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the common measure 129. These four were contemporary with Pharez, Hezron, Aram, and Amminadab. It involves no absurdity to affirm, that 49. was the mean Interval of deleents, at a time, when the mean term of life was 120.

Fiom the birth of Nahlhon, as above stated, to that of Solomon, are 475 years, and six generations, the eommon measure being 79. It has been shewn, that the mean: tern of life in this interval was 108, which exords the mean age of procreation by 29. In none of thele computations is any thing affirmed, at variance with the course of nature.

The foregoing arrangements proceed on the suppofition, that David was the last in the firft series of 14 generations. But the Evangelists words may be condered as placing David at the top of the second fories without enlarging the number of generations ha chat, or the fublcquent divifion.

This conjeviure reits on the authority of an in. fiind writer: * Pharca begut Hesron, Hezron begat Ram Rart begat Amminah, Ammimadb bega Na Malibu bergat Sana, and Salmon begat

no; Boulegar Coc, Obed bega jezie, ani jede Ara David * Samoa x bere ciuzatissued as the

a on Suomen and great of Man Tiras ad

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names denotes two different persons. In his second dissertation on the State of the Printed Hebrew Text *, Kennicott approves the conjecture, as ingenious, probable, and satisfactory. This emendation, if it be one, is mentioned not as absolutely necessary to ascertain the genuine chronology of the Bible, and its conformity with the course of nature ; but merely as an expedient for weakening an objection, otherwise not forcible t.

• P. 184. and 543, - .

+ The reasons which justify the fixing of Nahshon's birth to the 19th year before the Exodus, evince that he died after Joshua. Certain it is, that fome elders, at least, who had seen all the great works of the Lord, (both in Egypt and at the Jordan), did actually survive Joshua; Eleazar, for instance; and if Nahshon did not, it will be impossible to find the plurality implied in All. The same reafuns which demonstrate the improbability, that the Rachab, Mat. i. s. was the same Rahab who entertained the spies, Josh. ii. are set forth at large in the Dissertation on the Hebrew Genealogies, If the name in both passages describe the same person, she must have been 180 years old at the birth of Boaz. · Sir Tsaac Newton, ' finding a Jeshua who had sons in the retinue of Zorobabel from Chaldea, confounds that Levite with the high priest of that name. In the same regifter he finds an Ezra, and a Nehemiah, whom he affirms to have been living 100 years after. I I ; .!"


Chronology from the Death of Mofes to Saul.


Septenary Years of Reff. 'HE unsuccessful attempts of Usher, Bedford, 1 Whiston, &c. to fix the true era of sabbatical years and jubiles, induced Prideaux to pronounce thofe circulating periods both uncertain and useless. Their use in computation is obvious, and the term of computation defined, in the original institution, “When ye come into the land, &c. then shall the land keep a fabbath. Six years shalt thou fow thy seed; and fix years shalt thou prone thy vineyard, and gather in thy fruit; but in the seventh year shall be a fabbath of reft unto the land; a fabbath for the Lord: Thou shalt neither fow thy field; nor prune thy vineyard *.” Be. fore the inhabitants were subdued and the land divided, Israel could neither fow nor reap. Usher allows fix years for the conquest of the country, and appropriates the seventh for its partition. But a fabbatical year could not be observed before fix had been employed in Sowing and reaping.

• Lev. xxv, 25.


The subjugation of the natives was the work of five years. In the beginning of the sixth, Joshua and Eleazar, with the fathers of the tribes, proceeded to divide the lands by line and lot. Caleb, prior to that distribution, claimed, in virtue of a grant from Moses, Hebron for his inheritance. In the second year from the Exodus Caleb's age was 40, and 85 in the 46th. Thus is the date of the partition ascertained. At the time of the autumnal equinox in that year the tribes, having acquired their several possessions, began to plow, plant, and sow. The first possible year of rest began at the same cardinal point in the s3d from the egress; and the 13th from the passage over Jordan, A. M. 2568.

“ Thou shalt number seven fabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be forty-nine years. Then shale thou cause the trumpet of jubile to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month t." Here is the quantity of 'a jubile defined ; the soth year from the foregoing

jubile inclusively; or in a continual series from the primary rest for the land. Thus is the term of computation certain. These circulating periods serve as a regulating measure in the progress of computation indefinitely; and with respect to the sacred chronology, answer the same end with the Julian period, applied to the chronology of the world. For example,

The sacred critics and expositors agree that a jubile characterised some one year of our Lord's natural Life;

.. Joth. xiv. 7-11.

+ Lev. xxv. 8, 9.


that of his nativity, baptism, or crucifixion. Discordant, however, are their opinions. But this test is decisive.

From A. M. 2568, on the tenth day of the seventh Hebrew month, according to the patriarchal calendar, continue the reckoning down 1470 years, equal to 210 feptenary.combinations of years, or 30 jubiles; the operation terminates with the ninth of the seventh Hebrew month, A. M. 4038. That was the fourth of John's ministry, the 34th of our Lord's age, and the very date of his baptism. From Jordan he went traitway into the wilderness, at the end of 40 days returned into Galilee, entered the synagogue at Nazareth, on the fabbath day, and read from the book of Ifaiah, « The spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because he bath anointed me to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.” Thus calculation agrees with the infallible testimony, both of prophecy and history, in the conclusion, that our Lord began his ministry on the 30th jubile from the first sabbatical year in Canaan.

Hence it is evident, that the Primate's arrangement misplaces the root of computation by jubiles, confounds the first year of John's ministry with that of Christ's baptisın, and contrary to every notation in the gospel history, defers his entrance on the prophetical function, three years beyond its true date.

Length of Joshua's Government. By the computation of Josephus the administration of Jolaua is compressed within the narrow limits of 25

years ;

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