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your hearts.

22 JESUS saith to him : I say came, and told their lord all not to thee, till seven times; that was done. but till seventy times seven 32 Then his lord called him: times.

and said to him: Thou wicked 23 Therefore is the kingdom servant, I forgave thee all the of heaven likened to a king, debt, because thou besoughtest who would take an account of me: his servants.

33 Shouldst not thou then 24 And when he had begun have had compassion also on to take the account, one was thy fellow-servant, even as I brought to him, that owed him had compassion on thee? ten thousand talents.

34 And his lord being angry, 25 And as he had not where delivered him to the torturers with to pay it, his lord com- until he paid all the debt. manded that he should be sold, 35 So also shall my heavenly and his wife and children, and Father do to you, if you forgive all that he had, and payment to not every one his brother from be made. 26 But that servant falling

CHAP. XIX. down, besought him, saying: Have patience with me, and I

Christ declares matrimony to be indis. will pay thee all.

soluble: he recommends the making 27 And the lord of that ser

one's-self an eunrch for the kingdum og

heaven; and parting with all things vant being moved with pity, let for him.

He shens the danger of

riches, and the reward of leaving all him go and forgave him the

to follow him. debt. 28 But when that servant was

ND it came to pass when gone out, he found one of his

A Jesus had ended these words fellow-servants that owed him he departed from Galilee, a and an hundred pence: and laying came into the coasts of Judea, hold of him, he throitled him,

beyond Jordan. saying: Pay what thou owest. 2 And great multitudes fol. 29 And his fellow-servant,

lowed him: and he healed them falling down, besought him,

there. saying: Have patience with me,

36 And there came to him the and I will pay thee all.

Pharisees tempting him, say. 30 And he would not: but ing: Is it lawful for a man to put went and cast him into prison, away his wife for every cause! till he paid the debt.

4 Who answering, said to 31 Now his fellow-servants them: Have ye not read, that he seeing what was done, were

o who made man from the bevery much grieved, and they ginning, made them male and

female? And he said: Ver. 24. Talents, A talent was

5 d For this cause shall a man seven hundred and fifty ounces of leave father and mother, and silver, which at the rate of five shil.

shall cleave to his wife, and they lings to the ounce is a hundred and eighty-seven pounds ten shillings ster

two shall be in one flesh. ling:

Ver. 28. Pence. The Roman penny a Mark 10.1.- Mark 10. 2.-C Gen was the eighth part of an ounce, that is, 1. 27.-0 Gen, 2.21. 1 Cor. 6. 16. about sevenpence halfpenny English Ephes. 5. 31.

6 Therefore now they are not nuchs for the kingdom of hea. two, but one flesh. What there- ven. He that can take, let him fore God hath joined together, take it. let no man put asunder.

13 . Then were little children 7 They say to him :

. Why presented to him, that he should then did Moses command to give impose hands upon them and a bill of divorce, and to put pray And the disciples rebuked away?

them. 8 He saith to them: Because 14 But JESUS said to them: Moses by reason of the hard-d Suffer the little children, and ness of your heart permitted forbid them not to come to me: you to put away your wives: for the kingdom of heaven is but from the beginning it was for such, not so.

15 And when he had imposed 9 6 And I say to you, that hands upon them, he departed whosoever shall put away his from thence. wife, except it be for fornication, 16 And behold one came and and shall marry another, com- said to him: Good master, what mitteth adultery; and he that good shall I do that I may have shall marry her that is put away, life everlasting? committeth adultery.

17 Who said to him: Why 10 His disciples say unto him: askest thou me concerning If the case of a man with his good ? One is good, God. But wife be so, it is not expedient if thou wilt enter into life, keep to marry.

the commandments. 11 Who said to them: All 18 He said to him: Which? men take not this word, but And JESUS said: Thou shalt they to whom it is given. do no murder, Thou shall not

12 For there are eunuchs, commit adultery, Thou shalt not who were born so from their steal, Thou shalt not bear false mother's womb : and there are witness. eunuchs, who were made so by 19 Honour thy father and thy men: and there are eunuchs, mother : and, Thou shalt love who have made themselves eu- thy neighbour as thyself.

20 The young man saith to a Deut. 24. 1.- Supra, 5. 32. Mark him: All these have I kept from 10. 11. Luke 16. 18. 1 Cor. 7. 10.

my youth, what is yet wanting · CHAP. XIX. Ver. 9. Except it be, to me ? &c. In the case of fornication, that 21 JESUS saith to him: II is, of adultery, the wife may be put away: but even then the husband can

thou wilt be perfect, go sell what not marry another as long as the wife is living

c Mark 10. 13. Luke 18. 15.- Su. Ver. 11. All men take not this word. That is, all receive not the gift of pra, 18. 3.-c Exod. 20. 13. living, singly and chastely, unless they pray for the grace of God to enable to be taken in the literal sense; bu: them to live so, and for some it may means, that there are such, who hare be necessary to that end to fast as well taken a firm and commendable resoas pray, and to those it is given from lution of leading a single and chaste above.

life, in order to serve God in a more Ver. 12. There are cunuchs, roho perfect state than those who marry: as have made themselves eunuchs for the St. Paul clearly shews, 1 Cor. chap. vil. kingdom of heaven. This text is not vers. 37. 38


thou hast, and give to the poor,

CHAP, XX. and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me.

The parable of the labourers in the vine.

yard. The ambition of the two sond 22 And when the young man of Zebedee. Christ gives sight to two had heard this word, he went

blind men.

IE away sad: for hie had great pos- The kingdom of heaven is like .

to an 23 Then Jesus said to his dis- | out early in the morning to hire ciples: Amen I say to you, that labourers into his vineyard. a rich man shall hardly enter 2 And having agreed with the into the kingdom of heaven. labourers for a penny a day, he

24 And again I say to you: sent them into his vineyard. It is easier for a camel to pass 3 And going out about the through the eye of a needle, third hour, he saw others stand. than for à rich man to enter ing in the market-place idle, into the kingdom of heaven. 4 And he said to them: Go

25 And when they had heard you also into my vineyard, and this, the disciples wondered will give you wbat shall be very much, saying: Who then just. can be saved ?

5 And they went their way. 26 And Jesus beholding said and again he went out about to them: With men this is im- the sixth and the ninth hour: possible: but with God all and did in like manner. things are possible.

6 But about the eleventh hour 27 Then Peter answering, he went out and found other said to him: Behold we have standing, and he saith to them: left all things, and have fol- Why stand you here all the day lowed thee: what therefore idle ? shall we have ?

7 They say to him : Because 28 And Jesus said to them:

no man hath hired us. He saith Amen I say to you, that you, to them: Go ye also into my who have followed me, in the vineyard: regeneration, when the son of 8 And when evening was man shall sit on the seat of his come, the lord of the vineyard majesty, you also shall sit on saith to his steward: Call the twelve seats Judging the twelve labourers and pay them their tribes of Israel.

hire, beginning from the last 29 And every one that hath

even to the first. eft house, or brethren, or sis- 9 When therefore they were ters, or father, or mother, or come that came about

the wifé, or children, or lands for eleventh hour, they received my name's sake; shall receive

every man a penny. an hundred fold, and shall pos- 10 But when the first also sess life everlasting,

came, they thought that they 30 And many that are first, should receive more: and they shall be last: and the last shall also received everyman a penny. be first.

11 And receiving it they mur mured against the master of the

house, a Infra, 20. 16, Mark 10. 31. Luke 18 %0.

12 Saying: These last have worked but one hour, and thou 23 He saith to them: My hast made them equal to us, chalice indeed you shall drink: that have borne the burden of but to sit on my right or left the day and the heats.

hand, is not mine to give to you, 13 But he answering said to but to them for whom it is preone of them: Friend, I do thee pared by my Father. no wrong: didst thou not agree 24 And the ten hearing it, with me for a penny !

were moved with indignation 14 Take what is thine, and against the two brethren. go thy way: I will also give to 25 d But JESUS called them this last even as to thee.

to him, and said: You know 15 Or, is it not lawful for me that the princes of the gentiles to do what I will! is thy eye lord it over them: and they that evil, because I am good ! are the greater, exercise power 16 a So shall the last be first,

upon them. and first last. For many are

26 It shall not be so among called, but few chosen.

you, but whosoever will be the 17 And JESUS going up to greater among you, let him be Jerusalem, took the twelve dis- your minister. ciples apart, and said to them: 27 And he that will be first

18 Behold we go up to Jeru- among you, shall be your sersalem, and the son of man shall vant. be betrayed to the chief priests 28. Even as the son of man and the scribes, and they shall- is not come to be ministered condemn him to death.

unto, but to minister, and to 19 And shall deliver him to give his life a redemption for the gentiles to be mocked, and many: scourged, and crucified, and the 29 S And when they went out third day he shall rise again. from Jericho, a great multitudo

20 Then came to him the followed him. mother of the sons of Zebedee 30 And behold two blind men with her sons, adoring and ask- sitting by the way side, heard ing something of him.

that Jesus passed by, and they 21 Who said to her : What cried out, saying: 0 Lord, thou wilt thou? She saith to bim : son of David, have mercy on Say that these my two sons may sit, the one on thy right hand, 31 And the multitude rebuked and the other on thy left, in thy them that they should hold their kingdom.

peace. But they cried out the 27 And JESUS answering, more, saying: 0 Lord, thou son said : You know not what you of David, have mercy on us. ask. Can you drink the chalice 32 And Jesus stood, and called that I shall drink? They say them, and said: What will yo to him: We can.

that I do to you?

33 They say to him: Lord, a Supra, 19. 30. Mark 10. 31. Luke that our eyes be opened. 13. 30.-O Mark 10. 35.

34 And Jesus having com


CHAP. XX. Ver. 15. What I will. Vis., with my own, and in matters that depend on my own bour' y.

c Mark 10.. 41.- Luke 22. 25.e Phil. 2. 7.-Mart 10. 46. Lake 18


passion on them, touched their cometh in the name of the Lord: eyes. And immediately they Hosanna in the highest. saw, and followed him.

10 And when he was come

into Jerusalem, the whole city CHAP. XXI.

was moved, saying: Who is Christ rides into Jerusalem upon an

this? ass: he casts the buyers and sellers

11 And the people said : This out of the temple: curses the fig-tree: und puts to 'silence the pricsts and

is Jesus the prophet, from Nascribes.

zareth of Galilee.

12 d And JESUS went into the ND a when they drew nigh to

Jerusalem, and were come to temple of God, and cast out all Bethphage, unto Mount Olivet, them that sold and bought in then Jesus sent two disciples,

the temple, and overthrew the 2 Saying to them: Go ye into

tables of the money-changers, the village that is over against and the chairs of them that sold

doves. you, and immediately you shall

13 And he saith to them: It find an ass tied and a colt with her: loose them and bring them

is written, · My house shall be

called the house of prayer : but to me: 3. And if any man shall say you have made it a den of

thieves. anything to you, say ye, that the

14 And there came to him the Lord hath need of them: and blind, and the lame in the temforthwith he will let them go.

4 Now all this was done that ple; and he healed them. it might be fulfilled which was

15 And the chief priests and spoken by the prophet, saying:

scribes seeing the wonderful 5 6 Téll ye the daughier of things that he did, and the chilSion: Behold thy king cometh to

dren crying in the temple, and thee, meek, and sitting upon an

saying, Hosanna to the son of ass, and a colt the foal of her David; were moved with indigthat is used to the yoke.


16 And said to him: Hearest 6 And the disciples going did as JESUS commanded them.

thou what these say? And JE7 And they brought the ass

sus said to them: Yea, have you and the colt, and laid their gar

never read : s Out of the mouth ments upon them, and made of infants and of sucklings thou" him sit thereon.

hast perfected praise. 8 And a very great multitude

17 And leaving them, he went spread their garments in the

out of the city into Bethania,

and remained there. way: and others cut boughs from the trees, and strewed

18 And in the morning rethem in the way:

turning into the city he was 9 And the multitudes that

hungry. went before and that followed,

19 8 And seeing a certain figoried, saying: Hosanna to the

tree by the way side, he came to son of David; Blessed is he that it, and found nothing on it but

a Mark 11, 1. Luke 19. 29.- Isaias 12. 11. Zach. 9. 9. John 12. 15.-c Ps. 119.96. Mark 11. 10. Luke 19. 38.

d Mark 11. 15. Luke 19. 45, John 2 14.- Isaias 56. 7. Jer, 7.11. Luke 19 46. Ps. 8. 3.-8 Mark 11. 13

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