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Lucid Intervals, yet he too often wanted what. we call Sane Memory: But how often none knew so well, as Shę who best knew him, and was of any,most constantly with him. Strangers who are not acquainted with the Circumstances and private Converfation of People, when in their Healths, are apt to mistake many Speeches or sayings of theirs in Sickness, and upon approaching Death, especially if unusual ; and this befel the Deceara ed. Divers Visitants and People about him on his Death-Bed, misinterpreting many things he spoke to his Wife, to have been delirious, which she knew to be only the pious Breathings of his Soul. Notwithstanding it must be confest, that sometimes during his Sickness, by the interruption of his Reason, through his Disease, we loft what perhaps would have been the most glorious Scene of his Life. For from a Soul of such standing in Christ, and so long, practised in all Christian Virtues, and more especially in all the parts of Godliness, and in the several kinds of devout Exercises, from such a Soul, I say) many Instances of great Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghoft; of the allurances of God's Love, and Foretasts of Heaven

ร many exalted Ejaculations, and almost Seraphick Strains of Praise (haply even Raptures

and Extasy) might have been expected : Not ! to mention Counsels and Directions to Friends,

posibly some peculiar Commands also to certain of thern: Exhortations and Admonitions to such attending him that needed them, and


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ligion unto all; together with exemplary dying Recommendations of those he left behind him to God: These and many like Advantages, which none but Souls like his, knew how to value, we loft by this the unhappy Affection of his noblest Part. But it was God's Hand, and more a Punishment to Us, than to Him; for, blessed be our good God, he died in perfect Peace.

Yet upon this, there is one Observation, which I cannot forbear making, that may be for the Spiritual Benefit of us all. It pleased God fo to govern his Tongue, and as far as could be perceived, his very Thoughts, under all those discomposed Paroxysms or Emotions of Mind, that nothing came from bim any wise unbecoming a Christian of the moft Heavenly Temper. All that was heard from him, was either Prayers or Invitations there. to, or Arithmetical Accompts: That is, He was, even in his Deliriums, either employ'd as a Devout Person in theExercise of his Religion, or as a diligent Officer in the Discharge of his Calling and honest Business. A rare Providence ! and such as should teach us all Two Things.

1. How happy it is to be, in our Health, diligent in the Works of our Christian and Common Calling. It may in the very unhappiest and most dangerous Part of our Lives, have an Influence upon us, or move God fo to commiserate us, that in a dying, and even doting Hour, we no wise dishonour him, but our very Infirmities may provę good Examples.

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2. It should further teach us, be we of what Condition soever, not to put off any Preparation for Death to the last. If such a Person as this was, so Upright and Innocent, so Religious and Devout, so Temperate, nay even Abstemious, had but little more than Lucid Intervals on his Death-bed; what may

they expect, who have scarce ever seriously -. entertained the Thoughts of God, or their

Duty? Who at Night seldom go to Bed fobör? Or in the Day-time live regularly many Hours in all their Life? And if there should then want the Use of Reason, how can they prepare for another World ? Repentance is a long and serious Work; to Men of readiest and largest Parts, of most composed Minds, hard to be performed as it should be. We have been a long time committing Sins, and that in great Variety, and cannot poffibly in a few moments look over all that has been so long in doing. A general Repentance will not serve for all Sins. Many

require particular Tears, Humiliation, Acts I of Faith, Charity, Reconciliation with, or

Satisfaction to our Neighbours. Ah! consider, all ye vain Ones, how can all this be done on a Death-bed, and in a few Hours, yea, though it should happen you had Days

in a few Days? The good God grant all may Ô take warning early,

There are other things I should have taken s notice of, as to the Memory of our dear

Brother deceased. But possibly some may think I am too much a Friend to be impartial

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And I confess I am otherways unfit for Panegyricks; 'I am sure I am unable for such Performance,

on this Occasion. I therefore conclude, commending him as a Pattern of most universal Virtue to all your Imitation; and beseeching God, that being admonilh'd by this Instance of Mortality, we may all of us, if not in the Days of our Youth ( for those are past with many of us ) yet in the time of our Health and Vigour in the time of our soundeft Reason and best judgment, remember our Creator, acquaint our felves with God, and make our Teace with him; live always prepared for our Lord's coming, whensoever and howsoever he shall call us hence; that so at last, when we are taken away, and our Bodies return to the Dust as they were, our Souls may be gathered to the Spirits of Just Men made perfect, as I doubt not this our Brother's is. Amen, Amen, Good Lord,

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