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Calling for reports ondition of freedmen's affairs in the States of the Inquiring what measures have been taken to obtain indemnity

By Mr. Eckley

By Mr. Schenck-Continued.
For a recess until May 25.-[May 11, 1868.) -

In Senate: Received from House, 4518; concurred in, 4520. Adopted, 2408; disagreed to by Senate, 2505.

By Mr. Washburne, of IllinoisIn Senate : Received from House, 2417, discussed, 2488;

For an adjournment to September.--[June 30, 1868.] rejected, 2497 ; reconsidered and resolution recalled, 2512,

Agreed to, 8615; concurred in by Senate with amendinent, 2518; agreed to, 2519.

... 4375; discussed, 4376, 4380; concurred in, 4380; motion to By Mr. Schenck

reconsider, 4380; tabled, 4411. For an adjournment over the holidays.--[December 10, 1867.]

In Senate: Received from House, 3607; discussed, 4270, 4282, Adopted, 117; concurred in by Senate, 195.

4293, 4322 ; passed with amendment, 4328; agreed to by House, In Senate : Received from House, 119; laid over, 123 ; not

4403. concurred in, 151; reconsidered, 165; concurred in, 169. For au adjournment to October 16, and thence to November 10. By Mr. Washburn, of Indiana [ September 21, 1868. ]

For an adjournment over until May 26.-[May 11, 1868.] Adopted, 4520.

Tabled, 2407.


By Mr. Bailey Calling for information in reference to the quantity of whisky In reference to the reduction of the force now employed in the seized, condemned, and sold, &c., in the cities of New York

collection of the internal revenue taxes.-[March 31, 1868.] and Brooklyn.-[January 6, 1868.]

Agreed to, 2228. Adopted, 332.

In reference to the claim of Charles May:-[July 1, 1868.] In reference to the power and right to determine the rates of

Agreed to, 3655.
duties on importations. -- [February 25, 1868.)

By Mr. Baker-
Agreed to, 1419.
In reference to appointments and removals in the Treasury Depart-

Referring so much of the annual message of the President as ment.-[June 29, 1868.]

relates to the subject of education and labor to the Committee Agreed to, 3588.

on Education and Labor. - [December 12, 1867.]

Agreed to, 152.
By Mr. Arnelli",
Calling for the report of General George H. Thomas in the

In reference to the reduction of the military establishment of the
Milliken case. - [December 5, 1807.]

United States.-[December 12, 1867.]

Agreed to, 156. Agreed to, 51, 57 Instructing Committee on the Library to inquire into the subject

Instructing Committee on Military Affairs to inquire what measure of international copyright, and the best means for the encour

of relief would be proper in the case of Mrs. Ella E. Hobart, agement of cheap literature, and the protection of authors.

for services rendered by her as chaplain of first regiment of [January 16, 1868.),

Wisconsin volunteer artillery.- (January 23, 1868.] Adopted, 566.

Agreed to, 712, Concerning the payment of loyal claimants in the State of Instructing Committee of Ways and Means to inquire into the Tennessee.-[January 28, 1868.]

expediency of so amending the internal revenue law as to Objected to, 806.

· provide for the distribution of Government stamps through the Concerning armed organizations known as the "Kuklux Klan,"

post office or otherwise. - February 11, 1868.]
and the outrages committed by them upon white and colored Agreed to, 1116.

Unionists in the State of Teynessee.-(February 4, 1868. ] Calling for the report of Major H. C. Long, on the improvement
Agreed to, 967.

of the harbor at Alton, Illinois.-[April 13, 1868.] Inquiring upon what authority an officer of the grade of paymaster Adopted, 2291.

in the United States Navy is employed as a resident paval In relation to the claim of Isaac I. Richmond.--[July 7, 1868. ]
storekeeper at Rio Janeiro and elsewhere, at a greater salary
than that provided by the law of June 17, 1844. March

:: Agreed to, 3786.
26, 1868.]

By Mr. Banks,
Agreed to, 2137.

Relating to postal conventions.-- [ December 9, 1867.]

In reference to the recent murder of two ex-Federal soldiers,

Referred, 97.
Henry Fitzpatrick and Mr. Lincoln, in the county of Maury, Calling for information in reference to public vessels sold since
Tennessee.--[June 1, 1868.] 161

the close of the war, and the proceeds of said sales. Adopted, 2752.

[December 12, 1867.)
of the past six months
relative to the

Objected to, 108; agreed to, 152.
Tennessee and Kentucky. (July 1, 1868.)
Objected to, 1513; agreed to, 3658.

the the In reference to the protection of loyal citizens at the South.

of American citizens during the late war with the South [July 13, 1868.]

American republies.- [May 26, 1868.] 191 * Objected to, 4003.

Agreed to, 2592.

For printing the usual edition of the Constitntion, Rules, and By Mr. Ashley, of Ohio, Calling for information in regard to the condition of the custom.

Manual, together with Barclay's Digest.-[July 25, 1868.] house and post office at Toledo, Ohio, and the appropriation

Agreed to, 4485, zime, in
needed for additions and repairs to said building.--[May 18, L9 Instructing the Secretary of the Navy to have the United States

By Mr. Barnes
Objected to, 1939, 1972; adopted, 2528.
Relating to the pay of the clerks of House standing committees

steam frigate Java completed without unnecessary delay June 1, 1868.1.1

[January 21, 1868.]
: 51.-
Tabled, 2751.

DE Objected to, 668.
In reference to the recent murder of citizens in South Carolina.-

By Mr. Beaman-
[June 11, 1868.]

In reference to an Auditor for the Department of Agriculture.Objected to, 3063.

[December 12, 1867.] By Mr. Ashley, of Nevada

Objected to, 152.
Calling for certain information relative to the present condition and

Calling for a report of the number of votes cast under the management of the affairs of the United States branch mint at

reconstruction laws up to the present time for and against Şan Francisco, California. [February 20, 1868. ]

the adoption of the constitution for the State of Alabama.19-213,50" Agreed to, 1293.

[March 9, 1868.),
Proposed, 1667; reported and adopted, 1761.





tion to

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Directing that Charles W. Woolley be kept until otherwise ordered
Reported, 2651; agreed to, 2651 ; motion to reconsider, 2651;

discussed, 2669, 2671 ; motion tabled, 2676.
Discharging select committee on alleged corruption in the impeach:

ment trial from further consideration of the subject. -[July Committing the subject of leasing the restaurant and preseribing

the rules under which it shall be kept to the Committee on
Revisal and Unfinished Business, with full power to make

-11811178 By Mr. Blaine-Continued,
By Mr. Beatty-
Directing the Sergeant-at-Arms to pay to the widow of Cornelius 1997 such regulations as may to them seem expedient.—[ December
S. Hamilton, deceased, the amount of compensation that

17, 1867.]
would have been due to him on the 6th day of February, Adopted, 232.
1868.-[February 26, 1868.]

Calling for information in reference to seizures and to measures
Agreed to, 1401. Tara bill to meminta To Botto tos taken for the prevention and punishment of frauds upon the

When B1949 501 butil n9001:002
By Mr. Beck-

customs revenue.--[January 31, 1868.]
Instructing Committee of Ways and Means to inquire into the Adopted, 890.

expediency of removing the tax on all articles inanufactured Calling for correspondence in relation to the conferring upon dmen, out of hemp grown and manufactured in the United States.

Lieutenant General Sherman the brevet rank of general, as [December 17, 1867.] foto me

well as all correspondence in relation to the establishment of Agreed to, 241. burung (1-338224471871

a new military division of the Atlantic.-[February 19, 1868.] Calling for the reports of the several district commanders of the Agreed to, 1286.10

elections held for and against the ratification of the proposed In reference to the expense and practicability of converting the old House, , constitutions in the southern States.-[May 13, 1868. ]

Hall of Representatives into committee-rooms for the use of Agreed to, 2441.

the committees of the House.-[March 23, 1868.] In reference to the imprisonment of citizens in Georgia.--[June

Read and withdrawn, 2070.

Directing Committee on Appropriations to inquire into the Laid over, 2762 ; referred, 3769, 3760. Om

expediency of defining more accurately the time and manner In reference to the exempting of all persons from the penalties

of carrying unexpended appropriations to the surplus fund and forfeitures imposed by the internal revenue law.-[July

and covering the same in the Treasury Department.--[April 25, 1868.] do not only to

9, 1868.] Agreed to, 4469.no na

Adopted, 2289. By Mr. Benjamin dol has a venit din

For a committee to attend the funeral of ex-President Buchanan.Respeeting the reconstruction policy of Congress.--[ December

[June 1, 1868.]
16, 1867.] bom

Adopted, 2817.
Read, 209, adopted, 210.

In reference to the action of the Mexican Government in
Calling for the correspondence between the Navy Department and

establishing free ports at Matamoras and other points on the in the

Rio Grande.-[June 10, 1868.]
any other parties in relation to ihe sale of the iron-clads Oneota
tort and Catawba.-[May 15, 1868.]

Agreed to, 2976.
Adopted, 2480. I tot

In reference to the salary of the Assistant Librarian.-[June 22,

1868.] By Mr. Bingham

Agreed to, 3346.
Authorizing Committee on Reconstruction to report immediately, In reference to a funding bill.—[July 1, 1868.]

and fixing a day for the consideration of the reconstruction Objected to, 3655.

bill. – [January 13, 1868. ] Adopted, 476.

By Mr. Boutwell-

In relation to the test oath for conventions in the unreconstructed
Directing that the articles of impeachment agreed to by the House

States.- [December 9, 1807.]
against Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, be
carried to the Senate by managers appointed to conduct said

Agreed to, 01.
impeachment.—[ March 3, 1868.]

Directing Committee on Reconstruction to consider the expediency Agreed to, 1642.

of authorizing the General of the Army to detail officers for Authorizing the managers on the part of the House, in the matter

service in the States recently in rebellion; of constituting said of the impeachment of the President, to appoint a clerk and a

States a single military district, under the command of the messenger, to be paid at the usual rates; and to send for

General of the Army; of providing additional securities for persons and papers.-[March 3, 1868.]

the exercise of the elective franchise in said States; and ot' Agreed to, 1642.

declaring that the governments set up in said States are not That the House, attend the managers to the Senate. — [March

republican forms of government.--[January 6, 1868.]

Adopted, 331.
Agreed to, 1661.

In reference to coin in the Treasury and a new loan.-[January Authorizing the managers on the part of the House, in the matter

27, 1868.]

Objected to, 784. of the impeachment of the


, to sit during the sessistes Granting leave to the committee appointed to prepare and report oaths, and take the testimony of witnesses. —[ March 6, 1868. ] Reported and agreed to, 1706.

articles of impeachment against Andrew Johnson, and to the

Committee on Reconstruction, to sit during the sessions of the That the stenographers of the House attend the managers to the

House. - February 25, 1868. -1 Senate to report the proceedings of the trial of the impeachment

Agreed to, 1427. of the President, and that the same be printed by the Con

Permitting the committee appointed to prepare and report articles gressional Printer, &c.--[March 12, 1868.]

of impeachment to report in print. - February 27, 1868. ]

Reported and agreed to, 1470. Directing the managers on the impeachment trial to investigate

For printing one thousand copies of the articles of impeachment.the means alleged to have been used corruptly to influence

[March 2, 1868.] the determination of the Senate upon the articles of impeach

Referred, 1619; reported and agreed to, 1661,

Directing the Senate to be informed that this House have Reported and discussed, 2503 ; adopted, 2505.

appointed managers to conduct the impeachment against the Assigning rooms No. A and B, opposite the room of the solicitor

President, and have directed the said managers to carry to of the Court of Claims in the Capitol, as guard-room and office

the Senate the articles agreed upon.-[March 2, 1868.]
for the Capitol police.--[May 28, 1868.)

Agreed to, 1619.
Reported, 2643 ; agreed to, 2651,

Directing that the articles agreed to against Andrew Johnson,

President, be carried to the Senate by the managers appointed in close confinement, until said Woolley shall fully answer the

to conduct said impeachment.--[March 2, 1868.]
questions recited, and all questions put to him by the committee

Agreed to, 1619.
in relation to the subject of the investigations with which they
are charged.—[ May 28, 1868. ] .

That when the Senate shall sit for the trial of the President, the

managers at the bar of the Senate.—[March 20, 1868. ] Agreed to, 2021.

: atives has adopted a replication to the answer of the President TO TATOO 91 10 ENTST 2017 Reported and agreed to, 4478. in so in diren

on the articles of impeachment, and that the same will be 10703 presented to the Senate by the managers.--[March 24, 1868. ] Adopted, 2081. 2821.01

Surgis betegeling Committee on Naval Afairs to inquire what redučtion Postponing action upon all matters except questions relating to

may be effected in the number of officers and men employed
con the Navy by reducing our foreigu squadrons to the number

9:7 10 trial now pending before the Senate.-[March 27, 1868.]
of ships and guns that were in service before the war. —

b Reported, 2175. 790 sul 09012

{ Calling for reports made by Major General Meade to the General steiten [ ,238 1 3 ( = ១៤២ន១(នរំ

of the Army, relating to the election in Alabama in February ods to last. [March 27, 1868. ] 99011 10 gode ou maistupni 3897 Adopted, 2164. od fanalisi stan sm That the Speaker of the House again propose to C. W. Woolley

the questions contained in the resolution this day adopted, F

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By Mr. Blaine

40TH CONG 20 Sess.


By Mr. Boutwell-Continued.

By Mr. Burrand that said Woolley be informed that the House requires Making inquiry respecting the amount of revenue on distilled explicit answers to be made forthwith.-[May 26, 1868.)

spirits collected in the State of Illinois for the six months Read, 2587 ; adopted, 2588.

ending November 30, 1867.- [ December 12, 1867.] That Charles W. Woolley be detained in close custody by the Agreed to, 155. Sergeant-at-Arms in the Capitol during the remainder of the

Calling for a statement of the several amounts paid out of the session, or until discharged by the further order of the

contingent fund for expenses caused by the investigation of House. -[May 26, 1868.]

the charges against the President before the Judiciary ComRead, 2590, adopted, 2592.

mittee. - [ December 12, 1867.) By Mr. Boyer-

Objected to, 155. Postponing the drawing for seats.--[February 10, 1868.)

Calling for certain information in regard to the administration of Objected to, 1085.

the War Department.—[ December 19, 1807.] For the addition to the committee of managers while acting as a Referred, 286.

committee of investigation of two persons from among those In relation to the withdrawal of interest-bearing bonds.-[March members of the House who voted against the impeachment of

9, 1868.]
the President.--[May 18, 1868. ]

Referred, 1761.
Proposed, 2528
For adding from among those members of the House who voted By Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts,
against the impeachment of the President two persons to

Referring so much of the President's message as relates to the the committee of managers, while acting as a coinmittee of

payment of money under treaty with Russia to the Committee investigation.-[May 18, 1868.)

on Appropriations.- [ December 9, 1867.] Proposed, 2528.

Read, 73, 92; disagreed to, 95.

That the indebtment of the nation ought to be paid in exact To add three members of the House who voted against the

accordance with the acts of Congress creating it, and not impeachment of the President to the committee to investigate

otherwise; that all loans enacted to be paid in gold to be so the alleged corrupt means employed to influence the determ

paid; and all loans not so enacted to be payable ought to be ination by the Senate upon the impeachment.--[May 29,

paid in lawful money of the United States.—[December 1868.]

16, 1867.) Not received, 2669.

Proposed, 212. By Mr. Bromwell

Requesting Committee of Ways and Means to devise some measure In reference to swamp-land grants.-[December 12, 1867.]

by which distilled spirits of American manufacture may be Objected to and withdrawn, 156.

exported under the laws.-[January 21, 1868.] In relation to the annexation of territory.-[March 9, 1868. ]

Agreed to, 662. Referred, 1761.

Calling for information in regard to the reported suffering of By Mr. Brooks

United States soldiers in Alaska.-(January 22, 1868.) Calling for copies of all orders promulgated at the South for the Objected to, 443; agreed to, 687.

execution of the reconstruction laws.- [December 12, 1867.] For the suspension of the rules during the pendency of the Objected to, 153 ; adopted, 936.

impeachment of the President, to proceed to the consideration Requesting the President to transmit further correspondence with

of any matter which may be reported by the managers on the General Grant on the subject of the recent vacation of the

part of the House of Representatives. - March 16, 1868.] War Office. --(February 10, 1868.]

Adopted, 1905.
Agreed to, 1087.

For the arrest of Charles W. Woolley, a recusant witness. [May For a select committee to investigate the facts in connection with

25, 1868.]
a letter written by certain of the impeachment managers in Reported and discussed, 2575; adopted, 2581.
relation to the Island of Alta Vela.- May 1, 1868.]

For the arraignment of Charles W. Woolley, a recusant witness,
Proposed, 2333, 2337.

and the propounding of certain interrogatories.-[May 26, Inviting the Senate to join with the House in the reception of the

embassy of the Chinese empire.--[June 8, 1868.]

Reported and adopted, 2586.
Read, 2937; agreed lo, 2938.

Directing that any communication from C. W. Woolley or his By Mr. Broomall

counsel, placed in the hands of the Speaker, be sent to the In relation to the power of impeachment of public officers for

committee of investigation.- [June 8, 1868. ]
official misconduct.-[January 8, 1868.]

Reported, 2938; agreed to, 2941.
Objected to, 403.

For the discharge of Charles W. Woolley.-[June 11, 1868.] Directing Committee of Ways and Means to inquire into the Reported and agreed to, 3069.

expediency of abolishing the internal revenue tax on manu For printing the protest of the Democratic members of the House factures of cotton, wool, iron, and steel. -[January 8, 1868.]

against the admission of the Representatives from Arkansas. – Agreed to, 403.

(June 25, 1868.] Discharging the Committee on Accounts from the further consid Referred, 3485.

eration of charges against the Sergeant-at-Arms referred to In relation to the expediency of authorizing the Secretary of the them.- [February 19, 1868.]

Treasury to dispose of the property of the United States in Reported, 1286; discussed, 1293 ; adopted, 1294.

certain canals and navigation companies wherein the United Authorizing the Doorkeeper of the House of Representatives to

States hold stock, which have for many years been non-interest appoint a document file clerk and fixing his salary.--[February

paying.-[July 13, 1868.]
28, 1868.]

Agreed to, ż003.
Reported and adopted, 1501.
Relative to the means of lighting the Hall.--[April 4, 1868.]

By Mr. Cake
Reported and recommitted, 2238; motion to reconsider, 2318;

In reference to removals made during the fiscal year 1867 upon report read, 2318; resolution adopted, 2319.

the recommendation of the Commissioner of the Internal By Mr. Buckland

Revenue, and the falling off of internal revenue.-[February Allowing a clerk to Committee on Banking and Currency.

7, 1868.]
[December 19, 1867.]

Objected to, 1053.
Objected to, 282.

For printing the report of Abraham S. Hewitt, commissioner to Instructing Committee on Naval Affairs to inquire into the

the Paris Exposition.--[March 28, 1868.] expediency of establishing a naval depot and naval dry.dock

Reported and adopted, 2204. on Sandusky bay, at or near Sandusky city.-[February 28,

For printing Agricultural Report for 1867.-(June 30, 1868.) 1868.]

Reported and agreed to, 8613.
Agreed to, 1501.

For printing report from

the Treasury relative to trade with the

British Provinces.-[June 30, 1868.]
By Mr. Burleigh-

Reported and agreed to, 8613.
To set apart a room in the Capitol for the use of the territorial
Delegates.- [February 10, 1868.]

For printing report of the Committee on Retrenchment in the

civil service of the United States.--[June 30, 1868.]
Adopted, 1084.
Instructing Committee on the Public Lands to inquire into the || By Mr. Cary-

Reported and agreed to, 3613.
expediency of providing for the cutting of wood upon the
public lands along the upper Missouri river, to be used as

In reference to the payment of United States bonds. -[December fuel for steamboats navigating said river.--[March 6, 1868.]

12, 1867.
Agreed to, 1707.

Referred, 153.
Inquiring the number of troops stationed along the line of the

Instructing the managers to withdraw the tenth article of
Union Pacific railroad between Omaha, Nebraska, and Great

impeachment.-[Nay 5, 1868.]
Salt Lake City.--[July 7, 1868.]

Proposed, 2364; consideration refused, 2367.
Agreed to, 8804.

In relation to the payment of the five-twenty bonds. - May 25, 1868.)

Read 2570; referred, 2571.

Calling for the surveys, plans, and estimates of cost for a ship

Concerning the elective franchise in Montana.-[January 27,1868.)


For the appointment of a standing committee on emigration.-
Authorizing a new delivery to certain members of such documents || By Mr. Cook-
Calling for information concerning the condition of the harbors of

Oswego and Salmon river, on Lake Ontario.- January 17,
Making inquiry relating to the proposed construction of wharves in

the harbor of Oswego, New York.-[June 10, 1868.] Inquiring the number of acres of land contained in the military reservation is needed for military purposes. [January 22,

LXXXIII By Mr. Cary-Continued.

By Mr. Clarke, of Kansas-Continued.
Requesting the Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads to Calling for copies of all contracts with Benjamin Holliday for the

consider the propriety of a general law providing that no transportation of the overland mail, &c.--[January 27, 1868.]
bridge shall be constructed over the Ohio river with a span Objected to, 783.
over the channel of less than five hundred feet.—[ May Concerning an appropriation for the erection of buildings at
27, 1868.]

Topeka, Kansas, for the use of the United States courts, ation of Agreed to, 2609.

post office, and land office.- [January 28, 1868.] By Mr. Cavanaugh

Agreed to, 806. Calling for copies of all treaties made by the peace commissioners In regard to pensions for the widows and children of the men with the several tribes of western Indians during the last and

killed at the massacre at Lawrence, Kansas, ou the 21st of ition of present years.-[July 13, 1868.)

August, 1863.--[January 31, 1868.)
Agreed to, 4000

Agreed to, 891.

Rescinding the resolution adopted by the House February 7, in By Mr. ChanlerCalling for tabular statements of the amount of seasoned timber

reference to drawing seats.—[February 10, 1868.] now stored in each of the dock-yards of the United States,

Proposed, 1084. and the amount of green timber bought during each year from

Calling for certain information in reference to the overland mail 1860 up to date.-[December 9, 1867.]

contracts with Benjamin Holliday.-[February 20, 1868.) i to the Agreed to, 96.

Adopted, 1294. 2011 et Requesting Committee of Ways and Means to levy a tax on family

Directing Committee on the Judiciary to consider the expediency crests and coats-of-arms worn as ornaments on vehicles or

of extending the jurisdiction of the court of the United States household furniture actually in use.-[December 12, 1867.]

for the district of Kansas over the Indian territory in the Agreed to, 153.

State of Kansas.-[March 4, 1868.]
For a select committee to inquire into the best means for the

Agreed to, 1062.
o bem
protection of passengers on board of emigrant ships, and to

Requesting the suspension of the sale of all lands ceded and sold correct certain abuses.--[January 24, 1868.]

to the United States by treaty with Great and Little Osage tate Adopted, 733.

Indians, proclaimed January 20, 1867.—[ April 16, 1868.] In reference to an appropriation for removing obstructions at Hell

Adopted, 2305.
Gate and the improvement of the eastern barbor of New

For an adjournment over to attend to the decoration of the soldiers'
York. – [January 29, 1868.]

graves May 30.- (May 29, 1868.] Agreed to, 838.

Disagreed to, 2686. Inquiring by what regulations and in what manner frauds are

In reference to the treaty recently coneluded with the Great and detected and prevented in the printing and issue of United

Little Osage Indians.-[June 13, 1868.]
Sutes postal and United States tractional currency.-[March

Objected to, 3063; adopted, 3132.
17, 1868.)

In relation to Great and Little Osage Indian treaty.-[July 13, 1868.] Agreed to, 1927.

Adopted, 4001. In relation to the nations of South America now at war.—[ April

By Mr. Clever9, 1868.]

In relation to the system of peonage and Indian slavery in the Referred, 2288.

Territory of New Mexico.---[ February 3, 1868.]
Calling for information in regard to the treatment of certain

Agreed to, 936.
American citizens reported to have been unjustly arrested,

Concerning the reference of certain private land claims.-[February imprisoned, and logged while in prison by authority of an

10, 1868.]
officer of the Government of Mexico.-[May 12, 1868.]

Adopted, 1084.
Objected to, 2429.
Directing the reporters of the Congressional Globe to report in

By Mr. Cobb-
full cach distinct proposition, motior., resolution, or bill,

Instructing Committee on Military Affairs to make certain inquiries and each amendment or modification thereto, or substitute

in respect to the extra pay proper of the officers of the fiftieth therefor, offered for the consideration of this House by any

regiment of Wisconsin voluuteers.—[January 6, 1868.] member or Delegate.-[May 14, 1868.)

Adopted, 332.

Authorizing select Committee on the Workings of the Pay Depart. In relation to the revolution in Hayti and the protection of our

ment to summon witnesses and continue to take testimony, flag-[May 26, 1868. ]

&c., and to send for papers; and allowing the Paymaster Adopted, 2585.

General to cross-examine witnesses, &c.-[January 20, 1868.] That William McGrorty is not entitled to a seat in this House as a

Adopted, 637.
Delegate from the Territory of Utah.--[July 9, 1868.)

For the sale of the iron railing taken from the Hall of the old House Leported , 3886 ; notice, 4133 ; discussed, 4383; adopted, 4889.

of Representatives. - [March 10, 1868.] That William H. Hooper is entitled to a seat in this House as a

Objected to, 1806, 1859.
Delegate from the Territory of Utah. - [July 9, 1868.]

Iti relation to the publication of all soldiers' claims which have Reported. 3886 ; notice, 4133; discussed, 4383; tabled, 4389.

been allowed and paid by the Departments.—[ April 20, 1868.) Calling for information in regard to the obstruction

in New York

Agreed to, 2310. harbor, known as the wreck of the ship Scotland.-[July 14,

In reference to taxation of interest on bonds.-[June 29, 1868.)

Agreed to, 3588, 3589.
By Mr. Coburn-
Calling for a statement of the number of votes cast for and against

the constitutions of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia,

Louisiana, and Alabama.-[May 11, 1868.]
Agreed to, 2407.

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Referred, 2457.


Agreed to, 4055.

[July 15, 1869.)

Referred, 4088. By Mr. Churchill

as have been stolen from the mails in the course of transmission. -[December 12, 1867.]

Disagreed to, 153.

1868. Agreed to, 602.

canal to connect Lakes 'Erie and Ontario. -[February 11,


Objected to, 1116.

Agreed to, 2976.
By Mr. Clarke, of Kansas

That James B. Beck, Thomas L. Jones, A. P. Grover, and J.

Proctor Knott are entitled to seats as members of this House

from the State of Kentucky.-[December 3, 1867.) Reported, 11; discussed, 11, 13; adopted, 13; Messrs. Beck,

Knott, and Grover sworn in, 13; Mr. Jones sworn in, 27. Inquiring of the Secretary of the Navy whether any of the public

vessels sold since the war were captured from the enemy and upon which prize money was paid by the United States, and if so, the amount of prize money so paid, the date of payment, and ihe price for which the vessels were sold.—[December 12,

1867.] Agreed to, 155. Calling for copies of all correspondence in relation to the removal

of the city council of New Orleans, and in relation to the city council of Jefferson City, Louisiana.—[March 9, 1868.) Objected to, 1485; adopted, 1761. Calling anew on the Navy Department for information relating to

the sale of vessels since the war. --[April 20, 1868.] Objected to, 2310. That Samuel McKed was duly elected a member of the Honse in

the Fortieth Congress from the ninth district of Kentucky.

(June 17, 1868.)
Reported, 3235; adopted, 3375.

reservation of Fort Riley, and whether the whole of said

) Agreed to, 687. Adopted, 781.


By Mr. Cook-Continued.

By Mr. Dodge-Continued. Directing $2,500 to be paid to John Hogan for mileage and Calling for certain correspondence from the General Land Office expenses incurred in contesting the seat of William A. Pile

relating to the most approved method of irrigation, and also from the first district of Missouri.—[July 22, 1868. ]

illustrative of the natural history and industrial and commercial Reported and agreed to, 4882.

eapacities of the pablic lands.- May 7, 1868. ]

Agreed to, 2379.
By Mr. Covode-
Requesting the Secretary of the Interior to withhold any further | By Mr. Donnelly-

payments upon the contract for building the jail in and for the In reference to the distributing of the Land Office report in
District of Columbia until the Committee on Public Buildings Europe.-[December 9, 1967.]
and Grounds have an opportunity to investigate said contract, Adopted, 97.
and authorizing said committee to make such investigation. Granting the use of the Hall to the Congressional Temperance
[December 19, 1867,]

Society.--[January 20, 1868.]
Objeoted to, 295; read, 313; adopted, 314.

Adopted, 638. Relating to the revision of speeches for publication in the Calling for certain information respecting the Sioux Indian Congressional Globe.-[February 5, 1868.]

reservation, in the State of Minnesota, exposed to sale on the Objected to, 990.

2d of December, 1867, under proclamation of the President. That Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, be

[January 22, 1868.]
impeached of high crimes and misdemeanors.-[February Adopted, 691.
21, 1868.]

Calling for all papers relating to the imprisonment of Antonio Referred, 1329; reported February 22, 1336; discussed, 1336,

Pelletier, a citizen of the United States, and the confiscation 1360, 1382, 1393; adopted February 24, 1400.

and destruction of his property, by, the people of Hayti.For paying George H. Haupt and Lewis WV. Leeds, witnesses before

[February 10, 1868. ]
the Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds.-[June 20, Adopted, 1084.

Instructing Judiciary Committee to inquire into the expediency Agreed to, 3327.

of so amending the bankrupt law as to require the petition of By Mr. Cullom-

a majority of the creditors to compel the debtor to go into Instructing Committee on Military Affairs to inquire into the

involuntary bankruptcy.-[February 10, 1868.] expediency of requiring tbat all claims of the soldiers for

Agreed to, 1084.;

In reference to Weeks's torpedo machine.--[February 14, 1868.] bounty under the act of July 28, 1866, shall be adjusted by the Second Auditor of the Treasury.--[December 19, 1867.] :

Objected to, 1184. Agreed to, 282.

By Mr. Driggs By Mr. Dawes

Directing the committee to which was referred the report of the That George D. Blakey is not entitled to a seat as a Representative

Secretary of War on awarding the bounty offered for the from the third district in Kentucky. - [ December 2, 1867.),

capture of Jeff. Davis to report as soon as possible.--[ December Reported 3; discussed, 56; adopted, 61.

12, 1867.] That the oath of office be administered to J. S. Golladay, and that

Agreed to, 162. he be admitted to a seat from the third district in Kentucky.

Instructing Committee for the District of Columbia to report such [December 2, 1867.]

bill as will require the Washington and Georgetown Railroad Reported. 3; discussed, 56; adopted, 61.

Company to furnish ample and adequate accommodation to That the Speaker pronounce the censure of the House upon

the traveling public.-[ December 16, 1867.] Fernando Wood, a member of the House from New York, for Agreed to, 216. having characterized in debate a measure of the House as "A Requesting Committee of Ways and Means to inquire into the monstrosity, a measure the most infamous of the many infamous

expediency of making certain amendments in the tariff laws acts of this infamous Congress."--[January 15, 1868.]

in respect to the duties on imported copper,-[March 4, 1868.] Adopted, 542.

Agreed to, 1667. That John Young Brown is not entitled to take the oath as a For printing extra copies of the report of the life-saving commisRepresentative from the second district of Kentucky or to

sion on the subject of the life-saving invention recently hold a seat as such Representative.-[January 21, 1968.)

examined at New York.-[March 13, 1868.] Reported, 654; discussed, 891, 899, 901, 937, 914, 1107, 1109; Agreed to, 1869. adopted, 1161.

In reference to the selling of the surplus marble and other materials That Samuel E. Smith is not entitled to a seat as a Representative

not required for the completion of the pablic buildings. from the seebnd district of Kentucky.-[January 21, 1868.]

[March 24, 1868. ]
Reported, 664; discussed, 1184, 1185, 1189, 1198; adopted, Adopted, 2083.

In relation to the extension of the franking privilege to the heads That the Speaker be directed to notify the Governor of Kentucky that a vacancy exists in the representation in this House from

and members of the legislative branches of such foreign the second district of Kentucky.-[January 21, 1868.).

Governments as shall extend the same privilege to the

members of the Government of the United States.--[April Reported, 664; adopted, 1200.

21, 1868.]
Extending the time for taking testimony in the contested-election
case from New Mexico.--[February 20, 1868.]

Agreed to, 2320.
Agreed to, 1293.

By Mr. Eggleston-
Instructing select committee on the charges against Hon. Ignatius

In regard to the bridge across the Ohio river at Louisville, Donnelly; also to inquire with regard to certain allegations

Kentucky.-- January 9, 1868.]" |
made by Mr. Brooks.-[May 5, 1868.]

Referred, 417; objected to, 590.
Proposed, 2362, 2363; adopted, 23C4.

Instructing Committee of Ways and Means to inquire into the Calling for the report of Brevet Brigadier General James P. expediency of selling to the highest bidder the exclusive :: Rusling, inspector in quartermaster's department, to the

privilege of manufacturing spirits in the United States.Quartermaster General for the year ending the 30th of June,

[January 14, 1868. ] 1867.-June 5, 1868.]

Referred, 506. 'Agreed to, 2872.

For a select committee to investigate the circumstances connected In relation to charges of disloyalty 'made by Hon. J. P. Benjamin

povo with the writing of a letter by the Missouri delegation to · against the contestant for å seat in the case of Switzler vs.

Senator Henderson on the question of impeachment:—[ May Anderson. [July 18, 1868.):

18, 1868.] PB Reported and agreed to, 4215.

Read, 2527; adopted, 2528; committee appointed, 2682. "Allowing time to the sitting member to take additional testimony.

Calling for transcript of the records of a nilitary court held at W[Jaly 18, '1868.]

Raleigh, North Carolina, in the summer of 1866, for the trial Reported and agreed to, 4215.

of E. Whittlesey and others.—[June 30, 1868. ] By Mr. Delanotaen!

Agreed to, 3613.
In reference to the treaty: making power.--[June 30, 1868,]

By Mr. Ela-
Referred, 3616.

Instructing Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds to inquire By Mr. Dodge

whether any further appropriation is necessary to cause the Instructing Committee on Military Affairs' to inquire into the

removal of the rubbish about the west front of the Capitol, expediency of establishing an arsenal at Cheyenne, Dakota

i and to complete the grading now suspended. {May 15, Territory. ---[December 10, 1867.]

Agreed to, 2480..!
Agreed to, 105.

Instructing Committee on Printing to inquire whether the Com-
In reference to the inilitary reservation at Fort 'Snelling. -

missioner of Patents has procured any printing, binding, or [February 25, 1868.]

blank books except at the Government Printing Office, &c.— Adopted, 1419.

[July 10, 1868.] Agreed to, 3926.

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