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'. and so effectually refuted, as no longer to deserve our notice.

The ancient fathers never meant to inform us what the Trinity really was, but only how it might in some degree be illustrated; and, for this end, they certainly discovered many similitudes, which, though not strictly applicable, were sufficient to show, that a triune subsistence was not, in the nature of things, either an ab. surdity or an impossibility.” +

+ See Huntingford on the Trinity, $ xv...

(To be concluded in our next.)

LIST OF NEW PUBLICATIONS. A N Address to the Arch- ciples of the Reformation. A bishop of Canterbury, on Preached before the University the propriety and usefulness of of Oxford, in the year 1807, at Şunday evening Lectures. By the Lecture founded by the the Rcv. George Henderick. Rev. John Bampton, M. A. 4to. 1s.

Canon of Salisbury. By Thos. Sketch of a National Institu- Le Mesurier, M. A. Rector of tion for training up the Children Newnton Longville, Bucks. of the Poor in Moral and Reli. 8vo. 105, 6d. gious Principles, and in Habits A Brief Apology for Quakerof useful Industry. Extracted ism. By a Subscriber to the from The Madras School, or, Edinburgh Review. 8vo. 1$. Elements of Tuition. By the Questions in the Holy Scrip. Rev. Dr. A. Bell. 8vo. Is. tures to be answered in Writing

Zeal without Innovation; or in Exercises at School, or in the the present state of Religion and course of Private Instruction. Morals considered ; with a view By John Bullen. 12mo. 35. to the Dispositions and Mea Letter on the Catholic Claims; sures required for its Improve written to the late Right Hon. ment. To which is subjoined, Edmund Burke in the year an Address to Young Clergy. 1795. By the Hon. William men; intended to guard them Smith. L.L. D. F. R. S. and against some prevalent errors. M. R. I. A. Now third Baron 8vo. 7s. 60.

of the Exchequer of Ireland, No False Alarm ; or a Sequel. then a Member of the late Para to Religious Union, being the liament of that Country. 8vo. result of Parochial Visitation Is. 6d. through the Archdeaconry of Lessons for Young Persons in Bedford. By the Rev. R. 'Shep. Humble Life ; calculated to proherd, D. D. Archdeacon of Bed. mote their Improvement in the ford. 8vo. 2s, 6d.

Art of Reading, in Virtue and Eight Sermons : The Nature Piety, and particularly in the and Ğuilt of Schism, with a par- Knowlege of the Duties peculiar ticular Reference to the Prin- to their Stations ;' 12mo? 3. 6d.

Chm. Mag. May 1808.

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THE Anniversary of the Sons After the service, they all

1 of the Clergy was cele- went in procession to Merchant brated on the 12th inst. About Tailors'-hall, where a sumptutwelve o'clock, the Artillery ous dinner was provided. Company Volunteers marched The Lord Mayor filled the to Temple-bar, where they met chair, with His Royal Highness his Royal Highness the Duke of the Duke of York on his right, York, whom they escorted to and the Archbishop of Canterthe cathedral of St. Paul's, with bury on his left. * There were their military band playing. At also present, besides those alSt. Paul's, His Royal Highness ready mentioned : was met by the Lord Mayor, Viscount Bridport; Lords Sheriffs, Aldermen, and Cham- Arden, Ellenborough, and Bolberlain of London, his Grace ton : Archbishops of York and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Cashel; Bishops of Durham, and the Bishop of Bristol, Earls Winchester, Lincoln, Bath and Radnor, Nelson, &c. &c. who Wells, Salisbury, Exeter, Chiserved in person as stewards. chester, Bangor, Oxford, Bris.

The anthems and music com- tol, Carlisle, Down, &c. posed and selected for this occa- After dinner, several 'appro. sion were sublime, and under priate toasts were given, and the direction of Sir William Par- songs sung. The amount of sons.

the collections were The sermon was preached by At the Rehearsal the Rev. Francis Randolph, D. on Tuesday - - - 53 8 0 D. Prebendary of Bristol, &c. At the Cathedral 223 2 6 His text was from the 65th At the Hall - 563 16 0 chapter of Isaiah, and 9th verse. - And I will bring forth a seed

- Total-840 6 6 out of Jacob,” &c.

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Oxford, April 30. mont, Bachelor in Civil Law, VITEDNESDAY,- the first of Brasenose College, was ad

day of Easter Term, the mitted to his Doctor's degree in Rev. Charles Richard Beau- that faculty : Mr. Wm. Henry

Tinney, of Oriel College ; Rev. of St. Mary Hall, is appointed

Joseph Rose, of Christ Church; to preach the Bampton Lecture · Rev. Henry Youde, and Rev. next year. · Robert Chambres Jones, of Jesus Rev. William Nicholas Dar

College ; Rev. Charles Rich. well, of Corpus Christi College,
ards, of Magdalen College ; Mr. and the Rev. George Mountjoy.
John Pollard, and Mr. Thomas Webster, of St. John's College,
Dunbar, of Brasenose College, Masters of Arts, have been ad-
Bachelors of Arts, were admitted mitted B. D."
Masters of Arts.

William M' Michael, M. A. · Rev. Thomas Morgan, of and Student in Medicine of Magdalen Hall, was admitted to Christ Church, has been admit. the degree of Bachelor in Civil ted to the degree of M. B. with Law; Messrs. William Dom- licence to practise. ville, of St. Mary Hall ; Charles Mr. William Hamilton, B. A. Williams of New College, and of Trinity College, Dublin, has Maurice Hill Goodman, of been incorporated B. A. of this Brasenose,' were admitted Ba- University. chelors of Arts.

The Rev. William Slatter, of In Convocation, the Rev. Christ Church; Rev. Hugh William Corne, Student of Casement Carleton of WorcesChrist Church, and the Rev. ter College, and the Rev. Ed. John Goldesborough, Fellow of ward Careless, of Wadham Col. Magdalen College, M. A. were lege, Bachelors of Arts, have admitted Proctors; and the Rev. been admitted M. A. Richard Brickenden, Fellow of Messrs. Wm. Thomas Bree, Worcester College, Rev. John of Oriel College ; John Bush Josias Conybeare, Student of nell, of Pembroke College ; Christ Church; Rev. Francis Thomas - Dawson Allen, and Deacle, and Rev. William Od- John Penn Allen, of University die, Fellows of Magdalen Col. College ; John Brettell, of Wadlege, M. A. were admitted Pro- ham; Frederic Choppin, of St. Proctors.

John's; Henry Berkin, and John The Rev. Thomas Morgan, Collinson Bisset, of St. Edmund of Magdalen Hall, and John Hall, have been admitted BacheDodson, Esq. of Oriel College, lors of Arts. Bachelors of Civil Law, have CAMBRIDGE, May 7. been admitted Doctors in the On Monday last the following same faculty.

gentlemen were admitted to the The Rev. John Dean, of undermentioned degrees : Brasenose, and Rev. Edward Masters of Arts Messrs. EdCopleston, of Oriel College, ward John Burrow, of Magdalen M. A. and late Proctors, are ad. College ; William Lucas, Fellow mitted B. D.

of Caius College; Rev. Duke Mr. George Dale Collinson, Yonge, of King's; and. John of Queen's College, has been Brown of Sidney College. admitted Bachelor of Arts., Bachelors of ArtsMessrs.

May 14. The Rev. John Bai- Wm. Edge, of Emmanuel Colley Somers Carwithen, M. A. lege; Philip Gillard, of Sidney í


University Intelligence. Church Preferments.

William Hickey, of St. John's; ville, is iastituted to the Rectory Richard Crosse, Daniel Crofts, of West Wickham, in Kent, on Robert Anlezark, of Christ Cols the presentation of Lady Farnlege ; William Loggin, of Be- aby. ne't College; and George Samp- Rev. Richard Snape, forson, of Catharine Hall. merly of Magdalen College,

16. The Norrissian prize is Cambridge, is presented to the this year adjudged to Mr. Geo. Rectory of Brent Eleigh, Suffolk. Cornelius Gorham, of Queen's Rev. Harvey Marriott, of College, for his Essay on Public Worcester College, Oxford, has Worship.

been instituted to the Rectory of Mr. Henry James Slingsby, of Claverton, Somerset, on the King's College, is elected a Fel- presentation of Allen Tucker, low of that Society.


Rev. Robert Uvedale, M. A. The Rev. Robert Hankinson, late of Trinity College, CamM. A. of Trinity College, Cam- bridge, has been presented by bridge,' has been instituted to the Lord Chancellor to the Vje the endowed Vicarage of Wal. carage of Fotherby cum Brack. pole St. Andrew, Norfolk, on enbury, in Lincolnshire. the presentation of his father. . Rev. John Brown, M. A.

The Rev. John Hunt, B. D. Rector of Kildale, in Yorkshire, Vice President of Queen's Col. is instituted to the Vicarage of lege, Cambridge, is presented Kirkleatham, on the presentation by the President and Fellows of of Sir Charles Turner, Bart. that Society to the Rectory of Rev. Thomas Paley, M. A. South Walsham, Norfolk, void Senior Fellow of Magdalen Colo by the death of the Rev. James lege, Cambridge, is presented by Marsh.

the Master and Fellows of that , The Rev. Francis Ellis, B. D. Society, to the Rectory of Al Fellow of the same College, is drington, Sussex, vacated by the presented to the Rectory of death of the Rev. John DeighRockland, in Norfolk, also void ton. by the death of Mr. Marsh. Rev. Henry Hasted, M. A.

Rev. Richard Inman has been of Christ College, Cambridge, instituted to the Vicarage of the Lecturer of St. Mary, Bury, has Holy Trinity, King's Court, been instituted to the Rectory of York, on the presentation of Bradfield Combust, in Șutfolk, Charles Chaplin, Esq. : void by the death of the Rev,

Rev. Joseph Hargrave, M. A. William Norford. of Magdalen College, Cam. Rev. John Collinson, M. A. bridge, has been instituted to of Queen's College, Oxford, has the Rectory of St. Michael, been instituted to the Rectory Spurriergate, York, on the pres of Great Ponton, Lincolnshire, sentation of the Lord Chancellor. on the presentation of the Rev.

Rev. Randolph Rd. Knipe, Joseph Smith, Prebendary of M. A. Rector of Water Newton, North Grantham. Huntingdonshire, and Chaplain L ord Clive has presented the to the Earl of Leven and Mel Rev. Mr. Burke to the Vicarage

of Oswestry, in Shropshiré, on low of Hertford College, Ox" · the death of the Rev. D. Grif- ford, is presented by Miss Tylfiths.

ney Long to the Vicarage of The Rev. H. Cholmondeley, Roydon, Essex. . B. D. Dean of Chester, is pre- Rev. Frederick Blomberg, sented to the Rectory of Tarpor- M. A. has been instituted to the ley, in Cheshire, void by the Vicarage of Bradford, Wilts, on death of the Rev. S. Jackson, the presentation of the Dean M. A.

and Chapter of Bristol. Rev. T. Arnold, B, A. Fel

Monthly Obituary.

A T Sapcote in Leicester. battle of Minden. Boldness A shire, in his 54th year, and intrepidity strongly marked Mr. Joseph Smith, an opulent the countenance of Brotherton. grazier there. As he lived be. At the first sight of him, a perloved, so he died lamented by son of ordinary discernment all who knew him.' His skill in would have said, “ this man is music, and an uncommonly fine a hero." His aspect was open; voice, uniformly and regularly his complexion ruddy : his exerted in aid of the Public Wor. breast remarkably prominent. ship of the Established Church, The strength of his body was to which he was sincerely prodigious. He was the strongand zealously attached, con- est of three brothers, whose botributed to reader the Sapcote, dily powers, when in their choir, for many years, one of the bloom, could not, probably, be most respectable in the county. 'matched by those of any three In consequence of a paralytic members of the same family in seizure in the autumn, he had Great Britain. Some sense of been for some months deprived Religion distinguished him from of the use of his right leg and the careless multitude ; his man. hand; but he bore his affliction ners were gentle; and his gewith the patience and resigna- neral conduct was without oftion of a Christian, and expected fence. An anecdote illustrative his dissolution with a hope full of the care of divine Providence, of immortality.

well deserves to be recorded in At Blymbill, Staffordshire, in this account, which is written his 80th year, John Brotherton, chiefly for the purpose of introlabourer, a native of that parish. ducing it; the truth of the fact During eighteen years of his may be relied upon. Immediyouth, he faithfully served his ately on leaving his native cotcountry in the grenadier com- tage, to enter the army, Brotherpany of the 37th regiment, and ton took with him a small Bible, fought with that corps at the determining to make it the com

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