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who vex me are not quite in the wrong; but that, at all events, the interests of this world soon pass away and become of no value; that they are unworthy to ruffle a soul that aspires to thee. In all temptations, in all provocations, do thou uplift my thoughts to thee in all the every-day intercourse of worldly life, do thou assist and uphold me. Breathe kindliness, forbearance, and joy into mine own defective temper: so that, without vain glory or spiritual pride, I may inwardly feel and openly show that I am ruled by thee who art a God of love; by thee who art the Prince of Peace, who art willing, even now, to fill our souls with thy grace, that we may learn to join the song of thy holy angels, and for ever to invoke glory to God on high, and, on earth, peace to men of good will.

Grant this, dear Jesus, I beseech thee, through thine own meek and exemplary life. Amen.


Let not my soul be troubled, O my dear Saviour; and let it not be afraid. I believe in God; I believe also in thee. I believe that thou art the greatest good; and that no earthly thing is, of itself, worthy to engage thy servants. Make me look upon this matter in its true light-as it is beheld by thee: but enable me to succeed in it, and may it tend to thy

glory and to mine own welfare. Protect me and uphold me in it, I beseech thee, and let me not be brought to shame.

But yet, O Lord, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give me the grace to fulfil thy heavenly will, and to forego every worldly interest for thy sake. Lord, I offer myself to thee to thee, I offer the result of my present anxiety. Accept me, I pray thee, and bear me through this and through every worldly care. With eternity before me, let me not too much heed the interests of time.

To thee, my dear Saviour, I offer Time and all its interests. Oh lead me, I implore thee, from them and by them, to the enjoyment of thyself and of everlasting rest. Amen.


O God, whose holy prophets have ever declared children to be a blessing to those to whom they were given, grant, I beseech thee, that thy merciful intentions may never be defeated through any defect on my part. Oh may the children whom thou hast bestowed upon me be a blessing and a comfort to my life. May I be enabled to bring them up in virtue and godliness and do thou, my God, bestow upon them such dispositions and such tempers as may lead them to profit by every good and to shun every evil that may come near them.

Bestow upon them, out of the abundance of

thy mercy, health, strength, and ability; give them the will to improve themselves, and the power to make the most of all those means which may offer of advancing their own good and thine honour. Keep them, I entreat thee, from want, sickness, and distress; uphold them in every innocent undertaking, and preserve them from ever engaging in any which may be displeasing to thee, my God. Oh thou who art our Father in heaven, be to them a Father on earth; a God, a protector, and a house of refuge to save them.

Teach me, Almighty God, I beseech thee, to set them an example of the way in which they should walk. Teach me to train up their minds in the fear and love of thee: and never, oh never let them fall into sin by following any bad habit or any evil inclination which they may have learned from me. Oh let them not be brought to sorrow and suffering through my means: let them not incur guilt through any negligence or indulgence on my part. From all sin, keep them, O Lord; and especially from all sin which I might have taught them to shun. Let them live innocently and holily; let them remember the object for which their life is bestowed let them remember the bliss which thou hast prepared for us all in thy kingdom. So guide and inspire them, I entreat thee, that they and I may enjoy that bliss together; and may together and for ever praise thee for having

united us here in those bonds of holy affection which may be continued and perfected hereafter. Teach us to love thee and one another here on earth; and oh, my God, may we meet again when death shall have parted us; and may we then love thee and one another for ever and ever in thy kingdom of holy love.

Grant this my prayer, I beseech thee, through Jesus, thy beloved Son, in whom thou wast always well pleased. Amen.


O God who hast commanded us to honour our fathers and mothers, keep me from ever sinning against thy divine precept. I desire, O my God, to honour and obey my parents; enable me, I pray thee, to do so with all love and duty. Enable me ever to remember that thou hast committed me to them and them to me. That it is not my place to judge of the manner in which they may think fit to execute their trust towards me; but that I am ever bound to fulfil those duties towards them which nature and thy holy law have prescribed to me.

Teach me, therefore, I beseech thee, to love, honour, and obey my parents. Teach me to act according to their wishes, to respect their counsels, to study to fulfil their hopes. Give me a grateful and a loving heart towards them. Give me a resolution to advance their interests; to uphold and cherish them in their distresses;

to lighten their sorrows; to increase their joys. Let me be a comfort and a stay to them in every need. Let me sustain and encourage them in all their duties. Let me prompt and strengthen all their good and holy thoughts. Teach me, my God, I beseech thee, to honour and revere them here, that, if they go before me to thy heavenly kingdom, they may kindly intercede for me, and obtain for us all a happy re-union, where we may together praise thee, our common Father, for all eternity. Amen.


Incarnate God! my divine, my adorable Redeemer! who art the way, the truth, and the life, oh bring him (or her) to the knowledge of thy truth.

O thou who art the Light of the blind, the Refuge of sinners, our Saviour and our Sacrifice, O thou who gavest thyself to be our daily bread, have mercy upon him.

Thou, O Lord, knowest what is in man, and thou knowest what trammels surround him. Thou knowest all his darkness, all his weakness, all his doubts have pity, therefore, upon him, O my Saviour; and let the bright beams of thy eternal truth shine in upon his mind: clear away the clouds of error and of prejudice from before his eyes, and mercifully vouchsafe to teach him thy truth and to make him all thine own.

I know, O my Saviour, that thou hast

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