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Ifrael. sends the Model of it to Destroys the Family of Urijah the Priest, who Abab, and all the Worsets it up in the Temple: Tippers of Baal, but deSacrifices his own Chil-parts not from the Idoladren. For these Impieties try of the golden Calves; he is deliver'd into the for which in his Time maPower of the King of ny Provinces are Asyria, who carries Cap- quered by the Syrians. tive a vast Number of u. Jehoahaz reigns People. His Kingdom wickedly 17 Years. is invaded by Pekah, 12. Jehoash 16 Years. who in one Battle kill'd Retakes the Cities con120,000, and captivated quered by the Syrians, as 200,000. Enters into an was promised by Elisha Alliance with the King of before his Death. Assyria, by which he be

13. Jeroboam the Second came greatly distressed.

41 Years. 12. Hezekiah 29 Years. 14. Zachariah is the Endeavours to reform fourth and last of Jehu's both Church and State. Race. He reigned over If Sennacherib besieges fe- rael 6 Months, is murrusalem, and sends a blal- der'd by Shallum. phemous Letter.

15. Shallum i Month. Upon Hezekiah's Pray- Is murder'd by Menahem. er he is assured by Isaiah 16. Menabem 10 Years. that the City should be 17. Pekaiah 2 Years. Is deliver'd: Which was not murder'd by Pekah, an Ofaccomplish'd by any hu- ficer in the Army, in his man Means ; for upon own Palace. Hezekiah's Prayer, an An- 18. Pekah 20 Years. gel destroys 185,000 of His Kingdom is invaded the Assyrian Army. by the Allyrians, who take

Hezekiah falling sick of many Provinces. He is a Pestilential Disease, is murder'd by Hofhea.


SI 2

19. Ho


Ifrael. affur'd of his Recovery,

19. Hofhea 9 Years. and that his Life should be prolonged 15 Years ; of which he had the Sign

Shalmanezer takes Saof the Sun's going back maria after a long Siege, 10 Degrees. The King and conquers the whole of Babylon sends Embal. Countrey, and carries asadors to congratulate him upon his Recovery and and thereby an End was

way the Israelites Captive, this Miracle ; to whom he Thews all his Treasures : Israel

, which had conti

put to the Kingdom of Whereupon Isaiah foretels that these Treasures and

nued 254 Years after the all his Family should be Separation from the King

dom of Judah. carried Captive to Baby- Under which Captivity lon, 13. Manasseb 55 Years. Tribes have remained a

and Dispersion the Ten By his Wickedness the

bove 2400 Years. People of Judah fall into worle Impieties than those of the Heathens whom the Lord had destroyed ;

Note, From the Revolt to this he adds the íed of the Ten Tribes, and ding of innocent Blood in setting up the Kingdom

of Israel, there are 19 great Abundance. The Divine Vengeance falls Kings in Succession, but upon him: Being taken of 10 different Families; Captive, is carried in Fet- most of these Kings were ters to Babylon; where ha

murdered by the Officers ving humbled himself, and of the Army, or their Serpraying to the Lord, he is restored to his Kingdom.

In the Kingdom of Ju14. Amon 2 Years,

dah there are 19 Kings Reigns very wickedly,and

from the Death of Solois murdered by his ser-men, all of the Royal line

of David. yants.


15. 70

Judah. 15. Josiab 31 Years. He endeavours to reform both Priests and People, repairs the Temple, destroys Idolatry, is slain in a Battle by the Egyptians.

In his Time lived Jeremiah and Zepbaniah.

16. Shallum or Jeboabaz 3 Months. Is carried into Egypt, where he dies.

17. Eliakim or Jeboiakim 11 Years. He was carried Captive to Babylon, from which the seventy Years of the Captivity are reckoned.

18. Jehoiachin called also Koniah and J econias, 3 Months.

19. Zedekiah 11 Years. The Kingdom is given him by Nebuchadnezzar, from whom he revolts in Violation of his Oath.

After a long Siege Jerusalem is taken by the Chalde ans. Zedekiab's Eyes being put out, is carried in Chains to Babylon.

This Captivity happened 468 Years after the Beginning of David's Reign, 388 Years after the Revolt of the Ten Tribes, and 134 Years after the Captivity of the Ten Tribes.

After seventy Years, the Jews are restored by Cyrus, and are under the Government of

Nehemiah, and

The Temple is rebuilt, about 588 Years before the Coming of Jesus Christ the Messiah.

At the Time of our Saviour's Nativity, the Sceptre was departed from Judah, Herod an Edomite being their King, as was foretold.

The Romans take Jerusalem, the Temple is burnt. The whole Nation of the Jews have now continued about 1600 Years, dispersed over all the World, without King, Priest, Sacrifice, or Image, as was foretold by Moses and the Prophets.




1 Chron. xxix

. A Lord God of Ísrael our Father,

ND David said, Blessed be thou,

Israel , for ever and ever.

II. Thine, O Lord, is the Greatness, and the Power, and the Glory, and the Victory, and the Majesty : for all that is in the Heaven, and in the Earth is chine; thine is the Kingdom, O Lord, and thou art exalted as Head above all.

12. Both Riches and Honour come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine Hand is Power and Might, and in thine Hand it is to make great, and to give Strength unto all.

15. For we are Strangers before thee, and Sojourners, as were all our Fathers, our Days on the Earth are as a Shadow, and there is none abiding.

Revel. xv. 3. And they sing the song of Moses, saying, Great and Marvellous are thy Works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy Ways, thou King of Saints.

4. Who Mall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy Name? For thou only art holy : for all Nations Mall come and worship before thee, for thy Judgments are made manifeft.

Rom. ii. 33. O the Depth of the Riches, both of the Wisdom and Knowledge of God, how unsearchable are bis Judgments, and his Ways past finding out.

36. For of him, and through him, and to him are all Things, to whom be Glory for ever. Amen.



7. a.

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dele ye.

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