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among them were Birmingham, Wakefield, and English 17,087 qrs., in foreign 29,075 qrs., making
Bristol, while Wolverhampton and Chelmsford an average of 9,231 qrs. per week, against 13,726
quoted a fall of 1s. to 2s. No reports were cheer- qrs. weekly in February.
ful, the majority merely indicating a heavy state of The malt trade has been little altered, fair sup.
trade. French wheat was again rather cheaper at plies being kept up, and about the same prices
Liverpool on Tuesday, but Friday's report only noted realized from the beginning of the month to its close
• a small attendance, and retail trade. London was for

fine qualities.
then certainly tending to lower rates.

The oat trade has been remarkably steady, on The fourth Monday occurring after a week's very short arrivals scarcely any quotable change ocfine weather, with fair supplies both English and curring, and the cause of this grain's not_adforeign, did not require a large quantity from the vancing can only be found in the quantity of Rusnear counties to make a heavy market, especially as sian landed during former gluts, which have served there was a liberal arrival of American flour. to feed the market in the absence of ship samples, Though Kent and Essex scarcely sent an average Had it not been, however, for increased supplies quantity, millers held off, and notwithstanding fac- from Ireland, it would have been impossible to keep tors were willing to take a reduction of 2s. per qr., prices down, and even with their help cargoes of only a small portion was sold on these terms, an sweet Riga and Petersburg qualities have been held apprehension apparently prevailing that the breaking at rather more money. From Scotland as well as up of the frost would soon largely increase the arri- from foreign ports the supplies have been reduced. vals from abroad. The foreign trade was in a state on the fifth Monday prices improved 6d. per qr. of stagnation, sales being only possible in retail at a The receipts during five weeks have been 5,317 qrs. similar decline. In the country about a similar English, 6,503 qrs. Scotch, 21,880 qrs. Irish, and decline took place : Hull, Lynn, St. Ives, Gainsbro', 27,366 qrs. foreign, giving a total weekly average Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Manchester, and Bris- of only 12,213 qrs., which is 4,991 qrs. weekly tol were all 1s. to 2s. lower, Louth giving way 2s. below February arrivals. to 3s. per qr. Liverpool, on Tuesday, was 1d. per Beans and peas, in the comparative absence of 70 lbs. cheaper, with a very small business; but Fri. foreign supplies, till the last week have rather imday was dull, without change.

proved in value, especially the former, to the extent The fifth Monday had very short supplies from of 18. to 28. per qr. Boiling peas, which slowly found Kent and Essex, but an extreme dulness prevailed, favour in the cold weather, have again upon its and prices further receded 2s. per qr.

ceasing diminished in consumption: maples and The arrivals into the port of London during the duns remaining scarce have commanded good prices five weeks referred to were 24,580 qrs. English; from retail buyers, who prefer them to cheaper sub29,551 grs. foreign ; giving a weekly average of stitutes. Of English beans the quantity received has 10,826 qrs., and showing a decrease as compared been 4,785 qrs., of foreign 4,593 qrs. Of foreign with February, of 1,703 qrs. per week; the falling peas there were only 105 qrs., and 1,663 qrs. English. off being only in foreign qualities.

In linseed there has been little change : the first The flour trade has been in keeping with that of Monday of the month noted a rise of Is., and at this wheat; the top price of Town-made was reduced improvement the market has remained with a quiet on the 5th Monday to 40s.; Norfolks were un- trade; but cakes all through have been much in changed till the fourth Monday, when they were re- request, and notwithstanding some large supplies duced from the nominal rate, 32s. to 30s. per sack, recently received from the United States, they have with a very limited sale at the quotations. French commanded about former prices. and American also on this day receded fully ls. per The cloverseed trade, checked at first by the frost, sack and brl. ; the arrivals of the latter being larger on the return of fine weather did not meet the expectathan during any week since the 11th of December, tion of holders ; the season getting late, those who 1857. The closing price of Norfolk was 29s. The have stocks of foreign have been uneasy at the slacksupplies from the country have been constautly large, ness of the demand, especially as it appears that the and have greatly interfered with the wheat trade, first reports of the English crop, were below the London millers being thus undersold.

reality. A good deal of red seed it now appears During the five weeks, the receipts have been was produced, but part of it being badly harvested, 93,921 sacks of country made ; 8,311 sacks French, the extent of the injury was exaggerated, the bulk &c., and 26,704 brls. American; giving a weekly being fit for sowing, though discoloured; and as the average of 20,440 sacks and 5,340 brls.

farmers have not received high prices for their wheat, In barley throughout the month there bas been they have been less disposed to buy too dearly. A scarcely any alteration, London having been very fair trade came at the month’s close, however, at moderately supplied with really fine malting quality, lower rates; and great prices are not now to be and the seed demand running through the month has looked for, either in red or white seed, or trefoil. taken off all choice lots at full rates. From abroad Canaryseed had a start during the intense frost, but also less has come to hand, the heavy supplies of low with mild weather it seems likely again to recede, Mediterranean sorts having ceased, and those that as the Dutch ports must have some to spare at prewere previously stored having been partly worked sent prices; and Hambro', now free, is likely to send off in mixture with oats, as cheaper food. Our own some spring tares, which have been scarce and dear. stocks of this grain getting reduced, there seems Rapeseed has been a better sale, the plants being every prospect that whatever foreign arrivals appear reported abroad as partly injured. Mustard, hempthey will find a sale, or not remain long in store. seed, carraway, coriander, &c., have very little varied

The arrivals during the five weeks have been, in during the month's course.

..... 26

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Shillings per Quarter. Wheat, new, Essex and Kent, white 40 to 48......red 38 to 44 Norfolk, Linc. and Yorks., red..........

.... 37

43 BARLEY, malting ........ 35 to 38.... Chevalier, new 38 41 Distilling. ............ 32 35.... Grinding ..

80 MALT, Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk...... 58 66 extra 68 Kingston, Ware, and town made.... 58 66

68 Brown


30 34 Oats, English, feed ...... 20 23...... Potato...... 25 32

Scotch, feed ........ 20 95...... Potato...... 24 31
Irish, feed, white .................. 20 22 fine 24 30
Ditto, black

19 21

24 BEANS, Mazagan ........ 32 85...... Ticks

34 Harrow

............ 33 36...... Pigeon....... 37 42 Peas, white boilers .. 40 44..Maplo .. 41 43..Grey 89 Flour, per sack of 280lbs., Town, Households..33s., fine 37 40 Country

30 31...... Households.. 34 35 Norfolk and Suffolk, ex-ship


Shillingi per Quarter.
Wasat, Dantzlc, mixed..44 high do.

extra 51
Konigsberg ........40 46
Rostock ............42 fine.... 47
American, white....42 48 red... 40 45
Pomera., Meckbg., & Uckermrk, red 42 45
Silesian, red

.....40 42 white Danish and Holstein .........

......... 38 42 Russian, hard..40

French..40 42 white 45 St. Petersburg and Riga

40 43 Rhine and Belgium

BARLEY, grinding ..24 29 ........ Distilling ..
Oats, Dutch, brew, and Polands..21 28 Feed........ 20 95

Danish and Swedish, feed. ..2125 Stralsund.... 22 25
Russian ..

20 92 BEANS, Friesland and Holstein

35 Konigsberg,

..................31 35 Egyptian .... 33 Peng, feeding ....................37 40 fine boilers.. 40 42 INDIAN CORN, white..............34 35 yellow...

35 FLOUR, per sack..........Fronch 34 37 Spanish

American, per barrel, sour....18 20 sweet....... 32 28

CLOVERSEED, red 508. to 60s., .......... white 50s. to 758.

.................... 178. to 223.
TARES, Spring, per bushel .............. 78. Od. to 7., 6d.
HEYPSEED, small, per qr. .............. Dutch 42s. to 476.
CORIANDEB, per cwt.............................. 17s. to 26.

.......................... 44s, to 461. LINSEED, per qr., Baltic 59s, to 608.....Bombay 588. to 60s LINSEED CAKE, perton................ £10 08.to £10 15$ RAPESEED, Dutch

669. to 7221 RAPE CAKE, perton ....................£5 Os. to £5 10:

HOP MARKET. LONDON, MONDAY, March 29.—The demand for Hops continues exceedingly heavy, and where sales are effected to any extent somewhat lower rates are submitted to. Our car. rency is as follows Mid and East Kents

70s. to 90s., choice 112s. Weald of Kents

54.. to 60s.

66s. Sussex...

52s. to 54s.

60s. Yearlings &c.

21s. to 35s.

501. CHICORY. LONDON, SATURDAY, March 27.-There is rather more business doing both in English and foreigo Chicory, and, in some instances, prices have an upward tendency. The supply on offer is only moderate. ENGLISH, per ton £10 Oto £0 0 ANTWERP ...... £10 Oto 211 0 HARLINGEN.... 10 15 11 0 DACKUM ........ 0 0 BRUGES 10 15 110 GERNSEY

10 10 10 15 HAMBURG ......

110 11 10 BELGIUM........ 10 10

HAY MARKETS. SATURDAY, March 27.-SMITHPIELD.- A fair average supe ply, and a moderate demand.

CUMBERLAND.-Supply tolerably good, and trade rather doll.

WHITECHAPEL.- Boih' hay and stras moved off slowly, at our quotations.

Alper Load of 36 Trusses.


50s.to 38. 508. to 8is. CLOVER DITTO

70.. 1009.







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.... 32

....... 34

508. to Sh.




9 Rye


POTATO MARKETS. FOR THE LAST Sıx Wheat. Barley., Oats. Rye. Beans. Peas.

SOUTHWARK WATERSIDE, MONDAY, March 29,WEEKS: s. d. 8. d. 8. d. 9. d. . d. s. d.

Since our last export supplies have been light coastwise, but Feb. 13, 1858

45 8 36 3 22 8 30 9 39 3 41 1 heavy from foreigu ports. Our markets having been preFeb. 20, 1858

6 35 9 22 10 34 3 38 2 40 2 viously pretty clear, there was a ready demand all last week Feb. 27, 1858 45 0 | 35 11 22 4 35 0 38 4 40 6

at much the same prices as quoted on Monday the 22nd inst. March 6, 1858 45 6 36 7 23 4 34 0 37 11 41 0 March 13, 1858

The following are this day's quotations :45 3 36 23 8 31 3 37 11 412 March 20, 1858 .... 45 6 36 9 23 4 31 9 37 11 41 0 Yorkshire Regents...

140s. to 190s. per ton. Aggregate average 45 3 36 4 28 0 32 10 38 3 40 10 Lincolnshire do.

140s. to 160s.
Same time last year 55 9 8
23 7 40 3 39 5 39 5 Dunbar do.....

1403. to 180s.

90s. to 100s, COMPARATIVE AVERAGES-1858-57.

Perth, Fife, and Forfar Regents 2003. to 1459.
Ditto ditto


90s. to 100s. From last Friday's Gas. 8. d. From Gasette of 1857. $. d. French whites

80s. to 959. Wheat......113,805 qr8., 45 6 Wheat...... 106,808 qrs.,55 10 Belgian do...................

80s. to 90s. Barley...... 68,271 36 9 Barley...... 51,261 46 8

Ditto reds

100s. to 1059 Oats........ 14,162 .. 4 Oats........ 15,095 .. 24 4 Rye ........ 94 31

108 88 10

BOROUGH AND SPITALFIELDS. Beans ...... 6,151 37 11 Beans ...... 6,695 ..

39 8 LONDON, MONDAY, March 29.—The arrivals of potatoes, Peas........

410 Peas........ 1,424 ..

39 2

coastwise and by railway, last week, were moderate. The im

ports were 1,005 tons from Antwerp, 826 tons from Rouen, FLUCTUATIONS IN THE AVERAGE PRICE OFWHEAT. 837 tons (rom Dunkirk, 47 tons from Ostend, 80 tons from PRIOB. Feb. 13. Feb. 20. Feb. 27. March 6 Mar. 18. Mar, 20.

Tornenzen, 265 tons from Gbent, 270 tons from Calais, and

110 tons from Louvaine. Selected samples are firm and rather 458. 8d.

dearer, and the value of other kinds is fairly supported. 458. 60.

York Regents

140s. to 2008. per ton. 459. 3d,

Kent and Essex do.

100s. to 160s. 458. Od.


1208. to 1702. 449. 60.

Do. Cups

100s. to 110s. Middlings

60s. to 1208, PRICES OF SEEDS.


80s. to 100s. BRITISH SEEDS.

COUNTRY POTATO MARKETS.-YORK, March 20: CLOVERSEED, red 40s. to 60s., extra –S., white 50s. to 758.

Potatoes sell at 13d. to 14d. per peck, and 4s. to 4s. 3d. per TREFOIL

188. to 23s.

bushel. LEEDS, March 23: We had a middling show of TABES, Winter, new, per bushel ......59. Od. to 68. 0d. potatoes, which sold at 16d. to 16d. per 21lbs, wholesale, and MUSTARDSEED, per bush., new 158. to 178., brown 138. to 158. 17d. to 18d. retail. RICHMOND, March 20: Potatoes, 43. 8d. CORIANDER, per cwt............................ 208. to 26s.

per bushel.

SUEFPIELD, Marcb 23: Potatoes sell at 12s. to CANARY, per qr......

.... 848. to 918, LINSEED, per gr., sowing -3. tn --8...crushing 618. to 638.

188. per load of 18 stones. MANCHESTER, March 25: LINSEED CAKEB, per ton .............. £10 0s. to £10 108.

Potatoes, 12.. to 19s. per 252lbs.
RAPESEED, per qr............................. 688. to 728.
RAPE CAKE, per ton.....

£5 108. to £6 08. Printed by Rogerson and Tuxford, 246, Strand, London.

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