed and redeemed his people, for ever.

69 And hath raised up an horn 56 And Mâr'-y abode with her of salvation for us in the house about three months, and return of his servant Dā'-vựd ; ed to her own house.

70 As he spake by the mouth 57 Now È-lis’-à-běth's full time of his holy prophets, which have came that she should be deliver- been since the world began:

and she brought forth a son. 71 That we should be saved 58 And her neighbours and from our enemies, and from her cousins heard how the Lord the hand of all that hate us;


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