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him the quiet enjoyment of his faith. You know the splendid article, the one for which the duke of Leignitz offered him four thousand dollars. It is below."

“ I will be with him directly,” cried Dohna, and taking a blank license from the table, he hastened out.

Meantime a tumult out of doors had attracted the whole company to the windows.

“Do you know the cause of this disturbance?" asked Goes of the adjutant.

“ A merchant's clerk has killed captain Hurka in his quarters," answered the latter. “The guard are bringing him here."

“That Hurka must bave learnt the art of tormenting from Satan himself,'' growled the colonel.

* Let the murderer be led hither," said Goes. “I will examine him.”

The adjutant retired, and soon returned with Dorn in chains and surrounded by guards.

As Goes glanced towards him, he started back with fright, exclaiming, “ My God, what a terrible resemblance !"

Calm and collected, the young man stood there, with his eyes stedfastly fixed upon the colonel.

With much effort the latter recovered his equanimity, and now asked, “Know you what sentence the laws pronounce upon the assassin of one of the emperor's officers ?”

“I have committed no murder,” resolutely replied Dorn. “ I have only punished, in the presence of his soldiers, a vil. lain who abused his power, and trod under foot the holiest laws of nature."

“ That voice, too !” said the colonel to himself, then turning to Dorn, “Self-avenging is not to be justified. Your act is treasonable, and no evasion can save your forfeited life.”

“ Well, then, pronounce sentence upon your son !” cried Dorn, with a sorrow which he could no longer control.

“ Son !” exclaimed all present with the utmost astonishment, and the horror-stricken Goes fell back into a chair, sighing, “ It is, indeed, my son!”

The son beheld his father with deep emotion, and his tears freely flowed at the sight of the old man's grief. At length, falling upon his knee, he stretched forth his hands and said, “I am sensible that according to your laws my life is forfeited ; therefore give me your blessing, and then quickly pronounce the sentence that shall bring peace to this troubled beart."

“Oswald, Oswald !” cried Goes, “what a terrible meeting,



after ten years of separation! Wretched youth! why did you flee from your father's house ?"

" The conflicting opinions which now lacerate Germany, answered the youth, " placed a dreadful gulf between you and

The idea of constraining the consciences of men by means of the sword was revolting to me, and, unable to approve or participate in your acts, and shuddering at your sectarian zeal, I left you, that no unnatural contest might arise between father and son."

“Where have you been until now !" asked the colonel with an anxiety which indicated that he feared to hear the worst.

“ In the military service of Denmark," answered Oswald, “ until two years ago I found here in Schweidnitz, in the seclusion of humble life, the peace and quiet which I sought.

“What could prompt you,” he asked his son in a tone of firmness and severity, “to the senseless deed of murdering an imperial officer in a city under the control of his brethren in arms ?" “Eternal ignominy to the man,” cried Oswald," who would

a fellow believer, insulted by a brutal villain, and not strike down the monster, reckless of consequences, as did Peter when his Lord was assailed!"

" A fellow believer?" cried Goes with terror. “ Hast thou then become a heretic?".

I hesitate not,” said the youth with modest resolution, to avow myself a believer in the faith of Zuinglius."

“ He cuts me to the heart," groaned the colonel. Then, summoning resolution, he turned to Dorn and said, “

I hope you have now perceived and are ready to recant your errors. That is the only way to save your life.”

“ Would you have me deny what I believe to be true, through a pusillanimous fear of death? Is it possible you can have so poor an opinion of your son ?”

Take him to prison !" commanded Dohna, who had returned to the room.

“He may there consider until morning, whether he will or will not abjure his heresy. Should he continue obstinate, I will then permit justice to take its course upon the murderer of my officer."

“God grant thee, my father, to meet above!" cried Oswald with filial tenderness to the colonel, who stared wildly about him as if bereft of consciousness, and finally rushed from the room without speaking.

(To be continued.)

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APRIL, 1840.

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