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the blessed Jesus and others thy faithful servants departed hence;

And may lie down in the grave, the bed of all the living, with assured and pleasing expectation of sleeping in him, and under thy protection, O God, and Father of all; and may awake at the last day, to that pure

and perfect happiness of righteous men, thy servants, which, of thine infinite goodness, thou hast promised by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Now unto Tbee, O Fatber, &c.

May the God of all grace, who bath called us unto bis eternal glory by Christ Jesus our Lord, make us perfect, strengthen, settle us! To Him be glory and dominion for ever and over !

June 7, 1779.



John i. 39.

He saith unto them ; Come, and see.

In this chapter, a little before, our evangelist, in the preface to his Gospel, mentions John the Baptist, as a man sent from God to bear witness of the light, i. e. to attest, the character of Jesus as the Messiah, whom the ancient prophets had described under the emblem of light; the heavenly teacher of men, and most perfect revealer of the mind of God. He afterwards relates, in what way

John gave his testimony, when the rulers of his country sent their priests to ask, whether he himself was the great prophet, the Messiah whom they expected at that time. And also the manner in which he pointed out Jesus to the people under that character, and the divine


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extraordinary testimony which he bore to him.

John having this divine commission and office from God, he had been diligent to fulfil it, in calling his countrymen to repentance and reformation of life, to prepare them to receive and profit by that heavenly instructor and Saviour, when he should make his

appearance; and many had adjoined themselves to him as his disciples with this intent.

To these he now judged it reasonable to declare, that there was another prophet of God much superior to himself, on whom they were now to attend; for he had no views to himself, to have a party to follow him ; but only to the truth, to do the will of God, and serve mankind.

The sacred historian therefore tells us, (ver. 35, 36.) “ Again, the next day after, John stood, and two of his disciples ; and looking upon Jesus as he walked, he saith, Behold the lamb of God!"

9. d. Behold yonder is that holy and innocent person, of whom I have so often spoke to you, of whom you are to learn to become holy and perfect like himself,

(Ver. 37.) “ And the two disciples heard him speak, and followed Jesus.” i.e. Upon hear

ing what their master John said, they immediately went after Jesus; not presuming to speak to him, but desirous to observe whither he went, that they might afterward find some opportunity of being acquainted with him.

(Ver. 38.) “ Then Jesus turned, saw them following, and saith unto them; What seek ye?" From having observed them, perhaps, to be in the company of John the Baptist, and probably from that divine foreknowledge of the characters of those he conversed with which was given to him, our Saviour knowing their errand, and seeing their modesty and bashfulness, asked them, what they desired of him.

_“ They said unto him ; Rabbi, (which is to say, being interpreted, Master!) where dwellest thou?"

Addressing him Rabbi, was a term of high reverence; and, perhaps, at the same time they signified to him their acknowledgement of him as their prophet and teacher sent from God: such as their master, John the Baptist, had declared him to be; and they desire to know where he lived, that they might come and be instructed by him.


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