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Thy right hand is full of righteousness.
Let the hill of Zion rejoice,
Let the daughters of Judah be glad
Because of thy judgments!
Walk about Zion, go round about her!
Tell her towers!
Mark well her bulwarks !
Consider her palaces !
That ye may tell it to the generåtion following
For this God is our God for ever and ever.
He will be our guide, as in our youth.”—Ps. xlviii.

Expectation was now at its highest pitch. As the last verses of the psalm were singing, the foremost ranks of the procession had reached the summit of the hill, and all at once exclaimed, Jerusalem, Jerusalem. " Jerusalem, thou city built on high, we wish thee peace," said the elders, lifting up their hands in the attitude of blessing. Soon the whole procession reached the brow of the hill, and all Jerusalem lay before them. Mount Acra and Bezetha crowned with houses, and beyond them Mount Moriah, with the splendid buildings of the temple, on which the last

of the setting sun were now lingering, whose reflection made them seem to be in a blaze of fire. It was the hour of the evening sacrifice, and the smoke of the offering was ascending



to heaven. The effect of the view upon the people was electric. Jonathan and Simon could hardly speak for admiration. “Oh,

see, uncle," said Simon, pointing to the temple, “ see that large and beautiful building ; what is it, uncle ?"-" The temple, Simon," said Jonathan. “Could you not tell it was the temple? It is just like the picture we have at home. I have looked at it so much, I remem·ber just how it looks.". “Oh, so it is,” said

Simon. “What a beautiful bụilding it is! May we not visit it first, uncle ? Will you not take us to it to-morrow ?"_" To-morrow," said Selumiel, “is the day of preparation for the passover,


adult male of Israel must appear before the Lord in his temple • between the two evenings,' and sacrifice the paschal lamb. Then we will go up to the house of the Lord. But, my dear boys, you know we go not up as the multitude of our countrymen go up. The veil still resteth on their hearts. They know nothing of Christ, our passover, who has been sacrificed for us. There needeth now no other sacrifice for sin, and I see plain indications, my dear children, that the glory is departing from Israel, and that ere long this


service will cease, and yonder temple be laid low.” Here they were interrupted by the shout of the multitude, who, at the sight of the temple and of the smoke of the offering which rolled up in clouds above it, began to greet the temple and the priests :

“ Bless ye the Lord, all ye servants of the Lord,
Who stand by night in the temple of the Lord !
Lift up your hands towards the sanctuary
And bless the Lord.
So will Jehovah bless thee out of Zion;
He who made heaven and earth."-Ps. cxxxiv

By this time they had descended the hill, and began to wind round the north-eastern wall of the city, and enter the valley of Jehoshaphat. Soon they were met by crowds of pilgrims and inhabitants of the city who had come out to receive them. Every one met some friend, and nothing but mutual salutation and the greeting of old acquaintances was heard. The company was speedily dispersed to their respective quarters which their friends had provided in the city. While Selumiel with the boys were anxiously looking round for some familiar face, some one came up suddenly behind him and laid hold upon him.

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Turning round, he recognised Helah, an old friend of his family. “I wish thee peace,” said he ; " welcome to Jerusalem."

“But who are these ?” said he, seeing Jonathan and Simon. - The sons of my brother," said Selumiel. What, of my old friend Solomon ?and he embraced them with tears of joy. “Come,” said he, “all things at home are ready, and my wife and daughters will rejoice to embrace the children of our old friend ;” and he led them down to the golden gate, by which, entering the city and winding round the foot of Mount Moriah, he brought them to his house, which was situated west of the temple, near the centre of the city. The little boy from Rama was speedily recognised by his friends in the city, and Selumiel was relieved from the further care of him.

“And there," said Mr. Anderson, “ we will leave them for this week ; and I hope to give you at our next meeting an account of their visit to the temple, and of the celebration of the passover. And now, as our travellers have entered Jerusalem, we will sing the following beautiful stanzas, which though originally written in relation to our modern missionaries, are not inappropriate to the present

case :


“They have gone to the land where the patriarchs rest,

Where the bones of the prophets are laid,
Where the chosen of Israel the promise possessed

And Jehovah his wonders displayed :
To the land where the Saviour of sinners once died,

Where he laboured, and languished, and bled,
Where he iriumphed o'er death and ascended to God,
As he captive captivity led,

“They have gone to the land where the gospel's glad sound,

Sweetly tuned by the angels above,
Was re-echoed on earth, through the regions around,

In the accents of heavenly love:
Where the spirit descended, in tokens of flame,

The rich gifts of his grace to reveal ;
Where apostles wrought signs in Immanuel's name,

The truth of their mission to seal.”



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And what do you think mother says ?" said little George Homer to his teacher, as soon as he saw him the next week. “ I do not know,"said Mr. Anderson ; “ how


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