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Donations and Annual Subscriptions are received by the Treasurer, T. F. BUXTON, Esq. M.P. Spitalfields, London; by the Members of the Committee, or at the following Bankers:-Messrs.Barclay, Tritton, & Co.54, Lombard Street; Drummond & Co. Charing Cross; Fry & Co, St. Mildred's Court; Gosling & Co. Fleet Street; Hoare, Barnetts, & Co.Lombard Street; and Smith, Payne, & Smiths, George Street, Mansion-house : also by Mr. A. O. Elliot, Clerk to the Committee, at the Society's Office, 18, Aldermanbury;

and by the Collector, Mr. W. Eddrup, 51, Houndsditch, London.

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Page Essex-Chelmsford County Gaol

22 Halsted County Bridewell

22 Barking County Bridewell

23 GLOUCESTERSHIRE—Gloucester County Gaol and Penitentiary 24 Horsley County House of Correction

24 Northleach County House of Correction

25 Littledean County House of Correction

26 Lawford's Gate County House of Correction - 27 1 Gloucester City Gaol

28 HAMPSHIRE–Winchester County Gaol

29 County House of Correction

31 - City Gaol

34 Southampton Common Gaol

34 Bridewell

35 Basingstoke Town Gaol

36 Portsmouth Borough Gaol and Bridewell 37 Newport, Isle of Wight, Common Gaol and

Bridewell HEREFORDSHIRE-Hereford County Gaol

39 HERTFORDSHIRE-Hertford County Gaol and House of Correction

40 KENT—Maidstone County Gaol and House of Correction 40 Canterbury City Gaol

43 Rochester City Gaol

43 LANCASITIRE-Lancaster Castle County Gaol '

Liverpool, Kirkdale County House of Correction 46
Manchester New Bailey
Preston County House of Correction

47 LEICESTERSHIRE—Leicester County Gaol

48 Leicester Borough Gaol

49 LINCOLNSHIRE—Lincoln Castle County Gaol

49 Folkingham County House of Correction 49 Louth County House of Correction

50 Kirton and Skirbeck County House of Correction 51




Page MIDDLESEX-Newgate

51 Giltspur Street Prison

55 Cold-bath Fields County House of Correction 56 New Prison Clerkenwell

57 Westminster, Tothill-fields Bridewell

58 Milbank General Penitentiary

60 MONMOUTHSHIRE-Uske County House of Correction 80 NORFOLK - Norwich Castle County Gaol

80 City Gaol

80 Aylsham County Bridewell

81 Wymondham County Bridewell

81 Yarmouth Town Gaol,

83 Bridewell NORTHAMPTONSHIRE—Northampton County Gaol

85 NORTHUMBERLAND-Morpeth County Gaol

86 * Alnwick County House of Correction

86 Berwick-upon-Tweed Borough Gaol

87 Newcastle Common Gaol

89 House of Correction

90 NOTTINGHAMSHIRE--Nottingham County Gaol

90 Southwell County House of Correction

91 Nottingham Town Gaol

91 Bridewell

91 OXFORDSHIRE-Oxford County Gaol

92 Oxford City Gaol and Bridewell

93 SAROPSHIRE-Shrewsbury County Gaol and House of Cor

rection SOMERSETSHIRE-Ilchester County Gaol and House of Correction

95 Shepton Mallet County House of Correetion 96 Wilton County Bridewell

98 STAFFORDSHIRE-Stafford County Gaol and House of Correction

100 SUFFOLK-Bury County Gaol

102 Ipswich County Gaol and House of Correction 104

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