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John at Home. By Stanley Herbert Three Colt on Revolving Chambered-breech Fire vols. ll. lls. 6d.

Arms. 2s. 6d. Christine von Amberg. By the Countess *Adams' Parliamentary Handbook. 4s. D'Arbouville. ls.

The Religion of Geology and its Connected Audrey. By Miss Laura Jewry. Three vols. Sciences. By Edward Hitchcock. 2s. 11. 11s. 6d.

Characteristics of the Duke of Wellington *Christie Johnstone. By Charles Reade. apart from his Military Talents. By 10s. 6d.

Earl De Grey. 6s.
Mary, a Daughter of the English Peasantry. The Old House by the River. 7s. 6d.

By H. B. Hall. Three vols. ll. 11s. 6d. Bipeds and Quadrupeds. By Harry Hieover Agnes Maynard ; or, Day Dreams and Reali 4s. ties. 10s. 6d.

The Story of Mont Blanc. By Albert Smith. The Provocations of Madame Palissy. By the 10s. 6d.

Author of “ Mary Powell.” 7s. 6d *Naturalist in Devonshire. By Philip F. Gosse. Charles Anchester, a Memorial. Three vols.

11. ls. ll. 11s. 6d.

Facts and Fantasies. By Henry Spicer. 2s. *Tanglewood Tales, for Girls and Boys. By *On the Lessons in Proverbs. By R. C. French. Nathaniel Hawthorne. 7s.

3s. *Rosa St. Orme, and other Tales. By Mrs.

Locke. 10s. 6d. * Herbert Anneslie, a Reminiscence. By F. Craven Fowle. 108. 6d.

LIVRES FRANÇAIS. Castle St. Laure. Two vols. 16s. *Percy Effingham; or, The Germ of the La Dame aux Perles. Par Alex, Dumas fils.

World's Esteem.
ors Estoom By Henry Cockton
By Henry Cockton.,

Three vols. 7s. 6d.
Two vols. 78.

Mademoiselle de Cardonne. Par A. De GonConfidence. By Elizabeth A. Gee. Three drecourt. Two vols. 8s. vols. 11. lls. 6d.

Mémoires de Madame de Longueville. Par

Victor Cousin. 7s, 6d.

*Graziella. Par A. de Lamartine. 2s. POETRY.

Derniers Portraits Littéraires. Par C. A.

Ste Beuve. Poems. By Archer Gurney.

L'Insurrection en Chine. Par M. M. Callery Calmstorm the Reformer.

et Ivan. 58. St. George. By H. Jennings.

De l'Amour. Par H. B. Stendhal; avec une

Etude sur Stendhal, par P. Limayrac.

*Le Foyer Breton. Par E. Souvestre. Two MISCELLANEOUS.

*Le Guetteur de Cardouan. Par P. Foucher. The Marine Botanist. By Isabella Gifford. Two vols. 7s.6d.

* La Marquise de Norville. Par E. Berthet Outlines of Mental and Moral Science.

Two vols. The Homeric Dialect.

* Les Viveurs de ParisUn Roí de la Mode The British Jews. By the Rev. John Mill. Par Xavier de Montépin, Two pols.


W. N. Watts, Crown Court, Temple Bar.


Administration of Justice in Southern India. By John

Bruce Norton, Esq., 347.
Administration of the East-India Company; a History

of Indian Progress, 347.
Adventures of a Lady in Tartary, Thibet, China, and

Kashmir, 488.
A few more words on India, 474.
Africa, recent discoveries in-Narrative of a Mission

to Central Africa, 326–Eighteen Years on the Gold
Coast of Africa, 332—Narrative of an Explorer in

South Africa, 335.
African Colonization, Lectures on, 274.
Age of Queen Anne, Mr. Thackeray and the–The Lady

Castlewood, 11 - The Fault - The Return, 12 —
Beatrix-Why do we fall in love-Mr. Thackeray's

idea of Lord Boling broke, 14.
Alexis (W.), Ruhe ist erste Burgerpflicht oder Vor

Fünfzig Jahren, 425.
Alison (Šir Archibald), Whim-whams and opinions

of, 34.
Allen (N.), Opium Trade, 347.
Amabel. By Miss Wormeley, 248. .
Amaranth, Von Oskar von Redwitz, 125.
American-Indian Life and Character, Traits of, 376.
Analytical Digest of all the Reported Cases decided

in the Supreme Courts in India, 102.
An Act to provide for the Government of India, 20th

August 1853, 474.
Anarchy of Thraldom, 175.
Another Smatterer in Orientalism, 205.
Ansyreeh and Ismaeleeh (The) ; a Visit to the Se-

cret Sects of Northern Syria, with a View to the esta-

blishment of Schools, 488.
Apology for Sir Hudson Lowe, 453.
Apostles' Creed, Exposition of, 101.
Arami, Cathal More; or Self-love and Self-control, 81.
Are we bound by our Treaties? a Plea for the Princes

of India. By John Sullivan, Esq., 175.
Arden (J.), Orations of Hyperides, 364.
Aubrey Conyers, 403.
Audrey, 534.
Austin (W. S.), Lives of the Poets-Laureate, 509.
Australia visited and re-visited, 366.
Australian and Californian Gold Discoveries, and their

probable consequences. By P. J. Stirling, 143.
Austria in 1848-49—Metternicb, 107-Görgey-Kos-

suth, 108
Autobiography of an English Soldier in the United-

States' Army, 231.
Baillie (N. B. É ), Land Tax of India, 347.
Baird (J. S.), The Homeric Dialect, 507.
Banister (T.), Australia Visited and Revisited, 366.
Barker (William Burckhardt), Lares and Penates, or

Cilicia and its Governors, 205.

Baroda and Bombay, their Political Morality, &c., 347.
Baroda Intrigues and Bombay Khutput. By Lieut.-

Col. Outram, 347.
Bandinell (James), Milton Davenant, 79.
Bases of Belief. By Edward M. all, 262
Basil; a Story of Modern Life. By W. Wilkie Collins

-The Proud Man- Preternatural Sympatby, 94—
The Mysterious Man - The fatal discovery- The

Denunciation, 95-Ralph Loquitur, 96.
Bauer (Bruno), Russland und das Germanethum, 423.
Bavaria, Chamois bunting in the Mountains of, 317.
Bayonet Exercise, a complete system of, 262.
Beauchesne (M. A. de), Louis XVII., sa Vie, son Agonie,

sa Mort, 116.
Becket, Thomas a; by Patrick Scott, 397.
Bell (Currer), Villette 237.
Belletristische Schriften, 282.
Bethlehem Hospital, Report of the Commissioners in

Lunacy on the subject of, 268.
Bigsby (R.), Ombo, 397.
Bilder und Geschichten aus dem Schwäbischen Leben,

Bill to provide for the Government of India, 347.
Biographers of Mobammad, 200.
Birth of the War God. By Ralph J. H. Griffith,

Blackader (R. B.), English Bible, newly divided into

paragraphs, &c., 397.
Blanche Mortimer, 259.
Bombay Briberies; a Tale of the present Charter. By

Indus, 175, 351.
Boner (C.), Chamois Hunting in the Mountains of Ba-

varia, 317.
Bouquet, culled from Marylebone Gardens, 258, 541.
Bowman (Anne), Travels of Rolando, 403.
Bride Elect (The) - A Beau of the Old School—The

Polka, 83— Love in a Cottage—The Lover accepted,
84-Mistaken Motives—The Eclaircissement, 85.
British Jews, 493.
Brodhead (J. R.), History of the State of New York, 271.
Browne (R. W.), History of Roman Classical Litera-

ture, 500.
Brownson (0. A.), Essays and Reviews, chiefly on Theo-

logy, Politics and Socialism, 109.
Buckingbam's (the Duke of), Memoirs of the Court and

Cabinet of George III., 157.
Buckingham (J. S.), Plan for the future Government

of India, 474.
Bulwer Novels, The Caxton-My Novel, 160.
Bunbury (S.), Life in Sweden, 491.
Burke (Peter), Romance of the Forum, 96.
Burmese War (1'he Second), 263.
Burton (Lieut. R. F.), Complete System of Bayonet
Exercise, 262.

Busk (G.),Quarterly Journal of Microscopic Science, 396. Mission to Central Africa-Eighteen Years on the
Bunsen (C. C. Josias, D.C.L.), Hippolytus and his Gold Coast, 333–Narrative of an Explorer in South
Age, 102.

Africa, 335.
Californié. Par Alexandre Dumas, 276.

Discoveries in Egypt, Ethiopia, and the Peninsula of
Callery and Ivan, L'Insurrection en Chine depuis son Sinai. By Dr. Richard Lepsius, 18.
origine jusqu'a la prise de Nankin, 465.

Discussions on Philosophy and Literature-Education
Calmstorm, the Reformer, 534.

and University Reform. by Sir William Hamilton,
Cameron (C. H.), Address to Parliament on the Duties 104.
of Great Britain to India.

Distribution of Gold throughout the World (Notes on
Campbell (George), A Scheme for the Government of the). By James Wyld, 143.
India, 175.

Dods (J B.), Philosophy of Electrical Psychology, 297.
Carus (C. G.), Symbolik der Menschlichen Gestalt, 554. Dragone ('l'he) of Oxforde, and St. George of St. Ste-
Caswall (Rev. H.), Scotland and the Scottish Church, venes, 397.

Drake (Francis), Memoir of a Metaphysician, 233.
Cathal More, or Self-Love, and Self-Control. By Dreamers (The School for). By J. Gwynne—The Old
Arami, 81.

Soldier — The Democratic Young Lady, 241 –
Caxtons (The). By Sir E. Bulwer Lytton, Bart. 161. L'Homme comme il faut-Un homme à fuir, 242-
Cayley (G. J.), Las Alforjas, 372.

The Dream-An Enviable Ménage--Spirit Break-
Chamois Stalking and Buffalo Hunting -Chamois Hunt- ing, 244—The First born–The last sad scene, 245.

ing in the Mountains of Bavaria-Solitary Rambles Dubourg (G.) The Violin, 105.

and Adventures of a Hunter in the Prairies, 317. Dumas (A.), 'Isaac Laquedem, 415.
Chapman (J.), Baroda and Bombay, 347.

Californié, 276.
Charles (C. M.), Claverston, 253.

- Mémoires de, 410.
Charles Delmer; a Story of the Day, 521.

-- La Dame aux Perles, 547.
Chevalier on the Production of the Precious Metals, 143. Dyce (A.) A Few Notes on Shakespeare, 401.
Chevalier D'Estagnol, 417.

Ecclesiography. By John G. Manby, 101.
Christianity in China, 465.

Educational Franchise (The), 540.
Christine van Amberg, 533.

Eighteen Years on the Gold Coast of Africa. By
Christmas at the Hall. By T. J. Terrington, 399.

Brodie Cruickshank, 326–Mistaken Notions of Chris-
Christy (D), Lectures on African Colonization, 274. tianity, 333–African Litigation, 334.
Churchill (Col.), Mount Lehanon, 485.

Einleitung in die Geschichte des 19ten Jahrhunderts,
Cilician Potsherds (The), 339.

Claverston, A Tale. By C. Mitchell Charles, 253. Electra ; a Story of Modern Times, 524.
Coalition Cabinets (The two), 157.

Ellet (Mrs), Pioneer women of the West, 273.
Cobden and his Pamphlet considered, 267.

Eminent Charcters of the English Revolutionary Period.
Collins (W. Wilkie), Basil ; a Story of Modern Life, 94. By Edwin Owen Jones – Cromwell's Remains –
Collier (J. P.) Notes and Emendations on Shakespeare, Defoe in the Pillory, 232.

English Bible (The), containing the Old and New Tes.
Colonial Policy of Lord J. Rissell's, Administration, 197. taments, according to the authorised version, newly
Colonel (The); a Story of Fashionable Life, 530.

divided into paragraphs, &c. By R. B. Blackader,
Common-Place Story, 259.
Confessions d'un Ouvrier - Les derniers Paysans - English Revolutionary Period (Eminent Characters of

Scènes de la Chouannerie-Chroniques de la Mer the), 232.
Scènes de la Vie intime les Clairiéres — Dans la Erich, Patmakbanda, 426.
Prairie. Par Emile Souvestre, 121.

Essay on the Action of Medicine in the System. By
Contes et Nouvelles. Par Leon Gozlan, 124.

F.'w. Headland, 98.
Count Arensberg; or the Days of Martin Luther, 530. Essays and Reviews, chiefly on Theology, Politics, and
Cousin (Victor), Madame de Longueville, 549.

Socialism. By 0. A. Brownson, LL.D., 109.
Critical History of the Language and Literature of Etudes sur le droit civil des Hindus. Par E. Gibelin,
Ancient Greec', 360.

Crowe (E. E.), The Greek and the Turk, 458.

Eugen Stillfried, 285.
Cruickshank (B.), Eighteen Years on the Gold Coast of Expedition to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake of
Africa, 326.

Utah, with an authentic account of the Mormon Set-
Cunningham (J.), History of the Sikhs, 457.

tlement. By Howard Stansbury, 111.
Cyrilla, 389.

Exposition of the Laws relating to the Women of Eng.
D'Arbouville (Countess), Christine van Amberg, 533. land, 255.
Davis (H. W.), The War with Ormuzd and Abriman in Exposition of the Apostles' Creed. By Bishop Ken, 101.
the Nineteenth century, 272.

Falsifications of Food, 24.
Bréval (J.), Mazzini, judged by himself and his coun. Faucher (M. Leon), On the Production of Precious
trymen, 404.

Metals, 143.
De Neuf heures à Minuit. Par Leon Gozlan, 124. Faudras (Marquis de), Chevalier D'Estagnol, 417.
Dean's Daughter (The); or the Days we Live in. By Fern Leaves from Fanny's Portfolio, 542.
Mrs. Gore-A Clergyman's Opinion, 246-A Legal First Lieutenant's Story. By Lady Catherine Long,
Opinion, 247—The New Toady of our Day, 248.

Demidoff (M.A.), Travels in Southern Russia and the Forbes (J.), Memorandums made in Ireland, 373.
Crimea, 377.

Foster (Mrs. W.), Lady Marion, 530.
Dens of London-Note and Narratives of a Six Years Forster (Rev. Charles), The Primeval Language, 17.
Mission among, 405.

Forsyth (W.) Apology for Sir Hudson Lowe, 453.
Derwent (Sir Frederick), 387.

Fortnight in Ireland. By Sir Francis B. Head, Bart.
Dickens-Eine Charackteristik. Von Julian Schmidt, -The Vice-President, 60—A Cab-driver on Evictions

- The Second Reformation, 61-An Emigrant Ship,
Dictionary (A) of Scientific Terms. By Richard D. 62.
Hoblyn, 106.

Fox (Charles James), Memorials and Correspondence
Die Könige. Von Dr. H. Fr. W. Hinrichs, 129.

. w Bineiche 109

of. 338.
Discoveries (Recent) in Africa, 326—Narrative of a Frà Dolcino and his Times. By L. Mariotti, 229.


France and Italy (A Tour of Inquiry through). By Coleridge-Coronation Anecdote, 449-Charles Fox
Edmund Spencer, Esq., 265.

in a Duel, 450_Lord John Russell-The Statesman
Franconia (A Historical Tour in). By Charles Taylor, and the Artist-Lord Brougham, the Duke of Sussex,

Lord Plunkett, Daniel O'Connell, Lord Melbourne,
Franklin (Sir Jobn), a Summer Search for, with a Peep 454.

into the Polar Basin. By Commander E. A. Ingle- Hayman (Henry), Retail Mammon, 260.
field, 369.

Head (Sir Francis B.), A Fortnight in Ireland, 60.
Franklin Pierce (Life of). By Nathaniel Hawthorne, Headland (Frederick William), Essay on the Action of

Merlicines, 98.
Freedom, National ; Slavery, Sectional Speech of Heine (H), Les Dieux en Exil, 404, 550.
Hon. Charles Sumner, 112.

Hebert (Rev.C), Theological Colleges, 540.
Freiherrn (Dr.), Geschichte der französischen Revolu- Herbert (S.), John at Home, 527.

tion von Jahre 1818, bis zur Wiederherstellung des Hervey (Mrs ), Adventures in Tartary, Thibet, China,
Kaiserthums, 426.

and Kashmir, 488.
Frontier Lands of the Christian and the Turk ; com- Hinrichs (Dr. H. F. W. Von), Die Könige, 129.

prising Travels in the Regions of the Lower Danube Hints on Early Education ; addressed to Mothers, 404.
io 1850 and 1851, 370.

Hippolytus and his Age; or the Doctrine and Practice
Fuller (H. William). Rheumatism, &c., 99.

of the Church of Rome under Commodus and Alex.
Fuller (Margaret), Literature and Art, 110.

ander Severus ; and Ancient and Modern Christianity
Fullerton (Lady G.), Lady-bird, 168.

and Divinity Compared. By C. C. Josias Bunsen, 102
Fur Trader (A), Traits of American-Indian Life and Historical Tour in Franconia in the Summer of 1852—
Character, 376.

The origin of Lithography—Toys in Nuremberg-
G. D. P., Russian Turkey, 458.

Prison labour in Bavaria, 228.
Galton (F.), Narrative of an Explorer in South Africa, History of the State of New York. By John Romeyn

Brodhead, 271.
Gervinus (G.), Einleitung in die Geschichte des 19ten History (a Critical) of the Langnage and Literature of
Jahrhunderts, 283.

Ancient Greece. By William Mure, 360.
Geschichte der Deutschen National litteratur im History of the Insurrection in China, 465.
Neunzehnten Jahrhundert, 425.

History of the Sikhs, from the origin of the Nution to
Geschichte der Französischen Revolution vom Jahre battles of the Sutlej, 474.

1848 bis zur Wiederberstellung des Kaiserthums, 426. History of Roman Classical Literature, 500.
Gespräche mit Dämonen, 554.

History of the Church, for the Use of Children, 542.
Gibelin, Etudes sur le droit civil des Hindus, 23. Hoblyn (Richard D.), Dictionary of Scientific Terms,
Gifford (J.), Marine Aotanist, 538.

Godwin Rev. G.), The Philosophy of Atheism, 406. Hooper (Lieut. W. H.), Ten Months among the Tents
Goëthe's Opinions on the World, Mankind, Literature, of the Tuski, 491.

Science, and Art. By Otto Wenckstern, 395. Homeric Dialect (The), 507.
Gold Coast of Africa (Eighteen Years on), 332.

Hume (Rev. A.), Learned Societies and Printing Clubs
Gold-its Past-irs Present, its Future, 143.

of the United Kingdom, 404, 535.
Gold Mining and Assaying. By J. A. Phillips, 143. Hypatia ; or New Foes with an Old Face. By Charles
Golden Spell (The), and other Poems, 269.

Kingsley, 379—The Hippopotamus and Pelagia, 380—
Goldsmid (Miss Isabella), Viola ; or 'Tis an Old Tale The First Glimpse of Alexandria-Hypatia, 381–
often told, 106.

Raphael Aben Ezra and bis Dog, 382-Temptation
Greek and the Turk (The); or Powers and Prospects resisted— The Mortal Venus, 384.
in the Levant, 458.

India (A few more words on), 474.
Greer (Mrs. J. R.), Society of Friends, 168.

India, Address to Parliament on the Duties of Great
Grey (Earl), The Colonial Policy of Lord J. Russell's Britain to, 175.
Adminisiration, 197.

India, A Scheme for the Government of, 175.
Griffith (R. J. H.), Birth of the War-God, 400.

India-How the Hindu Thrall is ruled (second arti-
Grindon (L. H.), Sexuality of Nature, 257.

cle), 39.
Grover (Rev. H.), Observations on the Magnetic Orbit, India—The Anarchy of Thraldom, 175.

India in Greece, or Truth in Mythology. By E. Po-
Gunnison (Lieut. J. W.), Mormons in the Valley of the cocke, Esq., 21.
Great Salt Lake, 111.

India (Cases decided in the Supreme Courts of). By
Gurney (A.), Poems, 534.

William H. Morley, 102.
-- - The Transcendentalists, 534.

India-Its History and Present State. By Horace St.
Gwynne (T.), School for Dreamers, 241.

John, 267—Lanun Pirates, 268.
Life of Silas Barnstarke. 514.

Indian Question (Recent Progress of the), 347.
Hackländer (H.), Eugen Stillfried, 285.

Indian Arcbipelago (The), its History and Present
Hamilton (Sir William), Discussions on Philosophy, State, 267.
Literature, &c., 104.

Indian Archipelago (a Visit to). By Capt. the Hon.
Hartmann (M.), Tagebuch aus Languedoc und Pro- Henry Keppel, R.N., 267.
vence, 281.

Indus, Bombay Briberies, 175, 351.
Hawthorne (Nathaniel), Life of Franklin Pierce, 108. Inglefeld (E. A.), Summer' Search for Sir John
Haydon and his Contemporaries-Northcote and Opie, Franklin, 369.

Fuseli, 442-Wilkie, Village Politicians, 44)-The Isaac Laquedem. Par Alexander Dumas, 415.
First Hanging-Lizzie and her Artists, 442—Lord Isis, an Egyptian Pilgrimage. By James Augustus St.
Mulgrave and Dentatus-Macbeth upon Credit, 445– John, 64.
Master and Pupil-Dealings with the Sheriff-More Jameson (Mrs.), Legends of the Madonna as repre-
graphic than delicate, 446—The Key to Haydon's sented in the Fine Arts, 217.
* difficulties"_West— The Haydon Masterpieces, 447 Jeanne d'Arc suivi d'une étude sur Homère, et Bernard
-Hay don's opinion of himself-Jeffrey, 418-Moore de Palissy. Par A. de Lamartine, 119.
and Wordsworth-Hazlitt - Lowe-Wellington and Jesuit Executorship, or Passages in the Life of a Seceder
Melbourne-The Byron MS.—Madame de Staël and from Romanism, 168.

Jennings (H.), St. George, 534.

Lytton (Sir E. Bulwer), My Novel—The Caxtons. 160.
Jewry (Miss L.), Audrey, 534.

MacCann (William), Two Thousand Miles' Ride through
John at Home, 527.

the Argentine Provinces, 222.
Jones (E. O.), Eminent Characters of the English Madders (S. S.), Rambles in an Old City, 254.
Revolutionary Period, 232.

Mademoiselle de Cardonne, 545.
Kaye (J. W.), Administration of the East-India Com- Madame de Longueville, 549.
pany, 317.

Madonna (Legends of the), 217.
Ken (Bishop), A postles' Creed, 101.

Maid of Florence; or, Niccolò de'Lapi, 527.
Keppel (Hon. Capt. H.), Visit to the Indian Archi- Majori banks (Alex.), Travels in South and North
pelago, 267.

America, 226.
Kingsley (Rev.Charles), Phaethon, or Loose Thoughts Manby (John G.), Ecclesiography, 101.
for Loose Thinkers, 104.

Mannheimer (H.), Study of German simplified, 539
Hypatia, 379.

-- The Perfect Speaker, 539.
Knight (C.), Old Lamps and New, 401.

Mark Hurdlestone, the Gold Worshipper, 251.
Kænig (Th.), Moderner Jesuitimus, 129.

Marine Botanist; an Introduction to the Study of Bri-
Kugler (Fr.), Belletristische Schriften, 282.

tish Sea-weeds, 538.
La dame aux Perles, 547.

Mariotti (L.), Frá Dolcino and his Times, 229.
La danse des Tables. Par le Docteur Felix Roubaud, Marylebone Gardens (The Bouquet culled from), 258.

Marz (Dr. Adolph Bernbard), The School of Musical
Lady-bird; a Tale. By Lady Georgiana Fullerton, 168. Composition, 105.
Lady Marion; or a Sister's Love, 530.

Massimo d'Azeglio (Marquis), Maid of Florence, 527.
La Marquise Cornelia d'Alfi, 142.

Mazzini judged by himself and by his countrymen, 404.
Lamartine (A de), Jeanne d'Arc suivi d'une Étude sur Medical Science (The present condition of), 97.
Homère et Bernard de Palissy, 119.

Memoirs of the Court and Cabinets of George III., 157.
Lamps, Old or New. A Plea for the original editions Memoirs, Journal, and Correspondence of Thomas
of the Texts of Shakspeare, 401.

Moore, 7, 321.
Land Tax of India, according to the Mohammedan Law; Memoir of a Metaphysician. 233.

translated from the Futawa Alumgeeree, with expla- Mémoires d'Alex. Dumas, 410.

natory Notes, &c. By Neil B. E. Baillie, 347. Memoirs of the Duke of Buckingham, 157.
Lankester (E.), Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Memorandums made in Ireland in the Autumn of 1852
Science, 396.

Lanman (C.), Private Life of Daniel Webster, 270. Memorials and Correspondence of Charles James For.
Lares and Penates; or Cilicia and its Governors, 205. By Lord John Russell, 333.
Las Alforjas. By George John Cayley, 372.

Memoir of the Public Services rendered by Lieut..
Laura Temple, 403.

Colonel Outram, C.B., 347.
Laurie (W. F. B.), Second Burmese War, 263.

Michell (Nicholas), Spirits of the Past, 104.
Laws relating to the Women of England (An Exposition Miall (E., M.P.), Bases of Belief, 262.
of), 255.

Microscopical Science (Quarterly Journal of), 396.
Layard's Nineveh and Babylon, 209.

Mills (Rev. J.), The British Jews, 493.
Learned Societies and Printing Clubs of the United Milton Davenant; a Tale of the Times we live in. By
Kingdom. By Rev. A. Hume, 404, 535.

James Bandinel, 79.
Lecon (Victor), Leon Gozlan. Contes et Nouvelles. De Mining Guide, 143.
Neuf heures à Minuit, 124.

Modern Miracles—Spirit Rapping and Table Turning,
Lectures on African Colonization and kindred subjects. 297.
By David Christy, 274.

Moderner Jesuitismus, 120.
Legends of the Madonna, as represented in the Fine Mohammad (The Biographers of), 200.
Arts. By Mrs. Jameson, 217.

Mont-Revêche. Par Georges Sand, 118.
Léon Gozlan, Contes et Nouvelles-De Neuf Heures à Moodie (Mrs.), Mark Hurdlestone, 251.
Minuit, 124.

Moore and his Contemporaries, 321.
Lepsius (Dr. Richard), Discoveries in Egypt, Ethiopia, Morley (Henry), Palissy the Potter, 69.
&c., 18.

Morley (William H.), Analytical Digest of Reported
Les deux Cours, et les Nuits de Saint Cloud-Mours Cases in the Supreme Courts in India, 102.

Debauches, et Crimes de la Famille Bonaparte, 116. Mormons (The) in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake.
Les Dieux en Exil, 552.

By Lieutenant J. W. Gunnison, 111.
Letter to the Editor of the Daily News in answer to Mossman (S.), Australia Visited and Revisited, 366.
Indus, 175.

Mount Lebanon ; a Ten Years' Residence from 1842 to
Lieutenant's Story. By Lady Catherine Long, 174. 1852, with an account of the Druse Religion-The
Life in Sweden, 491.

Christian Syrians, 485—The Emirs of the Lebanon,
Life and Times of Madame de Staël, 512.

486—The Þruse Creed, 487—The Druse Ceremo-
Life of Silas Barnstarke, 514.

nial, 498.
Life of Franklin Pierce. By Nathaniel Hawthorne, 108. Mure (W.), Critical History of the Language and
L'Insurrection en Chine depuis son origine jusqu'a la Literature of Ancient Greece, 360.
prise de Nankin, 465.

Musical Composition (The School of). By Dr. Adolph
Literature and Art. By Margaret Fuller, 110.

Bernhard Marz, 105.
Literature of the Russo-Turkish Crisis, 458.

My Nove). By Sir E. Bulwer Lytton, 160—Hazeldean
Lives of the Queens of Scotland and English Prin- Hall, 162–Miss Jemima, 163—The Philosophy of
cesses. By Agnes Strickland, 58, 432.

the Stocks, 164–Riccabocca on Matrimony- Philo-
Lives of the Poets-Laureate, 509.

sophy of the Married, 165—The Variety Political, 166.
Long Lady Catharine), First Lieutenant's Story, 168. Narrative of a Mission to Central Africa. By the late
Lorenzo Benoni; or Passages in the Life of an Italian, James Richardson, 326—The Slave Caravan-Nights

in the Desert, 328– The Hamadah, 329- The Oasis
Louis XVII, sa Vie, son Agonie, sa Mort. By M. A. -An Arab Divorce, 330—Slave Hunting, 331.
de Beauchesne, 116.

Narrative of an Explorer in South Africa. By Francis
Lyde (S.), The Ansyreeh and Ismaeleeh, 488.

Galton—The Encampment, 335–The Damaras-A

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