Obrazy na stronie

twenty cocoa-nuts and make your oil; it with no busband, without food, did not will suffice. But it will be much harder grudge to give all she bad to the Lord. if you get in debt for four or five months, Why did she do this? Because she had and leave it all to be made at once. repented, and brought forth good fruit.

“ Yes, in this you are not like the peo- So it is your privilege to give your all 10 ple of Jaluij. They have but few cocoa God and trust him, for he will always renuts, and their “aling iju” is under the ward faith. sea. Do folks live there ? No; but they “• What think you of Jesus' coming to do not shrink from the danger of drown- earth to die for us? He knew they would ing or fainting, but dive down and search betray him; that nails would be driven for red coral, that they may have some into his hands and feet, and that the thing to give to God. [We received $5' spear would pierce bis side. Why did he from the sale of red coral from Jaluij last come? Because of his love to us, and year, and think it will be more than double pity for us. Where is some little you that this year. The church, formed there can do for him in return for his great last November, numbers ten, under a na- mercy ? tive teacher].

“* Show your gratitude by loving and “I want to read to you another word helping the inbabitants of heathen lands; from Mark xii. 41-44: “And Jesus sat for you know that they are ignorant of over against the treasury,” etc. When God who made them — "He that made Jesus was sitting there, he saw the rich heaven and earth, the sea, and all that bringing their gifts from their ten thou- in them is.” They worship rubbish of the sands, or five thousands, or three thou- earth, because they sit in darkness. O, sands, or their thousand dollars, and they pity them, and help teach them the way gave a portion. But this woman, a poor of life.' widow, came and put into the treasury two mites, or one farthing. When she “ Such is a brief sketch of the view had done this, Jesus called his disciples which our returned missionary' took of that he might tell them about this woman. bearing fruit. It needs no comment from “ This poor woman has given more than me; but I will say that, as I sat down to they all, for she has given all that she write this, yesterday, I saw four men each had, yes, all her living."

carrying a part of the deficient · aling iju,' “* What do think of the praise Jesus about five gallons, and this morning I saw gave this woman? She had given and a similar sight.” not kept back a part. This poor woman,



ter their delivery, and first published at The Way, the Truth, and the Life: Lectures to Bombay, at the earnest request of native

Educated Hindoos, delivered on his late visit gentlemen who had heard them. They to India, by Rev. Julius H. SEELYE, Pro are entitled, (1.) “The Desirable End of fessor in Amherst College. Boston: Congre- Progress"; (2.) “ The Christian Religion gational Publishing Society. 1873.

worthy of Examination"; (3) “The Light This small volume of 146 duodecimo of Life”; (4.) The Need of a Divine pages, will be read with great interest, Work in Man's Redemption.” A lecture both because of its intrinsic worth and of his on Miracles, previously given in Bosbecause of the circumstances which gave ton, which Professor Seelye found circulatit being It contains four of the lectures ing among English readers in India, is also delivered before large and continually in- republished in this volume, adding to its creasing audiences of Brahmins and other completeness and value for future use in educated natives in India, written out af- India, as well as here.



Howland, daughter of Mr. Howland, of INTELLIGENCE has been received of Ceylon, and Miss Sarah F. Norris, M. D., the arrival in the Zulu field of Mr. and of Chelsea, Mass., sailed from New York Mrs. Stone, Mr. and Mrs. Kilbon, and September 13th. Messrs. Howland and Mrs. Tyler, who sailed from New York Chandler, with their wives, are to join in May last. They reached Natal July the Madura mission, Miss Howland goes 16.

to Ceylon, and Miss Norris to the Mahratta mission.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester sailed from New

York in August, returning to the Madura Rev. William S. HOWLAND, son of mission. Rev. W. W. Howland, of the Ceylon mission, and Mrs. Mary L. (Carpenter) Howland, of Monson, Mass., Rev. John S. Chandler, son of Rev. J. E. Chandler, Ar Harpoot, Eastern Turkey, August of the Madura mission, and Mrs. Jane E. 18, Kate Wells, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. (Minor) Chandler, daughter of Mr. Mi- A. N. Andrus, of the Mardin station, aged nor, formerly of the Ceylon mission, now two years and three weeks. from New Haven, Conn., Miss Susan R.



In part of the edition of the October Herald, Legacies from Cleveland, Ohio, and from Shanghai, China, were omitted (one in some copies and both in others), and $3,388.09, the amount from Boston, was improperly extended. These errors were corrected in the larger part of the edition.


Kennebunkport, a friend of the cause,

100 Cumberland county.

Lyman, Cong. ch. and so.

21 19--71 00 Portland, State st. ch. and so. m. c.

9 26 Franklin county.

882 02 Farmington, Cong. ch. and so. 22 26

NEW HAMPSHTRE. Weld, 1st Cong. ch. and so.

15 00—37 26 Cheshire co. Conf. of Ch's. George Kennebec county.

Kingsbury, Tr. Waterville, Cong. ch. and so. 12 50

East Jaffrey, Cong. ch. and so. 10 00 Winthrop, Cong ch. and so.

10 504-23 00 Fitzwilliam, Cong. ch. and so. 41 28 Lincoln county, a friend, 12 00 Walpole, Cong. ch. and so.

67 02-118 30 Lincoln and Sagadahoc counties.

Grafton county.
Edgecomb, Cong. ch. and so.

15 00
Barnstead, Cong. ch. and so.

5 50 Thomaston, Cong. ch. and so. 31 00

Wentworth, Cong. ch. and so. 22 65 Union, “Several persons,"

500—51 00 West Lebanon, Cong. ch. and so. 26 71-54 86 Oxford county.

Hillsboro co. Conf. of Ch's. George Bethel, lst Cong. ch. and so. 20 00

Swain, Tr. Gorbam, 1st Cong. ch. and so. 21 60

Antrim, Presb. ch. and so.

22 00 xford, Cong. ch. and so. m. c. 4 50

Hancock, Cong. ch. and so.

22 00 Rumford, Cong ch, and so.

500--51 10 Manchester, Franklin st. ch. and so., Penobscot co. Aux. Soc. E. F. Duren, addi,

28 10—72 10 Tr.

Merrimac co. Aux. Soc. Brewer, 1st Cong. ch. and so. 16 40

Concord, South Cong ch. and so. 15 55 Hampden, Cong. ch. and so. 38 00—54 40 Epsom, Cong ch. and so.

16 00 Somerset county.

Hopkinton, Cong. ch. and so., add’ı, 60 00 Norridgewock, Cong. ch. and so. 48 00 Winnot, Cong. ch. and so.

6 00486 55 Union Conf. of Churches.

Rockiogham county: Lovell, Cong. ch. and so., add'l,

1 00 Atkinson, Cong. ch. and so. m. c. 7 94 Waldo county.

Raymond, H. J. D.,

300-10 94 Belfast, ist Cong. ch. and so.

10 00 Strafford county. Washington county.

Gilmanton, Cong. ch. and so. 20 00
Murhias, “ Mschias,"

10 00
Ossipee, Cong. ch. and so.

15 50
Milltown, Sarah D. Stickney,
400--14 00 Tamworth, a friend,

50 00--85 50 York county.

Sullivan co. Aux. Soc. N. W. Goddard, Acton, Cong. ch. and so.

11 21

Tr. Alfred, Cong. ch. and 80.

37 60

Acworth, Cong. ch. and so. 11.50;
Rev. N. R. Nichols, 5;

16 50

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Claremont, D. M. Ide, for Japan Miss. 15 00

Essex, Cong. ch. and so.

50 00 Plainfield, Cong. ch. and so. 10 00—41 50 Lynn, 1st Cong. ch. and so. 64 87

Salem, a friend,

10 00 469 75 South Lynnfield, Cong. ch. and so. 5 00—145 72 VERMONT.

Franklin co. Aux. Soc. William B Addison county. Amos Wilcox, Tr.

Washburn, Tr. Shoreham, Cong. ch. and so.

56 60 Bernardston, Cong. ch. and so. 2 50 Bennington county.

Buckland, Cong.ch, and so.

16 00 Manchester, Cong. ch, and so., to

Northfield, Cong. ch. and so. 31 41 coast. LEVI D. Cor, H. M. 111 00 Orange, Cong. ch. and so.

5 85 Caledonia co. Conf. of Ch's. I. A.

Sunderland, Cong. ch. and so. 28 75 Howard, Tr.

Warwick, Cong. ch. and so. 25 00—109 51 Danville, Cong. ch. and so.

27 75

Hampden county, Aux. Soc. Charles East St. Johnsbury, Cong. ch. and

Marsh, Tr. 80., addi,

10 00

Monson, Cong. ch. and so. 111.69, St. Johnsbury, South Cong. ch. and

m. c. 81.07; E. F. Morris, to con80.

75 00-112 75 stitute Alice A. MORRIS, H. M., Chittenden county.


292 76 Burlington, 1st Calv. ch. and so. 19 72

Hampshire county, Aux. Soc. 8. E.
Jericho Centre, Cong. ch. and so. 38 00

Bridgman, Tr.
Williston, Cong. ch. and so m. c. 16 50_-73 22 Amherst, Rhoda Ann Chester, 100 00
Franklin co. Aux. Soc. C. B. Swift, Tr.

Belchertown, Cong. ch. and so. 105 20
Georgia, Cong. ch. and so.

10 30 Easthampton, Payson Cong. ch. and Orleans county.

682 94 Brownington, Cong. ch. and so. 15 22

Hadley, Russell ch, m. c.

11 79-899 98 Holland, Cong. ch. and so.


Middlesex county. Newport, Cong. ch. and so. m. o. 19 15

and so.

son, Tr.


Bedford, Trio. Cong. ch. and so. 31, North Craftsbury, Cong. ch. and so. 42 00—83 87 m. c. 36.80;

67 80 Rutland co. James Barrett, Agent.

Cambridge, North Ave. ch. and so.
Brandon, Cong. ch. and so.

27 85
41.68; a friend, 8;

49 68 Castleton, Cong. ch. and so. 60, m.

Cambridgeport, Stearns Chapel m. c. 41;

101 00
c. 18.70; Miss C. Winship, 40;

58 70 Pittsfield, Cong. ch. and so. 6.50;

East Cambridge, Evan. Cong. ch. Melvina Huggins, 3.50; 10 00

60 00 West Rutland, Cong. ch. and so. 150 00-288 35 East Somerville, Franklin st. ch. Windham co. Aux. Soc. 0. F. Thomp

m. o.

15 58

Everett, Mrs. Benjamin Odlin, 10 00 Brattleboro. Cong. ch. and so. 93.07;

Lincoln, F.,

15 00 J. B. S., 100;

193 07 Melrose, Ortho. Cong. ch. and so. 60 00 Windsor co. Aux. Soo. Rev. 0. B.

Newtonville, Central Cong. ch. and Drake and J. Steele, Tr's.

90 54 Chester, Cong. ch. and so.. add'l, 20 60

Reading, Old South ch. and so. 103 45 Ludlow, Cong. ch. and so.

17 03

Sudbury, Union Evan. ch. and so. 13 80—534 55 Norwich, Cong. ch. and so.

18 47

Middlesex Union. Rochester, Cong. ch. and so., add'l, 10 00

Ashby, Ortho. ch. and so.

26 00 Woodstock, 1st Cong. ch. and so.

Maynard, Cong. ch. and so.

80 82 m. o. 17 15–-83 25 Townsend, Miss M. C. H.,

100 57 82 Norfolk county. 1,011 91

Franklin, Charles S. Bassett, 15 00 Legacies. – Brattleboro, Mrs. Arabella

South Braintree, Cong. ch. and so. N. Smith, by B. Ranger, Ex'r, 100 00

6 65 West Medway, V. M.,

10 00 1,111 91 West Roxbury, South Evan.ch. and MASSACHUSETTS.

so. m. o.

11 00 Barnstable county.

Weymouth, a friend,

30 00 Provincetown, Coog. ch. and so. 8 10

Wrentham, Cong. ch. and so. m. c. 625-77 90 Wellfleet, 2d Cong. ch. and so. m. o.

Old Colony Auxiliary.

25 00—33 10 Cohasset, Cong. ch. and so. Berkshire county.

Plymouth county. New Marlboro, 1st Cong. ch. and so.

East Abington, 3d Cong.ch. and so. 100 00 83.10, m. c. 16.90;

100 00

North Bridgewater, Porter ch. and Peru, District coll. 25 00

166 04 Pitt-field, 1st Cong. ch. and so, in

South Abington, Cong. ch. and so. 30 00--296 04 memoriam of Rev. John Todd,

Worcester co. North. D.D.

270 98

Gardner, 1st Cong. ch. and so. 75 45 West Stockbridge Centre, Cong. ch.

Hubbardston, Evan. Cong ch. and and ro.

21 00_-416 98

14 75 Boston and vicinity.

Winchendon, North Cong. ch. and Boston, of which from Gardner Ed.

HO. 61.49; "A thank-offering for munds, 100; X, “ for the debt,"

Jesus," 6;

65 49--145 69 10: P., 10;

1,565 66 Worcester co. Central Asso'n. E. H. Walnut Ave. ch. and no. (prev, ack.

Sanford, Tr. without designation, 767.63)

Sterling, Ortho. Cong. ch. m. o. 500 Bristol county.

Worcester, Central ch, m. o. 217 75 Norton, Trin. Cong. ch. and so.

18 10 A friend, by hand of W. R. Hooper, 880 00–1,102 75 Brookfield Asso'n. William Hyde, Tr.

Worcester co. South Conf. of Ch's. North Brookfield, Augustus Smith,

60 00 William R. Hill, Tr. Essex co. North Conf. of Ch's. William

Grafton, Cong. ch. and so

78 86 Thurston, Tr.

Milford, 1st Cong. ch. and so. 64 00—187 86 Amesbury and Salisbury, Union Evan. church, 9 32

6,614 5 Georgetown, Memorial ch. and so. 47 10

Legacies. — Enfield, J. B. Woods, by Hav-phill, North Cong. ch. and so.

W. B. Kimball, Ex'r,

40 00 440.06; West Cong. ch. and so.

Ludlow, Joseph Miller, by D. C. 69 75;

609 81
Jones, Ex'r,

300 00
Salisbury, Nathan Worthen, 100--567 23 Williamsburg, Ebenezer Phillips, by
Essex co. South Conf. of Ch's. C. M.

Thomas M. Carter, Ex'r, 375 42-715 42 Richardson, Tr. Beverly, Dane st. ch. and so. m. e. 15 86

7,229 67

m. C.

in part,




New York, H. I.,50; J. H. Pedro, 2.50; 52 50 Bristol. [The amount acknowledged in

Syracuse, M. Button,

2 00 the October “Herald” for the gen

West Farms, Alphonso Wood,

13 00—624 76 eral work (500), and the amount acknowledged in this pumber for Nom

NEW JERSEY. inally Christian Lands (142.92), have

Chester, Cong. ch. and so.

17 10 been received from the following sources : Mrs. Maria De W. Rogers,

Summit, C. Bardwell,

50 00—67 10 250 ; Miss Charlotte De Wolf, 250;

PENNSYLVANIA. Ladies' Miss'y Society, 30; Others in the congregation, 112.92.]

Brownsville, Com. on Miss. of Cumb. Peace Dale, Cong. ch. and so.

20 50

Presb. ch. (of wh. from Scubgrass Providence, Elmwood Cong. ch. and so.

and Cranberry Congregations, to 50.62; Pilgrim Cong. ch. and so. 10; 60 62

const Rev. J. A. BOWMAN, of RockTiverton, Cong. ch. and so.

800--89 12

land, Penn., H. M.; from Jefferson

Congregation, to const. Rev. A. J.

SWAIN, of Millsboro, Penn., H. M.),
Fairfield county.

by Rev. J.H. Coulter, Treasurer, 800 00 Bridgeport, 1st Cong. ch. and to

Philadelphia, I. M. Van Harlingen, const. Enoch P. HINCKS, H. M. 120 59

100 ; Mrs. D. Rockwood, lv; 110 00—410 00 Darien, Rev. E. D. Kinney,

5 00 Fairfield, 1st Cong. ch. and so. 285 75

MARYLAND. New Fairfield, Cong. ch. and so.

Gaithersburg, a lady, 22 00

20 00 Stamford, 1st Cong. ch. and so. m.

St. Dennis, Elijah W. Day,

50 00—70 00 c. 13.34; James Betts, with previ

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. ous donations, to const. WILLIAM JAMES BETTS, H. M., 50; 63 34–446 68 Washington, E. Whittlesey,

25 00 Hartford county. E. W. Parsons, Tr. East Windsor, 1st Cong. ch. and so.

55 00

LOUISIANA. Litchfield county. G.C. Woodruff, Tr.

New Orleans, Mrs. A. Hines, for Micronesia, 15 00 North Cornwall, Benevolent Asso'n,

50 00 Middlesex county. John Marvin, Tr.

KENTUCKY. Deep River, Cong. ch. and so. m. c. 13 49

Louisville, T. 8.,

160 00 East Hampton, 1st Cong. ch. and so.

TEXAS. 99.25; Union Cong. ch. and so.

San Antonio, S. M., Jr.

1 50 m. c. 5;

104 25 Middletown, let Cong. ch. and so.

OHIO. m. c. 46.86; J. F. Huber, for Madura, 1; 47 36--165 10 Ashtabula, 1st Cong. ch. and so.

25 00 New Haven county. F. T. Jarman,

Austinburg, Cong. ch. and so.

26 (0 Agent.

Brownbelm, Cong. ch. and so.

21 25 New Haven, 1st Cong. ch. m. c. 7.25;

Cloridon, Cong. ch. and so.

7 88 3d Cong. ch. and so. 78.08; North

Cleveland, 1st Cong. ch.and so. 160 52
Cong. ch. m. c. 7; a friend, 20; 112 33

Cuyaboga Falls, Cong. ch. and so. 26 00
North Madison, Cong.
ch. and so. 28 79
Four Corners, 1st Cong. ch. and so. 4 00

5 55
West Haven, Rev. L. B. Peet, 25 00--166 12 Gustavus, Cong. ch. and so.
New London county. O. Butler and

Hampden, Cong. ch. and so.

6 50 L. A. Hyde, Trs.

Mansfield, A. L. Grimes,

100 00 Lyme, Cong. ch. apd so.

45 66
Mantua, Cong. ch. and 'so.

60 New London, 2d Cong. ch. and so.

Springfield, 1st Cong. ch. and so. 40 00 1,134.10, m. c 5.19;

1,189 29
Syracuse, Welsh Cong. ch. and so. 4 00

22 76–454 43 Stonington, a friend,

200-1,186 95 Wayne, Cong. ch. and so. Tolland county. E. C. Chapman, Tr. Bolton, Cong. ch. and so.

25 00

Legacies. — Coolville, Rev. F. Bartlett, Coventry, Harvey Kingsbury, 20 CO

by Mrs. M. B. Bartlett,

150 00 Rockville, Ist Cong. ch. and so. m.c. 16 12 Vernon, Cong. ch. and so. 13 00-73 12

604 43

Windham county. Rev. H. F. Hyde,

Atkinson, Cong. ch. and so.

900 Canterbury, 1st Cong. ch. and so. 38 00

Aurora, 1st Cong. ch. and so.

50 00 Eastford, Cong. ch. and so.

23 00

Chesterfield, Cong. ch. and so. 60 00 Westford, Cong. ch. and so. 12 00—-73 00 Chicago, a friend, 80; Mrs. G. S. HubGroton Bank, Cong. ch. and so., to

bard, 10;

40 00 const. Asa PERKINS, 20, H. M. 169 32 Lawn Ridge, Cong. ch. and so.

11 20 Odell, Cong. ch. and so.

25 00 2,385 29 Onarga, Cong. ch. and so.

23 60 Legacies.- New Haven, Timothy Bishop,

Payson, Cong. ch. and so. (of wh. from by E. H. Bishop, Ex'r,

1,200 00

David Prince, with previous dona's,

to const. EDWARD PRINCE, H. M., 25); 58 60
3,585 29 Peoria, Main st. ch. and so.

15 15
Tremont, Cong. ch. and o.

100—293 55 Albany, Cong. ch. and so. m. c., to const. HENRI S. McCall, H. M. 184 26

Legacies. - Godfrey, Mrs. Ellen Tur. Ballston Spa, a friend,

20 00

ner, 200+interest, 42, by John Ma. Binghamton, Cong. ch. and to

son, Ex'r,

242 00 const. Mrs. LUCY A. NEWTON and SARAU E. BRAYNARD, H. M. 205 00

585 55

Brooklyn, Ch. of Pilgrims, Mrs. H. S.

25 00

Atherton, by Rev. J. V. Hickmott, 5 15
Champlain, 1st Presb. church,

29 12
Bedford, Cong. ch. and so.

5 71 Jamestown, Leavitt Hallock,


East Saginaw, Cong. ch. and so. 54 11 Livonia, 1st Presb. ch. and so. m. c. 22 27

Grass Lake, Joseph Swift

15 00 Lockport, Mrs. N. P. Hart,

10 00
Ludington, Cong. ch. and so.

19 00 Mannsville, Cong. ch. and so.

13 00

2 85 Massena, Ist Cong. ch. and so. 6; 20

Royal Oak, Cong. ch. and so.

500-106 82 Cong. ch. and so., add'i, 20;

26 00 Moravia, Cong. ch. and so., add'l, 13 57

Morrisville, Cong. ch. add so.

83 69
Windsor, Cong. ch. and so.

14 16 Morrisania, Cong. ch. and so.

20 35


Austin, Union Cong. ch. and so.
Glencoe, Cong. ch. and so.
Glyndon, Cong. ch. and so.
Minneapolis, Plymouth ch. and so.

21.98; Vine st. ch. and so. 7.97;

48 42 10 00 11 25

37 S

ILLINOIS. — Princeton, Cong. 8. 8. 2.25; St.

Charles, Cong. 8. 8. 25; Tonica, Cong. 3. B.

MICHIGAN. - Richmond, 1st Cong. 8. 8.
WISCONSIN.-Mount Sterling, Fannie D. Gay's

missionary sheep, for Zulu Mission,

29 952-99 62

with pre


227 22 Danville, Cong. ch. and so.

21 50 Iowa Falls, Cong. ch. and so.

24 00
Donations received in September,

$15,019 84 Monroe, Cong. ch. and so.

1 65

2,407 42 Oskaloosa, Cong. ch. and so,

vious donations, to const. Rev. J. E. SNOWDEW and GEORGE W. DRAKE,

$17,427 35 H. M.

80 00—127 15 WISCONSIN.

FOR WORK IN NOMINALLY CHRISBeaver Dam, 1st Presb. cburch, 13 00

Delavan, Cong ch. and so., by Rev.
William Walker,
10 00

De Pere, 1st Cong. ch. and so., add'l, 65
Eau Claire, Cong. ch. and so.

51 00

Norridgewock, Cong. ch. and Bo.
Emerald Grove, Cong. ch. and so. 4 85
Fairfax, Cong. ch. and so.

10 00

NEW HAMPSHIRE. Jamestown, Presb. church,

15 00 Johnstown, Rev. N. G. Goodhue,

600 200

Hampstead, Cong. ch. and so. McGregor, Cong. ch. and so.

28 79 Rosendale, Cong. ch. and so.

72 00

Sheboygan, J. H. Jones,

20 00
St. Johnsbury, South ch. and so.

10 Waupeca, Rev. C. Marsh, deceased, 115 00—342 29


Boston, Union ch. and so. 28.35; a
Plymouth, Cong. ch. and so.

2 00 friend, 20; P., 5;

53 35
Easthampton, Payson eh. and so. 85 30
Enfield, Cong. ch. and so.

100 00 Forest Grove, 1st Cong. ch. and so.

4 62 Gloucester, Cong. ch. and so.

66 45 Greenfield, 1st Cong. ch. and so. 5 35 CALIFORNIA.

Hubbardston, Evan. ch. and so. 9 75 Eureka, 1st Cong. ch. and so.

56 06

Salem, Tabernacle ch. and so. m. c. 43 93-314 16 Oakland, 1st Cong. ch. and so.

67 50

Southbridge ($50 of the amount credRedwood City, Cong. ch. and 80., for

ited to the Cong.ch., Stockhridge, in native preacher, North China, 62.72,

Herald for July, should have been m. c. 28;

90 72

credited to Cong. ch., Southbridge). San Francisco, 24 Cong.ch, and so. 17 25 Stockton, Cong. ch. and so.

66 70—288 23

Bristol, Cong. ch. and so.

142 92 COLORADO TERRITORY. Central City, Cong. ch. and so., to con


Ellington, Cong. ch. and so.

20 00 Appleton, Wis., H. M. 100 00 Franklin, Cong. ch. and so.

17 (0 North Coventry, a frend,

6 00 CANADA.

Rockville, lst Cong. ch. and so. 18; 24 Province of Quebec,

Cong ch. and so. 50;

68 00—110 St. Andrews, Presb. church,

28 00 Windsor, J. Blackader,

2 50—-30 50

Madison, Cong. ch. and so.

900 FOREIGN LANDS AND MISSIONARY STATIONS. Penn Yan, Young Ladies' M. M. SociHolland, Amsterdam, Dowager Van Len

ety, for Mexican Mission,

35 00—44 00 nep, for the new church in Diarbekir, 279 50 Mahratta Mission, Rev. S. R. Wells, 100;

OHIO. Capt. G. W. Oldham, 56; T. Graham,

Springfield, 1st Cong. ch. and so.

15 7 28 John Y. Lang, 16.80; J. Field, 28; G. Lodge, 5.60 ; T. Candy, 28; Rev. s.

ILLINOIS. P. Meisal, 1.12; George A. Kittredge,

Oak Park, Cong. ch. and so.

20 75 56; Dr. A. H. Leith, 58.43; Alex. Johnstone, 56;

433 95

Montour, Cong. ch. and so.

14 OS MISSION SCHOOL ENTERPRISE. MAINE. — Acton, a class of little girls, 54c. ;

CALIFORNIA. Harrison, Cong. $. s. 4.10; Wells, 1st Cong.

Los Angeles, Francis Wilson,

15 90 8. 8.5;

9 64 New HAMPSHIRE. - Hampton, Cong. 8. 8., for

student in South Africa, 10; Hanover, Dartmouth 8. 8. 26; Meredith, H. I. Bard, 1;

Legacies. — Coolville, Ohio, Mrs. F. Bartlett,

25 00 Wolfboro, Cong. 8. 8. 12.75;

49 75

by Mrs. M. B. Bartlett, VERMONT.-Gaysville, Mission Circle, 2; Georgia, Cong. 8. S. 4.70; Irasburgh, Cong. 8. 8.

713 68 6; St. Johnsbury Centre, Cong. 8. s. 5; 17 70 MASSACHUSETTS. Conway, Cong. 8. 8., for

Donations for Nominally Christian Lands in Ceylon, 26; Pittsfield, 1st Cong. 8. 8. 81.73; 57 78


658 CONNECTICUT. – Bolton, Cong. ch. and so. 10 50 Legacies

25 00 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIJ. - Washington, Mrs. Annie 8 Banfield, for education of student

$713 68 at Margovan,

40 00

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