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xxvjte die Januarve anno do. 1570. THE INVENTORYE of all the goods and cattell of late Will’m heron of Crawleye gentleman deceased praysed by Roger proctor and luke ogle Esquiers John Kirspe Rob't harrigart and Edwarde Kirspe.

Imprimis x oxen price ix'-one cowe wth a calf price xx— one stirke inje-xij Eues and lambes xls-xiiij hogges v ewes & ij toopes xls —vij milke gotes and injer mynches xxx-xxte Bishelles of rye sowen xxxiiij iiijd—vj Bowles of whete sowen xxviij® – xxvj Bowles of ots sowen xliijs iiija. Corne in the yaird and in the Barne :-x Bowles of whete price xlvjø viija- xiiij bowles of rye xlvjs viija—x Bowles of Big price xxxiijs iija-xxte Bowles of ots price xxxiij ija—the long and short waynes pleughes and pleughe gere xiijs iiiją—the houshold stuf vjl xiija inja. Sume tot. xxxv'. xvs. inja. The DEBTS of laite will’m heron as doithe appeare By his testamente and last will amountithe to xliij' xix* iij".



Inventarium omnium et singulorum bonorum et catallorum mobilium et immobilium quæ fuerunt Bartrami Anderson nuper villæ novicastri super tinam mercatoris Ald'manni tempore mortis suæ appreciatum per W. dent generosum per Rogerum Nicolson et Edwardum Bartra' mercatorem et Johannem Doddes shipwright xvij die marcii A° d'ni 1570.

In The HALL. Inp’mis-One Iron Chymneye wth the Inplementes xxvjø viija - Two tables wth the Carpettes iiij— Thre formes vjø viijd-One dossen Coshynes xl-halfe a dossen of grene cosshynes xijs-One Countere wth the Carpett xls—Twoo Basinges & two covers xija --One Chayre xvjd_One litell

1 Crawley Tower, now in ruins, stands upon a most commanding situation in an old Roman camp, on the north side of the vale of Whittingham, in Northumberland. The deceased was son of John Heron, who is known by the name of “the Bastard Heron," in the history of the battle of Floddon Field, and who was eventually slain by the Scots. He was an illegitimate son of Sir Roger Heron, of Ford Castle, Knight. Thomas Heron, the son of William Heron, the deceased, was a Newcastle merchant, and died in 1582.

2 Alderman and Merchant Adventurer of Newcastle-Sheriff of Newcastle 1543–Mayor 1551, 1557, 1563, M.P. for Newcastle 1554, 1557, and 1563.co Married Alice, daughter of Ralph Carr, of Newcastle, merchant, and also of Cocken Co. Pal.


Chaire xija. Sum' x' xixs viija. IN THE BUTTRYE. One gallon pott, iiij pottell pottes of the best sort xiij mij"— Two pewther cannes ijs -- Thre Buntyn pottes iijs -- ffour custerd plates iiijo viijų–One Earthen plater gilt ij$ - One losset of pewder xijd_One Ringe of Brasse ffor a Chawsyndiche vją. Sex platers of london meteil wth a basinge of powder viljø One london pottell pott xijd_One pot holden thre pyntes viijd One pot holding thre Quartes viija__ Thre pottell pottes iij — Two quarte pottes ij$ – Two pynte pottes xvją—One gallon pott iijs iiijd_One Cherger iją — One litell morter and a pestell js—ffourtene brasse candelstickes xvjo – Two london pottes of stone & three other pottes of stone wth cou's xvjų–One great stone pot wth a cou' vj"—One candelsticke hinginge one the wall vjd_One Trencher fatt of powder wth Two hollowe basyns injs—Twentye Trencher plats vjø — One Custard plate wth cossen xvją—-One presser of waynskett xinja inje.

Sum' iiij' xiije vjų. IN THE KYTCHHXGE. A Iron Chymneye wtli the Implementes iij'—two fryenge pannes ijs — Sex potyndiches iij®

Eight litell dishes vs — Thre great dishes iijs — Nyne Sawcers injs— Eleven dublers xiijs inja. Eight lytell dublers viijs — One grate xija_Two sku’mers viija_Seven speates xếffyve bresse pottes xl'.—two posnettes viija— Thre coperkettelles xvj$ — Twoo Kettelles of Battrye xs—Sex pannes xx*— One yetlinge xvjų–Thre litell pannes iij® inija—One panne wth a stake ijs — One Brasse chaffer ije – One perye panne xvją—ffyve pot liddes ijs_One latten ladell vid_Twoo dropyn pannes of Iron ijs— Thre dropin pannes of whyte plate xx"__Thre pair of restyrons ij$ — Two pair of clames xijd-- Two pair of potclippes viijd_One ffleshe crooke vjd_One great Basinge jije iiijaSum' x' xixs inja. THE CHAMBER ABOVE THE BUTTRYE

A fether bed on mattres wth that that belongs vnto them xx*— One chist wth nappery conteynyn xx-Eleven Lyntable clothes xlvjø viija— Thre tweld table clothes xxxs_ffour Towells of kalle cave clothe xije – Two lynnynge rowlyn towelles xaEight weshen towelles xxiiij® — Thre dos' canves napkins xxx®

Ten dos' lynnyn table napkins xxxs_One dos' of old napkins ij"— Two tweld towelles xs-two damask bord clothes xxx ffive tweld Bordclothes xxvjø viijd_One dos' } of damesks napkins xxvjø viij"— Thre dos’ tweld napkyns xvj$— Thre dos’ daineske towelles xx_ Two tweld towelles vje-Twoo handtowelles of lyn iij® – Twoo chistes xiij mije–One grete chist wth lynnon clothe_ Twoo pece for napkins & a cutt pece xle— One broad pece of canves for table clothes xxxiijinija—One narrowe pece for napkines xiijs inja-Sex pece of cors lyn clothe iij — One pece & a remland of holland clothe xls — Sex


of strakens xls_One Remland of tweld for napkins viijs --seven peces of canves iij - Thre peces of vnbleched lynne XXX-One cunter vs – ffive chists xxs—a wainskott presser xx® -Sex twelts for Beddes xviije --ffive coverlettes xiijs — Thre cou'inge of beddes iij?- Sum' 41'. 98. 04. THE GOOD MANS APPERELL. A gowne faced with m'tren & walted wth velvett iij -a gowne faced withe velvet xl-a gowne faced wth bouge walted wth velvett xxxvję—one old night gowne xxs-one velvett Jackett iij' vjø viijd_One Eldren velvett Jackett xle—one Ridinge Jackett xx One Rydinge Cloke xxvjøviijd_One blacke satten dublett xxx*— Three old satten dublettes xx$. Sum’ xvij' xixo inja. IN THE HYE P’LOUR. One cubbord mje – Two fether beddes wth app'tenncs iij'—One fetherbed wth the app'tenncs xx– One chymney xiijs iiijd— One longe settell x. Sum v'. vije inj".

IN THE NEWE CHAMBER. On Iron Chymney xiijs ijd_One bed wth a father bed & a mattres & all things belongynge to it inj-One bed wth a fether bed & all yt belongs to It iiji vjø viijd_One danske chiste & a polke of wainskott v!-One wayneskotte table xx– Twooformes inje – Twelve Chargers xls – Twoo dos' doblers xls – Twoo dos' doblers of the silu' sort xxvji viijd_One dos' of the Siluer so'xvjø — One dos' litell doblers xije – Twelfe newe dishes of the greater sort viij'

One dos' of the lessere sorte vjø — One dos' littell banketten diches i11js—One dos' litell banketen sawcers ijo – One dos' } of potendiches xviij®-Twoo dos' } of plattrenchers xs-One dos Sawsers v-Seven Great dublers vije-One dos' tynne Candelstickes xiijs iiijd Sum’ xxiij' xiij*. A CHAMBER WTHIN THE NEWE CHAMBER.

One bed wth the app'tennes vjø viijaTwo old oversee beddes xxvj$ viijd_One Chiste banded wih Iron x _Two beddes wth twoo fether beddes & all yt belonges vnto them xlo-Sum iij' iij' iiija THE LOWE P’lor'. Iron chymnaye wt the app'tencs xiijs iiijd One bed wth a mattres, an ou’se cou’inge and the hingers and all other Things Belongynge to yt iij' vj* viija. One litell bed wth a fether bed & all yt belongs to it xxø - One cou’ynge Taptere worke for a

One carpett of tapestayre worke iij-half a dos' of Newcusshens xxs-half a dos' of old cusshens x®-two Twilts for beddes iiij®—two silke cusshens for to set in a wyndowe xx -One payre of fusshion blankettes xxs-One pair of Curtyns of sarsnett of the Cord iij - One chair ijs — One chist banded wth Iron vjø viijd - One Coffere ijs vja — One table of wainskott XX_Sex litell stolles. vj. Sum' xx'. xjø. ija.

THE GOOD WIFES APPERREL.' A skarlett gowne lyned wth black sattayne


bed iij'

I Who died before her husband, and was buried in the Church of St. Nicholas.


& garded wth velvet iij' — One skarlet gowne lyned wth Mynnyu’ linj: 44 – One Rede gowne lyned wth budge xls-- One Gowne of blak puke lyned wih satten & garded wth velvet inj? — One Gowne lyned wth blak dameske & garded wth velvet liij ija_Thre Gownes inj — One worssett Cassoke garded wth velvet xlOne wordaye gowne xxvjs — One dameske kirtyll xls–One skarlat Kirtell xls - One petycote x'.

Sum' xxviij viija. IN DavellS HOWSE. four Tune of vynegar xij_thre dosen flacketts vs. Sum' xij' v*. IN THE KYTCHINGE. One small Iron Chymneye x® – Thirtye waynskott inj'. Suminiji xs. IN THE HALL. One Iron Chymney xxv—fortye fyve waynskott vj'— five hundrethe dudgen xxvs— Ten dosen drinkinge glasses vs—fortye stone of Tallowe vl—Sum’ xiij' xvs. THE GREAT P’LOR & TH'ENTRYE. Thre hundreth & xij sawinge dales x!thre Credelles of glasse mij'- Eightene ftrienge pannes xvs -one small berrel stele and lowse stele iij' —one punshen of allame vj' xo_halfe a barrell of allame xxv_half a hundreth of clovinge bords xx®. Sum' xxvl vs. THE SELER IN THE LOWE COURTEYN. One tune and a halfe of wyne xvij' x'. Sum' xvij' xs.

THE LAWE SELLER. fiftye waynskott vij'—two hundrethe Claburde xxx—twelfe stone of hemp xxs. Sum' ix' xs. In the lofte downe in the enterye at home. foure score waynskott x' xiij mija Sum' x' xiij' inja. THE SELER VN

two tone of danske Iron xxone tone of englishe Iron xij?—thre credilles of glasse iij" — four berrells & thre ferkinge of sope ix' x-d' (half a) tone of vynyger xxx Sum’ xlvj'. The half of the ship called the New John ! more in her twentye weye of salt xl'-halfe of THE BARBARYE Ixxx'-halfe of Mr. Mores crair xxl_Sum' ije xl'. C'TAYN IN TEMBR FOR SHIPPEN beinge in nombr four scorce peces vj? — more one bottom treye xx—in betts waise foure score plankes xvj'—more in the same waste thre score ench & } bord vjl more in the same waste fiftye pecs of ship timber iij' x-more in a SELLER THARE a hundreth dales and bordes iij – more in the same seller twentye Cloven bord xiij ija—more four horses xij' —more five warke horses vj' xiijs inija.—Two KEILLES and LIGHTNERS iij*xvj' xiij ijd Sum' je xxj x®.

IN THE HOWSSE AT Y CLOSE CALLED MR GOURES HOWSE. Thre mastes xij' —more foure small mastes vj?—more small mastes tember vj. Sum’ xxiiij. IN THE GARTH next to the close gaet called RicheSONS GARTHE. Twentye treys x'-one hundrethe plankes xxx'. Sum’ xl'.


At the southwest pit lienge aboue the ground is twenty fyve tennes--at the next pit above the ground is ten tennes of Coles—the Coles at the westmest pit lienge above the ground is four score tennes- the Coles



at the next pit to yt lyenge aboue the ground is forty tennesthe Coles at the estmest pit lienge aboue the ground is vijxx tennes--the Coles at the pitt in Silverwood above the ground is foure tennes—the Coles lienge on the west syde of brokes borne is xx tennes aboue ye ground. Sum’ij.iijxx xvl x®. The Coles lyenge p'sently vpon the steyth by the wat' side ys xxiiijıx Tennes at xxvjø viija everye Tenne vj¢xl—the Coles lyenge p’sentlye vpon the steyth by the water side in darwand thirtye Tennes at xls every Tenne iijxxl—the coles p’sently vpon the meilmedowe stayth by the water side is fiftye Tennes at Thirtye shillings a tenne iij*xxxv!. Sum' vijoiij*xxv!. TYMBERE AT BLADONN. Eighte great treys iij' vje—more forty one spurthes iij' vjø viija. Sum vjl xijs viija. COLLES. On ye cros more at the pytt. At the northe pyt of the eu'coll fourtene tens at thirtene shillings and four pence a ten ix' vjø viija_more at the wester pit of the best coles vxx tens at xxiiij. 4d. a ten cxvj' xiijo iiijų—more at the south pit of the best coles twelf tens at xxiiijs 4d a ten xiiij! Sum' cxl'. THE PRASELL OF THE One basen & one ever p’sell gilt xx'

- more one basen & ewer p’sell gilt wth the Armes enameld xviij"—one great standing pece wth one cover duble gilt weyeth iijxxxv ounces at sex shillings and eight pence an once xxv!two great saltes wth one cover doble gylt weith iiij*xxj onces xxix' xiij* inje- A nest of white goblettes wth one cover weith liij oncs at iije vjd a onz xj xviijs vjų—a standinge pece wth one cover duble gelt weith xxxij ounces x' xiijs iiijd—one nest of boulles wth a cover duble gelt weith ievij ones xxxvl xiijs iiija—four potts wth two covers duble gelt weith lj onces xvij —two ston pottes wth covers & bands doble gilt & one pot coverd wth silu' vjl xiijs inijų– One maser wth one cover duble gilt weyth xxix onces ix' xiij* iiija—thre standen peces wth one cover doble gelt weyth lviij onces xix! two goblettes wth one cover doble gelt weyth lviij onces xix' vje viija_One nest of whyte bowles wth one cover weing injxxviij onces xix' xvj$— Two whyte sponged peaces wthout a courweing xxxj onces vj

' xix® vja-five litell gobletts wthout a coup'cell gilt weing xxxij oncs viij' xs. viija— Thre saltes wth a cour p'cell gilt weynge iijxxij onces xvj' x'. viijama litell salt wth a cou' and one pepper box duble gilt weing tenne ounces iij' vjø viija-foure dossen silur spones weyng iij*xxix ouncs xix' xv-A whyte pece for butter weinge xvij ouncs iij' xvjø vjd_One waterpot duble gilt weing xiij ouncs iiij

' vjʻ. viijd_one potendiche of silu' weing v oncs xxije vją—one cover for a blacke pot weing iiij oncs xxjö ija_six silv' spones weinge vj ouncs xxvije-Two white peacs of silu' weinge xxv ounes vl xije vje—one nest gobletts wel a cover duble gilt weinge iiijxxix ouncs xxix' xiijo iija-one nvt duble

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