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other things therto belonginge provided alwayes ye if it happe' my nephewe to dye before my sayd brother his vncle That the' my brother be provided for

sayde out of my nephue Or else to have so moch Goods valued sayed nephewe shall

provided alwaise ye if she do not occupy

self That the' she shall let my nephewe John Crofte have the reasonably at the sup'visors of this my last will and testament Item I geve and bequeth the other all my leaces vnto my nephew John Crofte hes paying to my brother Willm'n aforesaid twenty shillings of lawfull Englishe moneye yearlye duryng my leace In Wyndlston if the said Willmn do lyve so longe. "Ite' I doo geve vnto my sister Jennet Chipcheese one

vnto everye one of her children one ewe and one busshell of wheat or rye

to be payed fourthe of my fermoulde at wyndiston during my leace by

and nephewe John Crofte. Ite' I do geve vnto my nephew henry Merley stot goinge at Cowndon grange Ite' I do geve vnto my Brother Johns iiij daughters vnto every one of the one ewe.

Ite' I doe geve vnto Mergery gray my best ewe. Ite' I do geve vnto Mrs Jane Eden ye wif of Mr Robart Eden of ye west Auckland one Angel. Ite' do geve vnto John Eden of windlston one flecte sturcke. Item I do geve vnto

Ailse Claxston ye wif of my cosen Robert Claxston of the olde parkc my best

Ite' I do geve vnto my maister m' John Eden ffor a token and to be good vnto

vnto my sayde nephewe Crofte an angell. Ite' I do gyve vnto my cosen Robart of ye olde parke xiij* iiijd yearly to be payed vnto him fourth of the

Ricknell graunge for fower yeares by my sayd wif and

Ite' I do geve vnto Robart Cliffton one busshell of wheate and one busshell

Item I doe geve vnto m' Robart Eden of west Awkland one Ryall And vnto

one Riall.

Item I do geve vnto ye eldest daughter of Bryan Wilsons of seggerston The residewe of all my goods both moveable and unmoveable

funerals being discharged I do geve vnto my sayd Wyf And ynto Willmn Claxston

ther and vnto John Crofte my nephewe whome I doe make myne Executors Jointly together of this my last will and Testament And I do make sup’visors hereof m* John Eden my And mr Robart Eden his sone And my cosen Robert Claxston of the old parcke to se it

in every point accordingly as my trust is in the' Witnesses hereof Mr John

my debts


and passion

viij day of Aprill Ano D'ni A thowsand fyve hundreth thre score and nynetene I ffrancis

Sockburne craised & sick in my body yet god be pryssed of good & p'fect Remembraunce mynding by

de'p'te this world intestate but to declare my mynde & will And therfor I do ordayne & make this my

last will in man' And fourme following. ffirst And principally I give my soulle to the holye trynitie my only lord god my creator redeemer And sanctifier trusting surely in the of my lorde Jhesus Christe throughe an assured hope of his M'cyfull doings for

the full fruition of my good god his pr’sence in his heavenly kingdome And my

buryed in the quier of the churche of Sockburne. It'm I give to m' symone welberie xls. for a token to be paid

Anthonie Welberrie of that monie woh the said Anthonie owethe me. It'm I give to my nephew John welberie of that

his brother Anthonie oweth me xl*. to be paid to him by the said Anthonie And for the rest of the monie wch my

Anthonie welberie oweth me over and besids this mij' wch I have bequeathed to his fath'. and his brother I give to

vppon conditon that he shalbe good to my sister m'gret and pay her yerely all that shalbe dewe to her after

It'm I give to my sister margret Trolloppe vj!. xiij'. iiijd. wch M symone welberie oweth me as appeares by his hand. It’m I give to my sister xx' wch m’ John trolloppe of thornley oweth me that I lent him. It'm I

Robinson, will’m midleto' John mydleton Raufe tipping Anthonie Robinson John wishead Riched follansbie John

Mowbraye Richerd williams and nicholes Justice to eu'e one of them iij". injd. And to mres Easbell Allerton

I give to Anne dent ij". vjø. a hyve of bees and my honnie chiste It’m I give to Anne postgayte

It'm to eu’ie of my mres other maids xx«. lim to the rest of the inferior servants and laddes in the housse vüjd

to the making of girebie cawsey so the same be maid wthin vij yeres After my death xxs It'm to the of Sockburne p'ishe xxo to be distributed the day of my buryall It’m to m' gerard salven of croxdayle a

Casiodorus Comentaries vppon the salmes It'm I give to wm Robinson

1 A younger son of John Trollop, of Thornley, Esq.


my lattynne Byble and the new testament Englishe And my best mole hat And my Bagge. It'm I give to John postgayte my booke of service and salmes

and meter And suche annother booke as he will choice emong my books that is vngeven It'm I give to the

Sockburne the ij toomes of the paraphrasis of Erasmus And bothe the toomes of homelies the articles and

Jewelles cachechisme and all the books of posthils that I haue It’m I will and desire that I be broughte furthe according to my birthe and calling And that my frends may have an honest din'er at my burial Resydew of all my goods and catelles my debts paid and my funerall expenses maid and p'fourmed I give and bequeathe to m' george conyers sonne & heir apparent of the Righte wo’shipfull m" John conyers of Sockburne Esquier

especiall good m' wch said m' george conyers I do ordayne and make my full and whoole executor of this my p’sent

and testament In Witnesse wherof I have aswell hervntto sett my hand & seale as also desyred those

ar vnder written to sette their hands as witnesses here of

olloppe this will above written to be his laste will and testament the same Signed and sealled in the presence of these whose names ar vnderwritten- obert Bowes-Willyam Conyers

Dobinson-John Postygayte wth others.

THE INVENTORIE of all the goods and cattells bothe moveable and vnmoveable of Sc francis trolloppe late vicar of Sockburne deceased praised by Will’m Wormley leonard Stockdaile raufe grange and michell burdon the xxj daie of May Anno regni Eliz. reginæ vicesimo primo 1579.

In golde and silver xxijl xvija—one graye nagge xl_one fetherbedd a matterres a bolster iij pillowes a paire of blancketts & ij pair of sheetes xl-all his apperrell xl —vj bee hives, his honie, his waxe and his honie potts xxx his books liijs iiijaa cawdron and ij litle pannes a peuter dubler a candlesticke & two litle tinne bottells xiijo inja—iij chists & ij chares vjø viija a counter ij litle ambries and a litle board x'-an Iron chimney, a pair of tonges, a bridle a sadle & ij litle desks for lienge books on x-ij quisshings ij paniers ij Sives ij litle stooles a bowle vj dishes ij skroles & a litle painted clothe ije-a lantern, trenchers, boxes, and a lookinge glasse vja. The Some xxxiiij' vijo iija.



Nov. inj, m. ccccc. lxxx Edward Conyers of Long Newton wythin the diocæsie of durham my fermehold to Rauphe my son -- my cosin Mt Rauphe Conyers shall haue the gouernement of hymn and it till he come to xxj yeares age As for my wiffe I will yt she shall haue all y' the lawe will geue her -- to my daughters Margerie and Margaret to eyther of them sex pounds a pece for ther childes portion, so yt they make no more clayme to any other thing.

The xjth day of Nouember Ano D'ni 1580. THE INVEN. torie of the goods and chattell of M* Edward Conyers of Longnewton latelye deceassed wythin the diocæsie of durham taken, & priced by Mr Jhon Tunstall Jhon Robeson, Henrie Mawer, & Rauphe Turner the day, & yeare aboue wrytten. Inprimis xxvij yowes at inije viijd a pece vj' inje — Sex oxen x'— Fiue geld beastes iij' vjø viija_Two kye liij iiiją_Corne in the barne, & field xx! — Hay in the stackyeard x'— Thre horses iij' vji viijo ---An Iren bownd Wayne liij iiija - A long Wayne, a Cowpe, iij yockes, iiij teames, iiij plowes, & harowes xxvje viija -- An Arke in the barne wyth all the howshold stuffe iij' vj. viija–A swine nije —xv shepe hogges at iij' a pece xlv&_Jhon Cosan doth to hym iij'. Finis. Detts wch the sayed Edw. Conyers doth owe to Mr Rauphe Conyers vjø irija–To Rauphe Turner vs To his Cosing Yong Mr Jhon Conyers xlvjó viija To his wives son Robert Wilson for his childes portion vijl To the same Robert Wilson for the one halfe of his sister Genet Childes portion iij' x—To M* Jhon Conyers of London v! For the other parte of Genet Wilsons portion iij' x'--Sum'a de claro the dettes diducted is xxxviij' virijo nje.


MERCHANT.' 27 feb. 1580 Robert Rookebye base gotten sonne to my sonne Roberte

my son John Rookeby to my coussen Roberte Rokeby my stone pott wth a cover of sylver to my sonne Cuthberte Rookebye one Sylver pott — To my sonne John one other sylver pott ; an other sylver pott to Alice

1 This person was evidently the antient family of Rokeby, of Rokeby, in Yorkshire. His apparel and stock of plate prove him to have belonged to the very first class of Newcastle merchants.

ffarnabye thre doussen of Sylver Spoynes one to John another to Cuthbert & another to Roberte Rookebye and the best dousson I Reserue to


my two nestes of Goblets to be divided Betwene Cuthberte John & Robert Rookeby base gotten sonne to my sonne Robert Rookeby deceased Roberte Rookeby of Maske in Clevelande Xp'ofer Rookeby of Mortham Esquier.

INVENTORY dated 27 Feb. 1580 Inter alia. HIS APPARELL. One goune of brod clothe garded wthe velvet and lyned with faunes xxx". Two other gounes of brod Clothe xxx'. One olde goune ij". One velvet gerkyne sleveles xiij* iiija. One dowblett withe sleves of velvet vs. 2 bodyes of dowblett of sattoyne vj". 84. One newe boumbysine dowblett vs. One bodye of a dowblett of tanny damoske iij®. 44. 2 sleveles Jaccatts of floured damaske ijR. 2 ould dowbletts one of foushin p'le and the other of black foushian ij. One Jacatt of blacke fres ij'. vjų. 2 paire of ould blacke brode hose xijd. His WIFES APPARELL. Two gounes of black wordsted garded wthe taches and kepers iiij'.

2 blacke brod clothe gounes lyned withe red tawnye Chamlett one of them purpled and th’other vnpurpled vjl. One brod clothe goune lyned withe tawny Chamlett xx. 2 scarlett kertles garded wthe velvet iij'. One blacke Chamlet kertle vjø. 8d. One other tawnye kertle garded wthe velvet ij. THE SILVER PLAYT IN THE BUTTRYE. Two silver salts wth a cover p’cell gilt wees 38 ownces at 4'. per ownce ys viij'. xvij. 44. One whit selver salt wthe a Cou' 8 once xxxijo. One whit silver salt wthe a cover vj once xxiiije. 3 silver gobletts wthe a cover p'cell gilt 78 onces xviij': 46. One silver pott wthe a cover double gilt 16 ownces iiij'. One other silver pott wthe a Cover double gilt 13 ownces at vs. iij' vo. One other pote without a Couer single gelt 7 ounces at inje. viija. xxxij. 88. 3 whit gobletts of silver 24 onces at 4'.

iiij. xvj. One stone pott garnished wth sylver wth a Cover & gylt is. One dozen of postell spoones of silver weighinge 24 ownces at 48. iiij'. xvjø. One other dozen of sylver spoones 14 ownces at 48. lvje

. One other dosen spones 12 ownces at 46. xlviij®. One other dosen spones 14 ow'c at iiij®. theis spones being sleppe endyd, lvjø. One sylver gyrdell 3 ownces xijk. One other gyr. dell with a heed & a pendas 9 ownces xlije. One gyrdell wth a hed & a pendas 7 ownces xxx* iiijaOne other gyrdell rased wth knotts of the self wees 9 ownces att 4*. xxxvj. Broken sylver goldsmithe worke 12 ownces xlviij". 12 paier of beades wth some sylvar gawdyes iij'. vj$. viija. 9 gold rings weighinge 2 ownces & 3 quarters at 50%. per owce vj'. xvije. vid. One

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