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As I am not a member of any community, no society can answer for my irregular conduct; neither do I wish to apologize to the world for my procedure; as I believe the Lord is my Shepherd, and Bishop of my soul.

Duty to my Maker, excites me to faithfulness, knowing that life is the time to work for God; that I may be counted worthy to reign with the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, in "the city of the Living God, the Heavenly Jerusalem."

Many saints of God have gone home to Glory, in my day; and I am sure to follow them, continuing "Steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord;" for Paul saith, " Forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord."

I have been also enabled to pay my own expenses many times, at Inns, by printing, where a door of entrance is not found among the various professing Christians of this day; because evil reports are believed of me sooner than good, owing to the declension that I see among all denominations for it appears that vital piety is very low, from the spirit of the world which captivates so many professors.

It is almost eighteen years since I became a citizen of the world; travelling up and down, here and there, for the benefit of my fellow creatures, whom I feel allied unto by the sacred ties of God, and our Lord Jesus Christ, whom I believe is able to save all who will come to Him, and trust in His Redeeming Love and Mercy.

Forty years have rolled into eternity, since I bore the name of Christian, or in other words, witnessed the remission of sin, through the Name of Jesus: for He hath proved a Sovereign Balm for every wound; a cordial for my fears.

Were it possible to settle now, I feel a disposition to indulge my friends, and also free myself from fatigue, and a complicated scene of distress, which I experience in crossing the seas, and going from nation to nation, and cities, towns, and villages around; but my Master Jesus leadeth me forth by the depth of His knowledge, to gather souls for his Kingdom; and who dare to say to Him, What dost Thou? or, Whither goest Thou?

Into His Hands I commit this work, as well as unto the press; praying that His blessing may crown the same, and send it to the heart of every reader, clothed with divine power.

I have already witnessed the liberality of many persons, who have a name among various sects; but, many of those are gone from works to rewards; therefore my gratitude to them is useless in one sense; yet I would not forget their kind treatment, sympathy, love, and mercy, when they found me in a strange land, and imparted to me from the Lord's bounty to them.

In crossing the Atlantic seven times, God has been my Supporter, Preserver, and Deliverer, therefore I desire all to follow on to believe in Him, that they may experience

His boundless Love also, and know He is their Father by the Spirit of adoption.

As many have lent me their helping hand, in the time of extremity, so many have tried to degrade me by propagating falsehoods to my disadvantage: but, I have looked upon them as being duped by satan, and could say with my Master Jesus, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do!"


I sum up the whole by saying, should this be the means of assisting any one to serve the Lord better, give Him the thanks for He is the guide of my life; and hath directed my pen to speak forth His praise, to honour Him in my day and generation, which is almost past away: for I have dwelt in this state of mutability fifty-two years; and am waiting for my change to come. It is good for me to be here: "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."


New York, 18th of 7th Month, 1819..






BEFORE I was born, my father was priest,
And built to Christ Jesus, a house for the least,
To worship Jehovah, the True Living God,
Who gave us His favour, and Shed forth His Blood.


The Fountain is open, for and for me,
That word it is spoken, and always will be,
While sinners are living, in flesh on this earth,
And Jesus is praying, and giving them birth.

My father gave me to his Gracious God,
From sin for to save, through His precious Blood,
Design'd me a preacher, before I was born,
And set me a teacher, to blow David's horn.

At two, three years old, I then learnt to say,
Being then thus bold, "Lord, teach me to pray
With tears, and with sighing, again I did come,
While Christ I kept eyeing, as there is yet room,


years rolled o'er, but still I did cry,
The Saviour has bore my sins, and did die ;
Resolv❜d to find Jesus, I sought Him around,
And hated old Demas, when bow'd on the ground

Eight years pass'd away, no better was I;
Then Apollyon did say, I'll fight thee or die;
My soul then replied, I will not serve thee;
Death, hell, I defied, and Jesus did see;

Who told me He came, my soul for to buy,
As I was made lame, and could not then fly;
He offered me wages, to come unto Him,
And died for sages, and my inbred sin.

But satan had fire, and darkness behind,
Alas for this hire! whoever doth find,
Their feet in great Bab'lon, his towering height,
And for old Apollyon, determin'd to fight.

Ten years rolled round, and pass'd swift away;
While I was yet bound, and never saw day,
My burden was greater, I fell to the earth;
And death it was sweeter, than my very birth.

At twelve full years old, I bowed down my head,
And so then they told, "She now is lay dead!"
I ceased then breathing, my body was clay,
My pulse never beating, half hour past away.

The spirit was fled, to Calvary's cross,
My soul it was dead, and knew the great loss;
But Jesus was bleeding, for sinners like I,
And God He was leading my soul to the sky.

Astonish'd I gazed, on the Mount of God,
When I also rais'd, and kissed the rod;
His blood then was streaming, to my naked eye,
Which oft had been teeming for sinners that die.

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