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Messias. And thus they are understood by St. Eph. 4. 2, Paul to the Epbehans.

Q. Wwitber did our Saviour ascend?

A. Into the Heaven of Heavens, the Pro
sence of God; where his human Nature iş
seated far above all Angels and Archangels, all
Principalities and Powers; even at the right
Hand of God.

Q. What mean you by his fitting at the right
Hand of God!

d. The Advancement of his human Nature
to the Height of Dignity and Authority in the
Presence of God; the right Hand being esteemed
the Place of greatest Honour and Favour. Or
it may impoiç his sitting in his human Shape on
the right Hand of that bright Throne, or re-
splendent Glory, which visibly accompanies and
manifefts some extraordinary Presence of God;
the usual Symbol of his Power and Majesty ;
which was probably what St. Stephep seems to

have seen, when he beheld the Glory of God, and Afts 7.55. Jesus standing at the right Hand of God.

Q. What are we cbliged to believe concerning aur Saviour's Ascension ?

A. That the only-begotten and eternal Son
of God, after he rose from the Dead, did, with
the same Soul and Body with which he rose,
by a true and local Translation, convey himself
from the Earth on which he lived, through all
the Regions of the Air, through all the Cele-
itial Orbs, until he came unto the Heaven of
Heavens, the most glorious Presence of the
Majekty of God.

Q. Wbat Benefit do we particularly receive
from Christ's Exaltation in Heaven?
A. The great Advantage of his Interceffione


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for us at the right Hand of God, where he is a perpetual Patron and Advocate in our Behalf, to plead our Cause, to solicit our Concernments, to represent our Wants, and to offer up our Prayers and Requests to God, by vir. tue of his meritorious Sacrifice. So that the true Penitent may expect Forgiveness ; the weak, but sincere Christian, Strength and Ar. sistance having so powerful a Mediator with the Father. Those that suffer, and are perfecuted, may depend upon their High Priest for Comfort and Support, since he is touched with Heb. a Sense of our Informities. And all may come's, 16. boldly to the Throne of Grace, to obtain Mercy and Help in Time of Need, because our Prayers are offered to God by so powerful and prevalent a Hand.

Q. What Reason may there be given wby our Saviour did not ascend in the Sight of the Jews for their Conviction ?

A. It was only absolutely necessary that they who were to preach the Gospel should have the utmost Evidence of those Matters of Fact they attested. God's Design was to bring the World to Salvation by the Exercise of Faith, which is an Act of Assent upon the Testimony of another, with which Sight is inconsistent. And it is to be doubted, whether they, who ascribed our Saviour's Miracles to the Power of Mat. the Devil, and suborned the Soldiers to say, 34. upon his Resurrection, that his Disciples stole him away, would not have called his Afcenfion, Ch. 28. if they had seen it, a Phantasm and vain Appa- 12, 13. rition.

Q. Wbat Influence ought the Ascension of our Saviour te bave upon us?


A. It ought to confirm our Faith, to strengthen qur Hope, and to rise our Affe&tions to Things above.

Q. How doth the Ascension confirm our Faith?

A. Because it gives us a farther Proof of our Saviour's divine Mission, and that he was a true Prophet sent from God; it being Evidence beyond Exception, that God would never have fo highly rewarded him, and visibly have taken him into Heaven, if he had not been sent into the World by him, and had not approved of the Message he delivered to us. Neither can

we doubt of his Return to judge the World, our Aas 10. Saviour having declared himself appointed by

God, Judge of Quick and Dead, and the Angels having confirmed the fame, nothing being more credible than the Saying of one whom God has so visibly taken to himself.

Q. How doth the Ascension strengthen cur Hope?

A. By seeing our own Nature thus advanced we are assured that Dust and Ashes may thither ascend; and the blessed Jesus being our Head, as Members of his Body we may expect Admission into that heavenly Court, where he fits in Glory, since we have his Word, that can never fail, that he is gone to prepare a Place for us. Befides, our Saviour's Exaltation difpels all those Fears the Weakness of our Nature may suggest to us, because he hath an absolute Disposal of all those Graces which are necflary to attain eternal Happiness.

Q. How doth the Ascension exalt our Affections?

A. By putting us in Mind that our Treasure is above, and that therefore we ought not to


set our Affections upon Things that are below. That Heaven is the true and only Happiness of a Christian, and that our great Design in this World ought to be, to fit and prepare ourselves for the Enjoyment of it. That our constant Endeavours ought to tend towards the qualifying ourselves to be received into our Saviour's Presence, to whom we have the greatest Obligations of Duty and Gratitude. That by trampling upon our Sins, and subduing the Lusts of the Flesh, we may make our Conversation correspond to our Saviour's Condition, that where the Eyes of the Apostles were for ced to leave him, thither our Thoughts may follow him.

The P R A YER S.


, Haw

like as I do believe thy only-begotten Son venlyour Lord Jesus Christ to have ascended into the mindedo

ness. Heavens, so may I also in Heart and Mind thither ascend, and with him continually dwell, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, one God, World without End. Amen.

II. ed thy only Son Jefits Christ with great Comfort

, Triumph unto thy Kingdom in Heaven, we be

of the Hofeccn thee leave us not comfortless, but send to

ly Ghost. us thy Holy Ghost to comfort us and exalt us unto the same Place whither our Saviour is


gone before, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, one God, World without End. Amen.

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giving for

IlI. Thanks- T is very meet, right, and my bounden

Duty, that I should at all Times, and in all the Ascen-Places, give Thanks unto thee, O Lord, holy

Father, Almighty and everlasting God; through thy most dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord, who after his most glorious Resurrection, manifestly appeared to his Apostles ; and in their Sight ascended up into Heaven to prepare a Place for us ; that where he is thither we might also ascend, and reign with him in Glory. Therefore with Angels and Arch-angels, and all the Company of Heaven, I laud and magnify thy glorious Name, evermore praising thee, and saying, Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hofts, Heaven and Earth are full of thy Glory. Glory be to thçe, O Lord, most high. Amen.


IV. Bp. Kenn.

Believe, O victorious Love, that thou, after Faith of

thy Conquest over Death and Hell, didft the Ascen- ascend in Triumph to Heaven, that thou mightfion.

est prepare Mansions for us; and from thence' as Conqueror, bestow the Gifts of thy Conquest on us ; and above all, the Gift of thy Holy Spirit ; that thou mightest enter into the Holy of Holies, as our great High Priest, to present to thy Father the sweet-smelling SacriFice of his crucified Son, the sole Propitiation for Sinners ; and therefore all Love, all Glory, be to thee. Glory be to thee, O Jesus, who

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