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too much set upon it. Let not my Purluit of
temporal Things rub me of that Time which
ought to be employed in the Concerns of my
Soul, nor divert me from the serious Thoughts
of the World to come. Let not the Cares of this
Life, nor the Importunity of Business make ne
neglect divine and spiritual Employments, nor
disturb me in the Performance of them. Make
me charitable to those that are in Want, willing
to distribute, and ready to communicate to the
Necessities of iny Brethren. Let me esteem no
Lofs comparable to that of Innocence and of
a good Conscience, nor harbour any Fear like
that of thy Displeasure, and of the intolerable
and eternal Pains of Hell-fire. Let thy Laws, O
my God, direct all my Steps in my greatest Dan-
gers; and make me more ftudious in all my
Counsels of what is lawful for me, than of what
seems serviceable and advantageous to my
worldly Circumstances. Let me never stoop to
any Sin in hopes to advance or preserve those
Riches which thy Bounty hath bestowed upon
me, that my Mind being purged from all cove-
tous Affections, my great Care may be to pro-
vide for Eternity, and to lay up a Treasure in
Heaven which faileth not: That when my Body
Thall tumble into Dust, my Soul may be received
into those eternal Manlions of Glory, which
thou haft prepared for all that love and fear
thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Lord God, who refiftest the Proud, and gi- Bp. Taylor

veft Grace to the Humble ; endue me with for Humia, such Humility of Soul, and Modesty of Beha-lity. kiour, that my Looks may no: be proud, nor my


Thoughts arrogant, nor my Designs ambitious ; but that, being restrained from all Vanity and Pride, and my Affections weaned from a great Opinion and Love of myself ; I may trust in thee, follow the Example of my blessed Master, and receive those Promises thou hast made in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

St. Michael and all Angels,

September 29.

Q. THAT Festival dotb the Church celebrate

this Day? A. That of St. Michael and all Angels. Q. What Account bave we from Scripture of

St. Michael ? Dan. 10.

A. That he was an Archangel, who presided 13. over the Jewilo Nation (styled one of the chief

Princes) as other Archangels did over the Gentile World, as is evident of the Kingdom of Perfia, and the Kingdom of Greece, from Da

niel; that he had an Army of Angels under his Rex. 12. Command and Conduct, that he fought with

the Dragon or Satan and his Angels, and that Jude 9. contending with the Devil, he disputed about

the Body of Moses.

Q. What doth the Fight, mentioned in the Revelation, of St. Michael and bis Angels againft

the Dragon and bis Angels, most probably figGrote

A. Some great Authors refer it to the Contest Harne


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that happened at Rome between St. Peter and Simon Magus; when that Apostle, by the Efficacy of his Prayers, entirely prevailed against the seducing Arts of that Magician. Others understand by it those violent Persecutions the Primitive Church laboured under, more or less, for Three Hundred Years, and which happily ceased Mede. when the Powers of the World became Christian. It is generally agreed, that it denotes some eminent Victory of the Christian Church, by the Alistance of those ministring Spirits over the Power and Malace of the Devil and his Inftruments, who set themselves with all their Might to perfecute and destroy it.

Q. To what former Disputes doth this Fight of the gcod and bad Angels seem to allude ?

Ă. To the Expulsion of Lucifer, and the rebellious Angels, from the Presence of God; it being very credible, that God should make use of some of his heavenly Host to drive those from his blessed Mansions, who had made themselves the just Objects of his Wrath. And


this account it may be thought, that the Prince of those Angels that fought against Satan, obtain'd the Name of Michael, which in the Hebrew lignifies, who is as God; in that he suppressed the Ariogancy of Lucifer, who went about to make himself in fome Sense equal with God.

Q. What is supposed to be the Contest about the Body of Moses.

A. Some think the Controversy was about reedifying the Temple, and restoring the Service of God among the Jews at Jerusalem, and that Ham. this in a figurative Šense may as fitly be styled the Body of Moses, as the Christian Church, or asfembling of Christians for the Service of Christ, Сс



Judė, ver. is called the Body of Christ; and for Proof of this

is urged, that the Passage of St. Jude is cited Zach. 3. from the Prophecy of Zachariab, where this

Matter is treated of. Others take the Body of Mofes in a literal Sense, and are of the Opinion that St. Michael, by the Order of God, hid the Body of Moses after his Death, and that the Devil endeavoured to discover it, as a fit means to entice the People to Idolatry by a superstitious. Worship of his Relicks.

Q. What is particularly observable in the Manner of St. Michael's Contest with the Devil ?

À. That notwithstanding he might have said a great deal of Evil justly of him, yet he would not use any reproachful Words, any Bitterness or Execration against him, but said, The Lord

Jude, ver. rebuke thee.


Q. What should this teach us?

Ā. It should make all Men,, but especially thofe who are a's Angels of God in the Church, ashamed and afraid, particularly in Controverfies of Religion, to use railing and injurious Reflections ; since such opprobious Language neither becomes the Nature of their Offence, nor their Character as Christians.

Q. What is meant by tløe Word Angel?

A. In a general Sense it fignifies no more than a Messenger, or Embassador employed upon another's Errand ; but in Scripture, and in common Way of speaking, it is taken for a Celestial Spirit, a divine Sort of Messenger made and employed by and under God.

Q. What Proof is there of the Existence of *Angels? · A. The general Consent and Tradition of Mankind concerning it, and theis Ministry about us; confirmed by the clear and express Testimony of Scripture, which gives an Account of their appearing to the Patriarchs and holy Men of old.


Q. Are Angels pure Spirits ?

A. It is the most current Opinion of the Christian Church, and seems most agreeable to Scripture, that Angels are pure Spirits, without any thing that is material and corporeal belonging to them ; but yet so that they have, a Power to assume thin and airy Bodies, and can, when they please, appear in human Shape, as they are frequently in Scripture said to have done.

Q. Have not some kind of Bodies been attributed to Angels ?

A. Not only the ancient Philosophers, but fome of the Primitive Fathers were of this Opinion, and they made them to consist of the purest and finest Matter, which they call therial; grounding this Conjecture upon a pious Belief, that it is the peculiar Excellency and Prerogative of the divine Nature, to be a pure and simple Spirit, wholly separate from Matter.

Q. What are the Properties of good Angels ?

A. They are said in Scripture to excel in Strength, to be endowed with great Knowledge Pfal. 103. and Wisdom, to be eminent for Purity and Ho-20. liness, whence the Title is given them of the 2 Sam. 14. boly Angels. Besides, they are represented as full of Wings; to denote the great Activity and Swiftness of their Motions. And their Office consists in constantly attending upon the great and glorious King of Heaven and Earth, expecting his Commands, and ready to execute his Will,

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17, 20.

Mat. 25:


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