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Awake, thou that sleepest, and arise from the

dead, and Christ shall give thee light.- Epbesians, v. 14.


The apostle St. Paul having been warning his Ephesian converts against falling again into the impurities of their heathen neighbours, breaks out into this noble apostrophe, which is the application indeed of a passage of Isaiah to the times of Christ *

"The words may be applied to those who sleep in life ; and to those, who sleep in the grave.

To the sleepers of this world religion calls : Awake thou, who art immersed in the pleasures and business of life. Thou art asleep. Thou art in a dream. Awake. Recollect where all this tends. Wouldst thou spend thy whole life in a dream? Arise. Set about the great work before thee. Rise from the dead from the death of this world-The world is thy distemper-seek relief fly to Christ; and he will give thee light.

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Again, when this world is over, the same awful voice will sound through the regions of the grave: Awake, thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead. Christ shall judge thee: and if thou art among those, who were 'roused from the dream of a mortal life, Christ will indeed give thee light, and thou shalt be remove into mansions of eter

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