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28 So you also outwardly s blood of Abel the just, even unto indeed appear to men just; but the blood of Zacharias the son inwardly you are full of hypo- of Barachias whom you killed crisy and iniquity.

between the temple and the 29 Wo to you scribes and altar. Pharisees, hypocrites, that build 36 Amen I say to you all the sepulchres of the prophets, these things shall come upon and adorn the monuments of this generation. the just.

37 a Jerusalem, Jerusalem 30 And say: If we had been thou that killest the prophets, in the days of our fathers, we and stonest them that are sent would not have been partakers unto thee, how often would I with them in the blood of the have gathered together thy prophets.

children, as the hen doth gather 31 Wherefore you are wit- her chickens under her wings, nesses against yourselves, that and thou wouldest not? you are the sons of them that

38 Behold, your house shall killed the prophets.

be left to you, desolate. 32 Fill ye up then the mea- 39 For I say to you, you shall sure of your fathers.

not see me henceforth till you 33 a You serpents, genera- say: Blessed is he that cometh tion of vipers, how will you flee in the name of the Lord. from the judgment of hell? 34 Therefore behold I send

CHAP. XXIV. to you prophets, and wise men,

Christ foretels the destruction of the and scribes, and some of them

temple: with the signs that shall you will put to death and cru- come before it, and before the last cify, and some you will scourge

judgment. We must always watch.


cute from city to city:

of the temple, went away. 35 That upon you may come And his disciples came to shew all the just blood that hath been him the buildings of the temslied upon the earth, from the ple.

2 And he answering said to a Supra, 3.7.-Gen. 4. 8. Heb. 11. 4.

them: Do you see all these

things ? Amen I say to you, Ver. 29. Build the sepulchres, &c. This is not blarned, as if it were in

there shall not be left here a Itself evil to build or adorn the monu- stone upon a stone that shall ments of the prophets : but the hypo not be destroyed. crisy of the Pharisees is here taxed; who, whilst they pretended to honour

3 And when he was sitting the memory of the prophets, were per- on mount Olivet, the disciples secuting even unto death the Lord of the prophets.

came to him privately, saying: Ver. 35. That upon you may come,

Tell us when shall these things &c. Not that they should suffer more be? and what shall be the sign than their own sins justly deserved; of thy coming, and of the conbut that the justice of God should now fall upon them with such a final ven

summation of the world? geance, once for all, as might comprise 4 And JESUS answering, said all the different kinds of judgments and punishments, that had at any time before been inflicted for the shedding c 2 Par. 24. 22.- Luke 18. 34, of blood just.

• Mark 13. 1.-- Luke 1944

to them: Take heed that no Judea, let them flee to the man seduce you:

mountains. 5 For many will come in my 17 And he that is on the name saying, I am Christ: and house-top, let him not come they will seduce many.

down to take any thing out of 6 And you shall hear of wars, his house: and rumours of wars. See that 18 And he that is in the field, ye be not troubled. For these let him not go back to take his things must come to pass, but coat. the end is not yet.

19 And wo to them that aro 7 For nation sbail rise against with child, and that give suck nation, and kingdom against in those days. kingdom: and there shall be 20 But pray that your flight pestilences, and famines, and be not in the winter, or on the earthquakes in places :

sabbath, 8 Now all these are the be. 21 For there shall be then ginnings of sorrows.

great tribulation, such as hath 9 Then shall they deliver not been from the beginning of you up to be afflicted, and shall the world until now, neither put you to death: and you shall shall be. be hated by all nations for my 22 And unless those days had name's sake.

been shortened, no flesh should 10 And then shall many be be saved: but for the sake of scandalized : and shall betray the elect those days shall be one another: and shall hate one shortened. another.

23 | Then if any man shall 11 And many false prophets say to you: Lo here is Christ, shall rise, and shall seduce or there: do not believe him. many:

24 For there shall rise false 12 And because iniquity hath Christs and false prophets, and abounded, the charity of many shall show great signs and wonshall grow cold.

ders, insomuch as to deceive 13 But he that shall persevere (if possible) even the elect. to the end, he shall be saved. 25 Behold I have told it to

14. And this 'Gospel of the you, beforehand. kingdom shall be preached in 26 If therefore they shall say the whole world, for a testimony to you: Behold he is in the to all nations, and then shall desert; go ye not out: Behold the consummation come. he is in the closets, believe it

15. When therefore you shall not. see the abomination of desola- 27 For as lightning cometh tion, which was spoken of by out of the east, and appeareth

Daniel the prophet, standing even into the west, so shall also in the holy place: he that read- the coming of the son of man be. eth, let him understand.

28 & Wheresoever the body 16 Then they that are in

& Acts 1. 12. Mark 13. 21. Lute a Ephes. 5. 6. Col. 2. 18.45 Supra,

17. 23.-8 Luke 17. 37. 10. 17. Luke 21. 12. John'16. 20. and 16. 2.- Mark 13. 14. Luke 21. CHAP. XXIV. Ver. 28.

Whereso8y-d Dan. 9. 87.

The coming of Christ shall


quer, &c.

shall be, there shall the eagles pass but my words shall not also be gathered together. pass.

29 a And immediately after 36 But of that day and hour the tribulation of those days, no one knoweth, no not the the sun shall be darkened, and Angels of heaven, but the Fathe moon shall not give her ther alone. light, and the stars shall fall 37 • And as in the days of from heaven, and the powers Noe, so shall also the coming of heaven shall be moved: of the son of man be.

30 And then shall appear the 38 For as in the days before sign ofthe son of man in heaven: the flood, they were eating and and then shall all tribes of the drinking, marrying and giving earth mourn: band they shall in marriage, even till that day in see the son of man coming in which Noe entered into the ark. the clouds of heaven with much 39 And they knew not till the power and majesty.

flood came, and took them all 31 . And he shall send his

away: so also shall the coming Angels with a trumpet, and a of the son of man be. great voice :

and they shall 40 Then two shall be in the gather together his elect from field : one shall be taken, and the four winds, from the far- one shall be left. thest parts of the heavens to 41 Two women shall be grindthe utmost bounds of them. ing at the mill: one shall be

32 And from the fig-tree learn taken, and one shall be left. a parable: when the branch

42 Watch ye therefore, bethereof is now tender, and the cause ye know not what hour leaves come forth, you know your Lord will come. that summer is nigh.

43 But this know ye, f that 33 So you also, when you shall if the good man of the house see all these things, know ye knew at what hour the thief that it is nigh even at the doors. rould come, he would certainly

34 Amen I say to you, that watch, and would not suffer his this generation shall not pass, house to be broken open. till all these things be done. 44 Wherefore be you also 35 d Heaven and earth shall ready, because at what hour

you know not the son of man a Isaias 13. 10. Ezec. 32. 7. Joel 2.

will come. 10. and 3. 15. Mark 13. 24. Luke 21.

45 Who thinkest thou, is a 25.-b Apoc. 1. 7.-c I Cor. 15. 52. Thess. 4. 11.-d Mark 13. 31.

faithful and wise servant, whom

his lord hath appointed over his be sudden, and manifest to all the family, to give them meat in world, like lightning: and wheresoever season he shall come, thither shall all mankind be gathered to him, as eagles are

46 & Blessed is that servant, gathered about a dead body.

whom when his lord shall come, Ver. 29. The stars. or flaming | he shall find so doing. meteors resembling stars. Ver. 30. The sign, &c.

The cross

47 Amen I say to you, he shall of Christ.

place him over all his goods. Ver. 35. Shall pass. Because they shall be changed at the end of the world into a new heaven and new Gen. 7. 7. Luke 17.. 26. Mark earth.

13. 33. Luxe 12. 39, 8 Apoc. 16. 15.


48 But if that evil servant 10 Now whilst they went to should say in his heart: Mybuy, the bridegroom came: and lord is long a coming:

they that were ready, went in 49 And shall begin to strike with him to the marriage, and his fellow-servants, and shall the door was shut. eat, and drink with drunkards: 11 But at last come also the

50 The lord of that servant other virgins, saying: Lord, shall come in a day that he Lord, open to us. hopeth not, and at an hour that 12 But he answering said: he knoweth not:

Amen I say to you, I know you 51 And shall separate him, not. and appoint his portion with the 13 . Watch ye therefore, behypocrites. a There shall be cause you know not the day nor weeping and gnashing of teeth. the hour.

14 For even as a man going CHAP. XXV.

into a far country, called bis The parable of the ten virgins, and of servants, and delivered to them

the talents: the description of the last his goods. judgment.

15 And to one he gave five THEN shall the kingdom of talents, and to another two, and gins, who' taking their lamps according to his proper ability; went out to meet the bride and immediately he took his groom and the bride.

journey. 2 And five of them were fool- 16 And he that had received ish, and five wise.

the five talents, went his way, 3 But the five foolish, having and traded with the same, and taken their lamps, did not take gained other five. oil with them:

17 And in like manner he 4 But the wise took oil in that had received the two their vessels with the lamps. gained other two.

5 And the bridegroom tarry- 18 But he that had received ing, they all slumbered and the one, going his way digged slept.

into the earth, and hid his lord's 6 And at midnight there was money. a cry made : Behold the bride- 19 But after a long time the groom cometh, go ye forth to lord of those servants came, meet him.

and reckoned with them. 7 Then all those virgins arose 20 And he that had received and trimmed their lamps. the five talents coming, brought

8 And the foolish said to the other five talents, saying: Lord, wise: Give us of your oil, for thou didst deliver to me five our lamps are gone out.

talents, behold I have gained 9 The wise answered, say- other five over and above. ing: Lest perhaps there be not 21 His lord said to him: Well enough for us and for you, go done, good and faithful servant, you rather to them that sell, because thou hast been faithful and buy for yourselves.

over a few things, I will place

a Supra, 13. 42. Intra, 25. 30.

• Mark 17. 33.--cJute 19. 12


thee over many things: enter | all the angels with him, then thou into the joy of thy cord. shall he sit upon the seat of his

22 And he also that kad re- majesty: ceived the two talents came and 32 And all nations shall be said : Lord, thou delivered st gathered together before him, two talents to me: behold I and he shall separate them one have gained other two.

from another, as the shepherd 23 His lord said to him: Well separateth the sheep from the done, good and faithful servant: goats: because thou hast been faithful 33 And he shall set the sheep over a few things, I will place on his right hand, but the goats thee over many things, enter on his left. thou into the joy of thy lord.

34 Then shall the king say to 24 But he that had received them that shall be on his right the one talent, came and said : hand; Come, ye blessed of my Lord, I know that thou art a Father, possess you the king, hard man; thou reapest where dom prepared for you from the thou hast not sown, and gather- foundation of the world. est where thou hast not strewed. 35 For I was hungry, and

25 And being afraid I went you gave me to eat: I was and hid thy talent in the earth: thirsty, and you gave me to behold here thou hast that drink: I was a stranger, and which is thine.

you took me in: 26 And his lord answering, 36 Naked, and you covered said to him: Wicked and sloth me: sick, and you visited me: ful servant, thou knewest that I was in prison, and you came I reap where I sow not, and ga- to me. ther where I have not strewed: 37 Then shall the just answer

27 Thou oughtest therefore him, saying: Lord, when did we to have committed my money see thee hungry, and fed thee; to the bankers, and at my com- thirsty, and gave thee drink! ing I should have received my 88 And when did we see thee own with usury.

a stranger, and took thee in ? 28 Take ye away therefore or naked, and covered thee? the talent from him, and give 39 Or when did we see thee it him that hath ten talents, sick or in prison, and came to

29 « For to everyone that thee? hath shall be given, and he shall 40 And the king answering, abound: but from him that hath shall say to them: Amen I say not, that also which he seemeth to you, as long as you did it to to have shall be taken away. one of these my least brethren,

30 And the unprofitable ser- you did it to me. vant cast ye out into the exte 41 Then he shall say to them rior darkness. There shall be also that shall be on his left weeping and gnashing of teeth. hand : d Depart from me, you

31 And when the son of man cursed, into everlasting fire shall come in his majesty, and

a Supra, 13. 12 Mark 4. 25. Luke # 18 and 19. 26.

b Isaias 58. 7. Ezec. 18. 7. and 16. -c Eccli. 7. 39.- Ps. 6. 9. Supra, 7 23. Luke 13 27.

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