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bid, particularly of the distribution and turbot ; 2 Labrus, the wrasse and of its air-cells, which the ingenious goldsinny; 1 Sparus, the toothed gilt, author shewed to be admirably adapt- head, (a rare fish, of which only two ed to its mode of life and continued specimens have occurred in the Frith residence on the water, even in the of Forth ;) 2 Perca, the perch and the most turbulent sea, and during the basse ; 3 Gasterosteus, the banstickle, most rigorous seasons. The second and the fifteen and ten spined sticklecommunication was the description backs; with 1 Trigla, the grey gurand drawing of a new genus of insect nard. Of the Abdominales, he had aswhich inhabits the cellular membrane certained fourteen species, belonging of the gannet, and to which Col. Mon. to seven genera: 1 Cobitis, the loche; tague gives the name of Cellularia 4 salmo, the salmon, sea-trout, comBassani.-At the same meeting, Mr mon trout, and smelt or spirling ; 3 P. Neill laid before the Society a list Esox, the pike, gar-pike, and the sauof such Fishes, belonging to the four ry or gandanook,

(which last, though Linnean orders, Apodes, Jugulares, rare in England, is not, he stated, unThoracici, and Abdominales, as he common at Edinburgh, but arrives in bad ascertained to be natives of the the Frith almost every autumn, in waters in the neighbourhood of Edin- large shoals); 1 Atherina, the hepseburgh, accompanied with remarks, and tus; 3 Clupea, the herring, pilchard, illustrated by specimens of some of the and sprat or garvey-herring : Of the Tarer species. Of the Apodes, he enu- genus Cyprinus, of which no fewer merated four species, belonging to than ten species inhabit the rivers and three genera, viz. 2 to Muræna, the ponds of England, (including the eel and conger; 1 Anarhichas, the carp, the tench, gudgeon, dace, roach, wolf-fish; and 1 Ammodytes, the bream, &c.) only one insignificant şand-launce. Of the Jugulares, he species, the author remarked, is found mentioned thirteen species, belonging near Edinburgh, viz. the common mito three genera : 1 Callionymus, the now: Of the genus Scomber, the gemmeous dragonet, (for, from exa- mackrel is got in the entrance of the mining many specimens, Mr Neill is Frith of Forth.-Mr Neill reserved clearly of opinion, that the Sordid Dra. the notice of the Amphibia Nantes of gonet of Mr Pennant and Dr Shaw, Linnæus, including the Ray-tribe and is not a distinct species, but merely Shark, to a future meeting. the female of the gemmeous dragonet ;) 9 Gadus, the haddock, ling, cod, dorse or codling, bib, whiting, coalfish or podley, green gadus, and Monthly Memoranda in Natural weesel gadus of Dr Shaw; 2 Blenni

History. us, the spotted and viviparous blenny:

the Thoracici, he stated twenty- July 1.-15. If the past. Winterte aus two species, belonging to nine genera : 1 Gobius, the miller's-thumb; 2 Cot. ration and severity, the summer has tus, the pogge and fatherlasher; 2 made ample amends, not merely by its Zeus, the doree and the opah, (a spe usual genial warmth, but by maintaincimen of this last most resplendent ing a steady high temperature, to fish, having been taken off Cramond, which, in this northern and variable in the Frith of Forth, some years ago, climate, we have not for many years and being still preserved in the muse- been accustomed. um of P. Walker, Esq.); 7 Pleuro- GREAT HEAT.-During the 13th, nectes, the holibut, plaise, fresh-water 14th, and 15th July, the heat at EdinLounder, dab, smear-dab, brill, sole, burgh was excessive, the thermometer varying from 76° to 86° in the shade. ven, having been accidentally entangIn England, during the same period, led in the skate-nets. ot seems to have been still more in- July 19.-Cuvier's Ray. Among idense, the public prints reporting the the numerous fishes of the skate tribe, thermometer to have indicated from brought to market by the trawl-net 840 to 92°, and even 98° or blood- fishers, it was interesting to find the keat, in the shade. London is said to rare species described by La Cepede, have resembled an oven, the brick and named by him, Raia Cuvieri, afwalls of the houses tending to accu- ter Cuvier, the celebrated anatomical mulate and give greater effect to the professor at Paris. Unfortunately the heat : in the shady side of the street, specimen was mutilated before I had the temperature, we are told, was an opportunity of seeing it, it being 100°, or two degrees above blood- the second day after it had come to heat ; in the sunny side, 147o, five market : but sufficient characters redegrees more than is requisite to melt mained to ascertain the species ; partibees-wax. From different counties of 'cularly the oval dorsal fin, which was England, we have accounts of the fa- left entire, having, by its singularity, tal effects of these uncommon heats. attracted the notice of the fish-dealers; Several labouring people have been the angular pectoral fins; the double cut off; some by the coup de soleil, lobes of the ventral fins; and the having thoughtlessly exposed them- traces of the spots upon the back. selves to the sun's direct rays; others Owing to the hotness of the weather, through lassitude and fatigue. Lambs, the fish was already so much altered dogs, birds, were found lying dead in as to be unfit for preserving, and I was the fields, and on the high ways. obliged to content myself with saving On the great north road, between the dorsal;fin. 40 and 50 post horses are said to have 20.There fell a good deal fallen a sacrifice to exposure to this more rain, accompanied with thunder. extreme heat ; some dropping down

21.-Much distant thunder dead in the harness, and others expi- was this day heard. The thunderring soon after they had completed cloud extended many miles over that their journey. Among the less la. district of country in which Falkirk mentable effects, it is mentioned, that and Linlithgow are situated. There, the flats of butter sent-to the London every thunder-bolt was distinctly seen, market, (aflat containing many pounds, the forkings of the lightning being vicarefully packed,) were, in many in- vid, and well defined. One struck a stances, found to be converted into house at Linlithgow, and did consideroil, before they reached their place of able damage. destination. Nay, the honeycomb in

23.- The trawl-net fishers the bee-hives, was, in some places, have begun to fulfil the expectations melted, (if we can give credit to the of success which we expressed in last

ewspapers,) so that the honey was month's Memoranda, having this day observed running out from the bot- sent to market above a dozen of Soles, etom of the hives. In Scotland, as al. some of them of a large size. The ready remarked, the 'heat was more large ones sold at 78. a pair. Very moderate ; and it has not been attend- few turbot, however, have yet been ed with any remarkable effects. found. Large plaise or Dutch plaise

July 16.—Some fine showers fell are common. this day, and quickly reduced the 24.-27. A great deal more temperature.

rain has fallen, and the heat has 18.-A female Tope, Squa- much abated.

N. lus Galeus, was brought into Newha- Edinr. 27th July 1808.


489 POPULATION of the principal Cities and Towns of SCOTLAND, according to

the Return of 1801. Concluded from p. 409.

[blocks in formation]

Byhow many families og in het inhabited


748 1,43033 3,277 3,424
642 1,429 10 2,686 3,222

[blocks in formation]


630 \ 26
549 4

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601 540

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1,353 3,872 49 6,723 8,155
673 704 8 1,524 1,822

920 1,128

1,046 1,236

882 1,032 455

1,304 1,572 401 614 19

971 1,198

128 3,535 11,215 14,878 557 232 2,557 3,346 406 116 1,526 2,048 933

219 1,730 2,282 322 281 1,311 1,914 277 866 1,733 2,876 85 436, 1,648


447 28 814 15

LANARK continued.


ORKNEY. Kirkwall, .... ScrumbesSp.

SHETLAND, Lerwick,.......

PzEBLES. Peebles


Cupar Angus

Port Glasgow,..




Stirling ......
St Ninians,........


July 1808.

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History and Description of the City of scenes which Nature has lavishly spread CARLISLE.

around them.

In literature, and the arts and scien(Concluded from p. 408.)

ces, this city makes rather a conspi.. IN the year 1761, new works were cuous figure than otherwise, having established:

: a company from New- produced several men of letters of castle began the calico printing, which uncommon genius; some of whom has been progressively carried forward have arrived at a degree of eminence. ever since. This was followed by an ex- A spirit of industry appears to pervade tensive manufactory, carried on by the the bulk of the inhabitants, by which ingenious Bernard Barton; whose pre- many have placed themselves in easy, mature death deprived the public of and a few in affiuent circumstances.the abilities of an able and enterpri. And although they have on some ocsing tradesman.

casions discovered much human weakThus the erecting of one manufac- ness, by listening to the dictates of tory was followed by that of another, that demon, Party, yet we find that till at present there are four printfields, on any emergent occasion, when the which employ about one thousand peo- cause of humanity demands their union, ple, and pay above L.20,000 annually or national danger renders it necessary to the revenue. Besides these there to call forth the strength and fidelity are eight more manufactories, some of of the kingdom, the people of Carlisle which are very extensive in all the have but one mind, and expressions of branches, from the raw materials to loyalty resound from every quarter. the finishing of checks, calicos, muslins, and all kinds of fancy-work.Here are also at present, four public REPORT concerning FORESTERIES, Sc. breweries, which pay annually to the in SCOTLAND, Anno 1680. revenue upwards of L.6000; and a soapery,

pays a duty of about

(From the Original.)
L.1500 a year : so that it is supposed
Carlisle pays annually to the revenue, A

T Edinburgh, the eight day of for exciseable articles 'manufactured July, Sixteen hundred and eightie there, licences, &c. above L.100,000. years, Anent the supplicatione pre

Two banks were lately established sented to the Lords of Counsell and here, and found of great service to Sessione, by Alexander Robertson of trade.

Fascallie, shewing, that where the peThe site of Carlisle is admirably titioner having obtaineat ane signature, fine ; on a very gently rising ground, superscrived by his Majesties royal in the midst of an extensive and fer- hand, of his lands and barronie of tile plain, terminated on every side by Fascallie, containing an novodamus distant lofty mountains, and surround- and errection of the outfield, woods, ed with rivers, viz. the Eden on the &c.; which the petitioner having north, Caldew on the west, and the presented to the Lords of Treasurie Petteral on the east and south. The and Exchequer, to be past by them, beautiful meadows and banks along after revising thereof; the same was the sides of the Eden and Caldew af- taken up by the Marquis of Atholl, ford the pleasantest walks to the inha- to see, and refused to be reproduced bitants of the city and its environs; untill the Lords ordained him to do who, unlike its turbulent, rough, and the same : and, after reproduction warlike occupiers in former ages, can thereof, the petitioner having addresenjoy in peace the rich and pleasing sed himself by ane supplicatione to

the the said Lords of Exchequer, craving That, by the lawes and acts of the that the said signature might be past; Parliament of this kingdom, the privithe said Lords of Exchequer, by an ledge and import of ane Forrestrie is, act made by them thereanent, upon That it is a place appoynted for deer, the eleventh day of February last by and for hunting, and that any deer, past, recommended to the Lords of or cattle, or other beasts that are found Counsell and Sessione aforesaid, to within the Forrestrie, are confiscable consider the import and priviledge of to the proprietor and keeper of the a Forrestrie, and how far bis Majes- forrest i and that his Majesties, and ties interest might be concerned in the his leidges interest is, That whereas, foresaid signature, or the lyke; craving, by the lawes and custome of this therefore, that the saids Lords of Ses- kingdom, no man is obliged to herd sione would appoint a tyme to the ef- his catle, or other beasts, except when fect foresaid, as the said supplicatione the corns are upon the ground, after at length bears : Which being read in qhuilk, the possessor of the ground may presence of the saids Lords of Counsell keep ther own ground, and turn off and Sessione, they recommended to other folks cattle, but cannot obSir Alexander Seatoun of Pitmedden, lidge them to herd or keep their ane of the saids Lords ther own num- cattle, or pay for the transgresber, to call both parties before him, sione, except in the case of inclosures, and to hear them, and ther Pròrs. up- where violence is done to the dykes on the said matter, and to make re- thereof; yet this forrestrie now crav. port thereof to them. · According ed, is not to be inclosed, as commonlie whereunto the said Lord Pitmedden forrestries are open. And, by the having called both parties, and ther erecting of new forrestries, all the Prörs, before him, and having heard neighbouring heritors must ether herd them debait in the said matter, did ther goods through the whole year, make report of the same to the said and keep them off these forresteries; Lords of Counsell and Sessione z which or otherwayes suffer the loss of them, report being considered by the said by being confiscate for pasturing upon Lords, they appoynteat Charles Mait- these forresteries. And it is

repreland of Hattoun Lord Treasurer De- sented, that, in this particular case, put, Sir Thomas Murray Lord Regr. ther is a forresterie of the King's foreSir David Falconer of Newtown, and said, in which ther is a considerable the said Sir Alexander Seatoun of stock of deer, as the report of the saids Pitmedden, four of the saids Lords, four Lords in the said matter at lenth ther own number, to prepare ane re- bears: which being read in presence port to the saids Lords of Exohequer, of, and considered by the saids Lords anent the import and priviledge of of Counsell and Sessione, this day, ane Forrestrie, and how far his Ma- they have approved, and hereby apjesties interest may be concerned in prove thereof, and ordain the same to the foresaid signature, or the lyke. be reported to the saids Lords of his Lykeas, according to the foresaid re- Majesties Exchequer. Extracted by commendation, the saids Lords 'Trea- me. surer Depute, Register, Newtoun and Signed-Tho. Murray, Cls. Reg. Pitredden, having considered the de.

Edinburgh, 9th July, 1680. bait in the said natter, betwixt the The Lords Commissioners having said supplicants Prör., and lyke- heard, and considered the above writ, wayes the Prör. of the said Marquis ten report, doe ordain and appoint, of Atholl, keretable keeper of bis Ma- that before Fascallies signature, above jesties Forrestrie ir Atboll, neir adja- mentioned, be past in Exchequer, the Cent to Fascallies estate, they fand, claus anent the forresterie, therein con

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